Title: La Verdad

Author: CordeliaHalliwell

A.N: So... this is my first Glee fiction, be gentle.

Rating: M

Warnings: Mentions of self harm.

Summary: Who knew that one careless, cruel moment could lead to such a nightmare. No one. But they should have know that a lifetime of cruel, careless moments might.

Prologue: Just another Story

"Mama," Santana entered the kitchen and smiled at her mother despite the early hour. For the first time in a long time her mother didn't smile back.

Her father was seated at the table holding the newspaper, quietly he spoke, "Mijita…"

Santana cocked her head and fought down the dread that threatened to rise up, "Papi?"

Her mother pulled out one of the chairs, "Sit down mija."

Santana sat, "Mama me estás asustando."

"Lo siento hija." Her mother sat down next to her. "Una de tus amigas… pues…" She handed Santana the newspaper and the Cheerio smoothed it out. Staring at her from the front page was a giant smiling picture of Rachel Berry. She almost snorted and snapped at her parents but then the headline caught her eyes. In big bold letters the newspaper proclaimed Local Teen Takes Own Life. Santana stared dumbly at the paper before skimming the paper, catching words like "Talented, driven, outcast." She sat quietly for a moment before standing abruptly and storming from the kitchen.

She fled to her room and shut the door but her sanctuary was not vacant as it normally would have been. The girls from Glee plus Kurt where spread about her room in various stages of sleep. She sat down heavily on the bed and surveyed her friends noting the missing face. She let out a painful gasp as her part in yesterday came crashing down.

"I've never been to a sleep over!" Rachel had sounded so excited.

Kurt raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow and asked snidely, "What makes you think you're invited?"

Santana had seeing the flicker of something in Rachel's eyes, but it had been so brief that she had convinced herself it was a trick of the light.

In a more subdued voice Rachel had tried, "But I thought it was for the glee girls."

Santana, who's day had been crap, eagerly took out her current mood on the girl, "For the one's I like." The second flicker in her eyes was definitely not a trick of the light, but they had shuttered so quickly again that no one but Santana saw it. Rachel had drawn herself up and cast a look over the girls before turning and leaving the choir room. The girls plus Kurt shared a light laugh, Rachel's non reaction always allowed for their cutting remarks to seem less cruel; they couldn't have been that bad if Rachel never reacted.

Santana felt like throwing up. Had she ever actually thought that? She gripped at the paper in her hands and felt tears well. She and everyone at McKinley, everyone who had ever tortured Rachel had blood on their hands.

"Santana?" The latina looked around, someone was calling her name but none of her friends were awake.

Spanish Translation

Mama me estás asustando- Mom you are scaring me.

Lo siento hija- I sorry daughter

Una de tus amigas… pues- One of your friends... well...

A.N2: So the next chapter will be longer.