Caught Red Handed

Alex saw something she never thought she would see. It puts a big grin on her face. As she Flashes away she says I caught you red handed huh. Harper/ Stevie : )

Her lip gloss tasted like cherry's , but she tasted like chocolate and cinnamon it was the best thing in the world. She smelled like Lily's . I could feel her hot breath on my face as she looked into my eye's. Her beautiful light brown eye's staring so deeply into my dark brown eye's. I could get lost in her eye's , it's like swimming in pool's of Chocolate . Her hand's tremble as they slid down my arms. She gives me a small smile as she blushes . I tell her everything is ok, we could stop if she wanted to. She smiles bigger and says she afraid that she doesn't want to stop. I laugh when I hear this , it's so cute when she blushes . I never seen anything so cute nothing can match how cute she is when she's blushing. I lean forward and kiss her softly on the lip's. I put my right hand in her long red hair. It's what made me attracted to her, I saw her walk by the wind blew her hair all over her. She looked like a goddess , my goddess of love. After that day I chased after her, made her look at me for being bad and had the teacher's ask her to help me with my school work. It was all very easy I place a spell on them to ask her and she said yes . You see I'm a Wizard and she knows this. She's so good and sweet, she never dose anything bad. We been secretly dating for three week's. Her best friend who is my new friend is a Wizard too, Alex doesn't know about us, I know Harper hates that Alex doesn't know about us but it's for the best. That's what I tell her any way I have a feeling I shouldn't trust Alex as much as Harper dose.

" Stevie what are you thinking about, you been staring at me for a while." said Harper as she looks at Stevie.

" Just soaking you up, you know your the cutes thing on this planet and I should know I been all around this big old planet and I haven't see anything close to how cute you are." said Stevie as she leaned forward and Kiss Harper's ear.

" Hehehe, Stevie you know how that tickles me . Well I might be cute but your hot , hotter then the sun and Babe I love you." said Harper as she wrapped her arm's around Stevie's neck and kissed her. Stevie moved both her hand's in to Harper's hair pulling her closer to her even more. Both closing there eye's so they could only feel there love. Alex flashed in and stopped dead in her track at what she sees.

" Whoa" said Alex with a huge grin on her face. Harper and Stevie pull apart from the kiss but still holding on to each other.

" Well, I better get out of here. Way to go Harper, Hey Stevie it looks like I caught you red hand huh " said Alex as she flashed away.

" Hehehe, it looks like Alex is ok with us. Thats great because now I can kiss you anytime I want in front of her." said Harper as she kissed Stevie. Stevie smiled into the kiss , maybe Alex was ok but still she didn't trust her. As Stevie thought of what Alex said " Hey Stevie it looks like I caught you red hand huh" . Stevie looks at her hand's in Harper's long red hair. Yeah , she was caught red hand and she loved it.

So What do you think? I hope it's ok. I like Stevie and I hate that everyone jumped on her being so evil sure shes evil but hey evil needs love too. I think Harper could of stop Stevie from being so evil with her love.