Janey had been taking a nap during the ride. She awoke as the van came to a halt.

As she woke up and looked around she saw Sam exiting the van with a nervous shifty look on his face.

People in the van began to get out and take out the boxes that contained the supplies for lunch.

She made her way out of the van and began to help with lunch preparations. She couldn't shake the

feeling that something wasn't right with Sam.

Lunch was set out and people began to eat. It was a pleasant atmosphere for most. Some predicted what

they would find at the new base and what it would be like. They were excited to see their friends after such a

long time.

Janey sat and ate with her friend Logan and said to him in a low voice, "There is something not quite

right here. I get this terrible feeling. Sam is acting so strange."

Logan rolled his eyes thinking, silly Janey, the said "Sam always acts strange, especially when Mason isn't

around. Don't be so paranoid."

"I'm serious, Logan!" She replied urgently, almost too loud then continued, "Just look at hi, he's extra shifty today."

"Okay, I'll keep alert, since I was going to do that anyway, being outside and all." Logan replied.

Janey felt a little better after that and relaxed a bit. She still kept her eye on Sam who stood over to the

side on the lookout. He soon made a move back towards the group.

Sam cleared his throat to speak, "It's such a nice day, why don't we relax here a while. Maybe have a look around,

or take a nap if you want. There's no rush, plenty of day light and all."

Janey watched Sam as he wiped a some nervous sweat off his forhead. She nudged Logan who then shrugged.

Logan stood up and stretched. He looked down at Janey and reached out his hands for her and said, "Why don't we take

a walk. It's cramped in that van."

Janey took his hands and stood, "Sure, but let's go this way." She turned in the direction the van had been travelling earlier.

Logan shrugged and followed.

Sam looked at the group. They had agreed to his suggestion. Four of them laid down on their blankets for naps, and the other

four were walking around. He said to himself, "This will be easier than I thought." He smiled and giggled to himself. He walked back

over to the van to get what he needed to begin his plan. As he took his duffel bag from the van he rummaged around for what he needed

and finally pulled from it the gun and silencer that Mason had handed him early that morning. He turned back towards the four sleeping

and slowly walked toward them, keeping the gun concealed as he walked towards them just in case one stirred. He muttered under his breath,

"I hope none of them others come back before I kill these guys."

He placed the gun against the chest of each of them one by one dispatching them. With that finished he had only the other four

to worry about. Mason had given him a plan to follow, he was going to follow it as best he could. Mason would be so proud. He removed the

the silencer from the gun and he turned to go towards the others, behind him he heard the moans of the four dead ones coming back to life.

As he started around the van he let out a yell as if being attacked and started running around the van. As he got around it he saw them turn

towards him in suprise.

Janey and Logan had walked pretty far before they heard Sam yell and turned to see him running with a gun his hand.

They heard him yell something but couldn't hear what he said but the other two could and turned towards them and began running and called

out to them, "Zombies got in, they attacked the others, heading this way, RUN!" They looked back and sure enough, the four who had been napping

were slowly making their way around the van towards them with the vacant stare of the dead in their eyes.

Sam caught up with them and they all stopped for a minute to catch their breaths. Sam spoke, "I don't know where they came from, there must be

a hole in the perimeter somewhere. You guys take off that way and I'll stay here and take care of these guys. Hopefully there aren't any more breaches.

I'll come for you with the van when it's safe."

Janey looked at Logan and the other two. All with sad looks on their faces as they turned towards the new base sparing one last glance

back at their dead friends shambling towards them. She didn't see any others, just those four. She glanced at Logan and nodded, he nodded back at her.

Something told her they better get to the new base before Sam came back for them.