The Sugar Mountain Conquest

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, yeah, I became bored, so I decided to make some random fanfic with Waluigi and Popo in it. Because Waluigi is win, and must be in every single little thing I do. So deal with it. Anyway, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Waluigi, Popo, and anything else in this story belong to Nintendo.

"This is going to be stupid," Waluigi admitted as he folded his arms, shaking his head. "You positive that you're going to be fine, kid?"

Popo laughed as he placed his left hand on his chest, giggling at Waluigi. "Oh, Mr. Waluigi, I'm only just a young energetic eskimo!" He rubbed his hands together as he looked at the roof of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion. "I'm going to dive from the roof! Just watch me!" He then dashed towards the mansion, climbing from the right side of the mansion.

Waluigi rolled his eyes as he muttered quietly to himself, "He's going to lose more brain cells doing this stunt than watching a porn video."

A few minutes later, Waluigi watched as Popo fell several stories down from the rooftop of the Super Smash Brothers Mansion, landing on his stomach. Waluigi rolled his eyes as Popo got up, rubbing his stomach in pain as he walked up to Waluigi.

"Case in point, I was proved right," Waluigi admitted as he chuckled a bit, approaching the wounded Popo.

Popo whimpered as his entire body was limp, his left foot twitching. "Owww... Waluigi, I think I impaled something..." He muttered in pain as he spat out a tooth, rubbing his right cheek.

Waluigi folded his arms as he rolled his eyes, knocking Popo on the head. "Of course you impaled something. You just fell from the top of a roof, stupid!" He snapped as he glanced down at Popo.

Popo frowned as he placed both of his hands behind his back. "Well... uhh... gee, what do you want to do, Waluigi?" He asked as he made a cutesy face, looking up at Waluigi as he giggled.

Waluigi sighed as he scratched his head, stating to Popo, "Well, I guess we could go find some treasure, or something..."

"GREAT!" Popo exclaimed as he grabbed Waluigi's hands, running off towards the western direction as Waluigi screamed, being hauled off his feet as Popo dashed fast.

Later, the blue polka-wearing eskimo and the tall, lanky man were both at the base of a sugary pink mountain filled with sweets. Popo clapped his hands together with glee as he wondered how they were going to climb up, while Waluigi sighed, noticing the huge size of the mountain. Suddenly, Popo pulled Waluigi's left arm, pointing at the very top of the mountain.

"Climbing this thing will be a piece of cake!" Popo stated as he winked at Waluigi, licking his lips as he mumbled. "Mmm... cake..." He rubbed his stomach as he gurgled, drool coming out from his mouth as he approached the entrance into the sweet mountain.

Waluigi shouted out at Popo, running after the blue young boy eskimo as he entered into the mountain. Upon entering the mountain, several bluish candy bats came down swooping around Waluigi, causing Waluigi to smack them away with his hands as Popo started climbing on a pile of sugar. Waluigi groaned as he ran after Popo, climbing up slowly on the pile of sugar.

"Hey kid, slow down, will ya?" Waluigi shouted as the sugar went through his palms, causing Waluigi to act fast as he climbed higher and higher.

Popo giggled as he glanced back down at Waluigi, taunting him to catch up. "Come on, Waluigi! Climbing this is like kindergarten! You gotta step it up!"

Waluigi gritted his teeth as he slammed his fist into the sugar mount. "I'll step you up..." He muttered angrily under his breath as he pounded against the sugar mound faster and faster, eventually reaching Popo. However, Popo already managed to reach the top, and was eager of continuing onwards.

"Now where could..." Popo observed the area around him, gasping as he snapped his fingers. "Of course! That's it!" He swung his mallet around, jumping into the air as he yelled out, hovering above in the air using his mallet's swings.

Waluigi slapped his face as he reached the top, being forced to chase Popo further. He formed his purple Waluigi Tornado, using his attack to follow Popo upward into a chocolate-paved path carved from the interior walls of the sugary mountain, running around the base as he chased Popo, who was dashing farther ahead of Waluigi. Popo continued shouting back at Waluigi, who fumed as he dashed upwards and upwards, until finally, both of the humans reached the top of the sugary mountain. Waluigi strangled Popo, who managed to easily escape his grasp.

"Look, Waluigi!" Popo exclaimed as he took a good look around, seeing the pinkish mounts of sugar everywhere as he sighed, "It's so... beautiful..."

Waluigi grumbled as he folded his arms, shuddering with disgust as he grumbled, "Bleh. It makes me want to hurl."

Popo gasped, covering his mouth with his left hand as he turned around, facing Waluigi. "Waluigi, how could you say something like that!" He shouted in shock as he pointed at Waluigi, moving his hands as he explained in a calm tone, "The purity of innocence is very well presented within this mountain, and all of the delicious sugary goodness is just waiting to be tickled upon entering our rumbly tummies..." He placed his hands together as he made big puppy-like eyes, sniffling. "Waluigi, you can't appreciate why kids can see Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"

Waluigi narrowed his eyes as he glared at Popo, obviously not amused. "Now you're going to throw old, crappy memes at me?" He retorted as he shook his head, turning around and heading to the right. "That's it. I'm heading back to the mansion. Forget this."

"No, Waluigi! Please!" Popo cried out as he grabbed Waluigi by the arm, tugging him back. "I can make it all up... I promise..." He whimpered as he sniffled, looking up at Waluigi.

Waluigi turned around, pulling his left arm away from Popo as he pointed at him, demanding an answer. "You promise?" He asked as he narrowed his eyes at Popo.

Popo placed both of his hands behind his back as he moved his left foot, slightly blushing. "Uh huh. Cross my innocent heart, my endearing determination, and my gassy stomach."

"...Fine. But only because you're so darn cute." Waluigi admitted as he folded his arms, sighing as he shook his head, walking forward.

Popo jumped up for joy, giggling with glee as he clapped his hands together. "Tee hee! I knew you'd come to agree-"

"But don't you dare fart anywhere near me. Got it?" Waluigi suddenly warned as he picked up Popo by the collar, dropping him on the ground.

"Well... I can't promise that..." Popo admitted as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, blushing as he saw Waluigi heading upward on the path, running right after him. "Waluigi, wait! Don't leave me behind!"