Mr. Russo told Alex she couldn't flash with Harper for a two weeks . Harper just smiled and kissed Alex when he left the room.

" And That's final Alex you can not Flash with Harper for two week's. No flashing at all do you hear me" said Jerry as he looked at Alex. Alex crossed her arm's across her chest and glared at her father.

" Yha, dad I hear you two week's no flashing with Harper." said Alex as she frowned. Mr. Nodded his head and left Alex's room.

" Look Harper I'm sorry that I got you into trouble too." said Alex as she frowned at her girlfriend. Harper grinned, leaned forward and kissed Alex on the lip's.

" What was that for, I got you into trouble." said Alex as she smiled at Harper.

" Well, your dad said you couldn't flash me , but he never said I couldn't flash you" said Harper as she smirked. Alex looked confused for a second and then looked at Harper again.

" Huh, what do you mean. Harper your not a wizard" said Alex as she looked at Harper grinning. Harper crawled to Alex and straddled Alex's waist.

" Oh Alex your such a silly girl, there's more then one way of flashing." said Harper as she took off her top for a minuet and put it right back. Alex saw Harper's large milky white breast with her pink nipple's and smiled.

" So, what do you think about flashing in my room and then we could make out on my bed." said Harper as she smiled at Alex.

" I LOVE FLASHING" Yelled Alex as she tackled Harper down on her bed and kissed her.

I know this is very short but I thought it was funny. I hope it is, if not then just tell me please tell me what you think.