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Friday Noon, Lunchtime.

Gekkoukan High School's cafeteria is filled to the brim with loud, chattering juniors and seniors. This bothered most of Minato's friends, so they suggested sitting by the veranda, located in the west wing of the school building. They sit on the concrete with their plates, while other students were spread out in small clusters. One tree was decorated with a ribbon and a carving to mark the spot where a group sat.

Minato and the others are sitting in a circle and he wants to stir up a conversation.

"Hey guys, what're you doing this weekend?" He asked, looking at Junpei, and the rest of the circle.

"Uh, like we do every weekend. Chill in the dorm. Maybe, we should go to that movie you wanted to see. Uh...Pandora's...Execution...something like that?" Junpei said, eating his ramen.

"So Mitsuru," Akihiko says, willing to start his own conversation with Mitsuru, "You doin' anything this weekend? I'm available so...let's do something."

"Are you two planning something together?" Minato yelled, jealous of the two seniors who are engaging in their own conversation. He expected Akihiko to do something with the juniors. He liked when Akihiko hung out with them, rather than Mitsuru.

Akihiko, irritated at Minato interrupting his conversation with Mitsuru, shushes him.

"Yukari," Minato says to Yukari, "How about you? You got any plans?"

"No, just chillin' at the dorm. Like usual."

"Okay, Junpei, Yukari, we're going to the cinema and we're gonna do some pranks!"

"Movies, okay. Pranks, not so much," Yukari said, hesitant about the idea of pranking innocent people.

"Come on Yuka-tan. It'll be fun. We can throw popcorn at the people who are watching the movie," Junpei said then ended with a mischievious grin.

"Hey," Akihiko says, nosing into Junpei's conversation with the other two, "Why would you want to throw popcorn at people who are trying to enjoy a movie which they paid their hard-earned yen to see?"

"It's fun! And entertaining too," Junpei said as an excuse.

"Well, it will be entertaining if you get kicked out of the cinema for life," Mitsuru says, with an amused grin on her face. She could see it happening already.

"So, you and Akihiko-senpai have other plans?" Minato said then winks at the pre-destined couple. He thinks that they're in a relationship now.

"Yup," Akihiko answered, "Sorry. Mitsuru and I are going to...ahh..."

"WHOA!" Junpei said with sheer surprise on his face resulting in a silly grin, "Seriously? Tell me what it's like after you, well ya know."

"W-What?" Yukari yelled. She covers her mouth with both hands.

Fuuka comes along with her lunch kit slung around her shoulder, "Hi, sorry I'm late. Hallway traffic and talking to the teacher."

"It's fine," Yukari greets Fuuka and makes room for her between Minato and herself.

"'Sup, Fuuka," Junpei said, looking at the small junior with a content smile on his face.

Fuuka begins eating her sushi, which she made herself, for lunch.

"So whatcha doin' this weekend, Fuuka-san?" Yukari asked.

"Reading in the lounge. You're going somewhere?" Fuuka asks with eagerness. Psh, reading? On a weekend? There's no doubt that she will be chastized for this.

"Wow, sounds like you're desperate to go to the movies with me, Minato, Akihiko-san, and Yuka-tan." Junpei said, with mild, teasing mischief in his voice.

"I'm in." Fuuka beamed at the idea.

"And then we're gonna prank some pe-"

"No we're not, Stupei. You're going to get us kicked out." Yukari said, worried about the outcome of Minato's idea of pranking people.

Junpei sighed, "How's life?"

"Great, but who's going to watch Koro-chan and Ken-kun?"

"Uh, Ken-kun?" Junpei suggests, then Yukari glares at him, "Yeah, he's old enough to be in the dorm by himself."

Yukari prompts, "WHAT? Are you insane? Leaving Ken-kun in that big dorm alone? No!"

"So you want Ken to come with us?"

"Sure! Fuuka and I would love to have Ken around!" Yukari cheered.

"Alright! Ken better behave...or not." Junpei said.

"What movie do you guys plan to see? Oh wait...The Relentless Execution of Pandora?"

"Yeah, because of that hot chick that's in there and there's violence."

"Miya Harasaki. She is hot. But Ken can't see that! It's 'R' rated, isn't it?" Akihiko asked.

"The guy's more mature than he looks. He even drinks his coffee black!" Minato affirmed.

"And what of Koro-chan?" Fuuka asked, "He can't go the movies with us. Oh, I'll just let him out on the yard."

Junpei nodded, "That's why we have ya, Fuuka."


"Fuuka and I are going to see A Faint Heart," Yukari said, secretly avoiding to watch a movie with Junpei.

"Isn't that a chick flick?" Junpei asked.

"So? I don't wanna see a half-naked buff woman fighting off a centaur-minotaur-whatever!"

"It looks awesome!"

"But...she was raped, beaten, became a priestess that kills-"

"Shut up, Yuka-tan! You don't know anything! You should at least give the storyline an 'A-plus plus!"

She rolled her eyes, and eats her salad.

"The scenes look awesome and the action's gritty! She fights with a huge-ass ring blade and-I'm speechless! Not to mention that metal bikini she's wearing. I'm not going just to see her fight-I-I'm going to see her-" Akihiko rabbles on about the movie...

Mitsuru gave Akihiko a strong nudge with her elbow. Damn, that hurt. "For a young woman, she hits like a man," he thinks to himself. He rubbed his arm to relieve the pain she inflicted. He thinks she's given him a bruise.

"Ouch, you-" He slapped her thigh, but she quickly responds with a slap to his face.

"Sh- Mitsuru!"

Mitsuru leaves the circle.

"So, I guess it's the movies this weekend," Akihiko answered.

Minato looks at Mitsuru walking away quickly. Damn, that was not quaint of her to hit Akihiko like that at all.

"So," Minato calculated, "Junpei, Yukari, Fuuka, Akihiko, and Ken?"

"Yup," Junpei affirmed, "Just us six."

"Cool," Akihiko said, "Why did Mitsuru do that?"

"My guess is that it's that time of the month."

Yukari scoffed, "What do you know, Stupei?"

"A lot of things."

She sighed at Junpei's false intelligence and asks him, "Well, why did she hit Akihiko-senpai then?"