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"...Twelve years and four psychiatrists!"

"Why four?"

"I kept biting them..."

Between the WPC getup and the Scots' ferocity, Amy Pond is confusing the Doctor in ways he doesn't really wish to think about just now. Trying to reconcile the image of Amelia Pond in her wellies, red cardie and nightie, carving a face into an apple for him, with this sex-on-legs ginger is making him feel a bit pervy.

And he's not like that, thank you very much.

Biting, though. He might very much like to be bitten. Sharp little nips from those gleaming teeth alternated with kisses from those lush lips. Gimme, he thinks. Gimmegimmegimme.

Those lips are about two inches from his right now, her eyes are hypnotic and frightened at the same time. Frightened because she's lived her whole life since the age of seven, being told that what she believed was a lie, a fiction, her imagination run away from her. She's been mocked and scolded and hounded by therapists.

She fought for him. She fought for the memory of him, the idea of him. She kicked and screamed and got bite-y to protect him.

Now she's got him by his tie, stuck in a car door and she needs proof that she's not hallucinating.

He fumbles in his trouser pocket, stubbornly ignoring what might just be the first hard-on of this regeneration. He tosses her the apple she'd given him, watching her catch it and recognize it. She's not sure if she can believe this.

He begs her with his eyes, wills her to recognize him, to believe him, believe in him and to believe in herself. She was magnificent at seven and he can't wait to find out what sort of extraordinary creature she's become.

She unlocks the car, and he extricates himself. She's looking up at the sky, puzzled and fearful.

He'll have to find out how extraordinary she is, as soon as they've saved the world. Again.

Twenty minutes. Well, maybe fifteen minutes.

He can wait - after all, she's waited twelve years .