Chapter 9

Saya's POV

1 Month Later

It's been one month since the surprise of our new house from Haji and ever since we have been working on making the place uneakly ours, from painting the rooms differnt colors, planting flowers outside and painting the outside of the house. We have went together and bought furnichur for all the rooms to fill them up.

Between fixing the house and working a Kai's restarunt its been very busy for me lately, one of the rooms upstairs we have fixed up for the twins and they have stayed with us a few times, they love helping us paint and love planting flowers, they have started a little flower garden in the front yard, full of dasies, lilacs and roses, which is a odd combination but very pretty at the same time.

I shake my head as I whipe the sweat off my forehead with my arm as I continue to apply a coat of white paint to the fence in the front yard that surrounds the property. Haji is currently working on the second story of the house on painting it a sky blue like the rest of the house.

I smile at his back, I never truely ever thought any of this would happen but it is, I have tried in the little free time I have had lately to try to plan our wedding, the twins I have already asked to be my flower girls, which they are going to be very sweet.

With no time I have finished almost all the fence, I look at my watch and see its lunch time and as soon as that thought crossed my mind my stomach started to growl. I set my paint brush down ontop of the paint can and start up our little walk to the front porch and in through the front door.

I walk to the small half bathroom and wash my hands clean of any pain and dirt, I then walk into our small kitchen and over to the frigerator. I look in there ad think of what I can make Haji and I for lunch and I see the Ham that I made the other day and pull it out of the frig and set the plate on the counter and grab our bread, a simple Ham sandwich sounds really good to me.

As soon as I am done with making the sandwiches Haji surprises me by sneaking up behind me and reaching around me and grabbing his sandwich. I turn my head and smile up at him, this is our house, truely our house!

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