Boys' Dorm hallway, in front of Junpei's door...

Akihiko is holding a bucket of water mixed with cleaning solution wearing bright yellow cleaning gloves. A blue sponge floats in the bucket. In the other hand, he has a feather duster. Minato has a broom and dustpan, also wearing cleaning gloves. They are prepared to clean Junpei's room. As they recalled, it was a disaster.

Junpei comes to them, overwhelmed at the stuff they brought.

"Never thought that you guys were nannies."

Akihiko scoffed, "Look in my pocket, there should be a pair of gloves in there."

"Dude! I don't need gloves."

The three enter Junpei's room. Minato looks at the walls covered with tasteful semi-nude pinups, and pictures of his dorm mates. One picture makes Minato laugh. In the picture Junpei is walking and Yukari is behind him, flipping him off. He was oblivious to her gesturing behind him.

"When was this, Junpei?"

Junpei walks by Minato, interested in the pictures.

"Oh, I think that's from sophomore year when Yuka-tan got really pissed about me calling her Yuka-tard."

Akihiko, looking at a picture of himself, gasps in surprise.

"When was this?"

In the picture, Akihiko is dressed in semi-formal attire dancing with Mitsuru while his eyes were closed. She was wearing a shiny black dress and a white demi-sweater.

"Y'know, that gala two-three years ago. That was before I knew you guys."

"Gala? Oh, the annual Kirijo Gala. That was boring."

"Haha, and look at Kenji and those short-shorts in this picture," Minato pointed out.

"Aww, look at little Junpei and his bat. It looks bigger than him," Akihiko joked at another picture.

"Hey, who's that baby running in the grass naked?" Minato asked, amused by another picture.

"Oh man, that's me! And then I was told that I had girls laughin' at me," Junpei laughed.

"Hey, who's that chick that's behind you with those cat-ears? She seems to be licking your ear. And your eyes were as big as saucers."

"Oh, that's Kaze. She was in middle school with me. And that was on Halloween."

"Her hair is really long and her eyes look kind of seductive," Minato said, "I'd totally hit that."

Junpei gave him a surprised glare and said, "Oh, yeah. You like those crazy smart girls. Shit, you've been with every girl in school. Back to her. Remind you of a cat's doesn't it? Didn't have much friends because she was crazy smart."

"She didn't have a lot of friends because she was "crazy smart"? Explain this further."

"She was nice, but the way she talked, using those big words. That shit confused the hell outta me. Nothing like a normal middle-schooler would say. I liked her but the guys used to say that she wasn't on my level."

"Do you still talk to her?"

"Naah, I forgot to get her number."

"That sucks. You coulda scored with her."

"Yeah dude, but we were young back then. That wasn't on our mind."

Minato smirked, "I have to admit, she is kinda cute. She must be super hot by now."

"Hmm, we should go out later on. Just us three."

"Where to?" Akihiko asked.

"I dunno," Junpei blankly stared at Akihiko.


"It's boring here and I wanna get out!"

Akihiko sighed, planning to end the subject by cleaning.

"So whaddya say, Minato?"

"Fine with me," Minato answered.

"Okay, then."

"What?" Akihiko said, lost in their conversation full of vagueness.

Junpei snickered, "Nothing, man."

A certain picture catches his eye. Junpei is wearing lipstick in the photo while he is behind Yukari, glaring at her while she is talking on the phone.

"Now what's this all about?"

"Oh," Junpei laughed, "You know me, I'm a silly guy."

"Total deja-vu," Akihiko said, looking at a picture of himself dressed in aviator sunglasses, purple thigh high shorts and a tank top, sitting next to Mitsuru.

"Weren't those Yuka-tan's?"


"Um, why did you have those shorts on again?"

"Don't remind me, Junpei."

Junpei whispers to Minato, "He had an "accident"." Then Junpei, snickered at the end of his explanation.


"Shut up, Junpei."

"He supposedly dropped ice cream on himself...vanilla ice cream at that."

"I did."

"Triple scoop."

"Yup. That was good ice cream. So soft and creamy."

Junpei giggled like a giddy schoolgirl at Akihiko's memory of the ice cream he ate.

"It looked nothing like ice cream when he dropped it on himself," Junpei said.

"Wow, Akihiko-san. You did that?" Minato decided to play along with Junpei.

Junpei laughed even more. He liked when people caught his drift when it came to perverted jokes and played along until the victim got really red in the face in embarrassment.

"I mean, it was messy."

"Messy? Did it get on his hands?"

"Hell yeah."

"Oh man..."

Junpei and Minato continue their silly chatter as if they were the only ones in the room. Akihiko grins at them with impatience and he finds a corner of a magazine sticking out from under his bed. As Junpei continued talking and laughing with Minato, Akihiko gingerly pulls the magazine. On the magazine, it shows a topless woman. He blushes at the sight of it and Junpei notices he is looking at his magazine.

"Don't you have a private niche where this belongs? I mean, you've got guests."

"Oh, I was looking for that this morning." Junpei took the magazine, slowly skimming through pages of topless girls, girl on girl action, guy on girl action, while Akihiko sighs. Minato, on occasion, stops Junpei from flipping pages to take a gander.

"When did you start getting into that stuff?"

"Oh, this?" Junpei said, showing a picture of a naked girl sitting on a purple chaise longue, wearing pearls. She is curvy, and has a bronze tint that He shoves it closer to his face.

Akihiko turned his head to look away from the picture, but he found himself looking at a poster of a girl in a skimpy blue bikini. The girl i He looks at the floor, cupping his hands on his face.

"Why are you shifty all of a sudden?"

"That's disgusting and I'd rather not see a woman half-naked doing that kind of stuff."

"Geez," Junpei huffed, "You're starting to sound like Yuka-tan."

"She's right."

"But...Senpai, have you ever looked at a fully naked woman?"

"No," he answered quickly, "Well only in art class and those Anatomy and Physiology books."

"Oh, really?"

"That's it."

"Do you," Junpei began to ask, "...y'know...mastur-"

"No! Why would I?"

"Just asking."

"Do you do that kind of stuff?" Akihiko asked Junpei; well, that's a rhetorical question.

"Of course, I have this to prove it."

"How can you look at this stuff without feeling uncomfortable?"

"Well, just pretend that no one's there, y'know. Or just fantasize about that person...naked like Mitsuru-senp-"

"Don't bring her into this!"

Junpei devilishly grinned at Minato and looked at Akihiko, "Ooh! Gettin' a little defensive there, eh Akihiko-senpai? Her long flowing red hair...milky white alabaster skin...cute lips...long neck...her breasts...full, round, and sooooft," Junpei finishes, sniggering.

Akihiko swallowed as he felt something stirring in his stomach like a blender on a high setting.

"Those devilish eyes...not to mention those hips...mmm...damn, I'm getting all hard thinking about it," Junpei added.

"Stop it! I don't need to be enticed by that!" Akihiko whined.

"Those long, creamy, just pry 'em open and you're set!"

Thus, Akihiko finishes his sentence with a left hook that landed on Junpei's cheek. Junpei felt his cheek in response to this attack. He feels a small lump and he tasted a little blood, but he's fine. Akihiko groaned, pissed off at how they can be so dirty and fickle-minded when it came to women. So, to their surprise, Akihiko stormed out of Junpei's room.

"Geez, he's so shifty. He's probably going to be a virgin for the rest of his life. Shit, he might as well be a priest."

"But, he's not into religion."

Junpei sighed at Minato's correction, "Well he might as well be...uh...not interested in it."

Minato sighed, "If there was a word for a person who is not interested in sex, I would like to know."



"I have a good idea. How about I give him one of my tapes to watch?"

"That might work. No way! You have tapes?"

"Yeah, DVDs."

Minato thinks they're cool, but, Junpei didn't reply to his apology because he was busy talking to Akihiko. So he gathers the confidence to remind him of the apology earlier.

"Junpei," Minato said, timidly.


"Um, I apologized earlier and I don't know if you forgave me or not."

"Nah, it's cool. You are better than me. I don't really have a life, y'know. And you do."

"Aww, you're starting to sound like Aigis. You possess one, it's just that you don't know what to do with it." Minato said, with a smile.

"Ah," a mental lightbulb flashed in his head, "I have one but I don't know what to do with it."

"Ooh," Minato cheered, noticing a box with Twister on it, "Twister!"

"Ohh, yeah, we should play it."

"Let's play it now, with the girls."

"Ohohohh, you sly dog. Let's clean my messy room first."

So, Minato and Junpei began cleaning his room. Minato noticed that he had lots of dust bunnies and mainly softcore porn magazines under his bed. On the floor, had stacks of manga scattered. He even found a partially deflated blow-up doll. The room was improving well in terms of environment. They re-arranged his DVDs in storage shelves and his manga collections on his bookshelf.

Junpei blushed at Minato's finding of his blow-up doll.

"Uhh," he hesitated, "don't ask."

"Did you use it?"

"Yeah, for kissing practice."

"Kissing practice?"

"Never mind."

Minato quickly dropped the doll on floor getting the wrong idea of what Junpei might have done to the doll besides kissing it. He is riled enough to make an argument of Junpei's perversion.

"You are a very sick-minded person. That's why women get the wrong impression of you!"

"Hey! The hell that's supposed to mean?"

"You're sleazy and you're always thinking about sex!"

"Not all the time!"

"You know what you need to do?"


"Sit, buckle down, and think about the future!"

"The fuck are you to tell me what to do about my life, Mister Motivational!" Junpei snapped, agitated by his judgment and suggestion.

The bluenette growled and turned away from facing Junpei.

"Who are you, man? I don't think I know you anymore." Junpei's eyebrows furrowed at the thought.

Minato sighed. Junpei sat on his bed, glaring at Minato.

Akihiko burst into the room.

"What's going on?" he asked, looking around in Junpei's room. They did well, to the boxer's surprise.

Both Minato and Junpei didn't reply.

"Guys? Hey, I take it that you two were arguing?"

No response.

"Hey! Do I have to-!"

"Yeah," they reluctantly answered.

"Well, Poindexter thinks that all I think about is sex because he found a blow-up doll in my room."

"A-a blow-up doll?" Akihiko said, looking at the blow-up doll on the floor, dusty and deflated.

"It's for 'kissing practice'."

Akihiko scoffed, "Junpei, Junpei, Junpei."

"You know what? Let's just put this to the side," Junpei said, wanting to resolve the argument.

"Oh, Akihiko, we found Twister! Wanna play?" Minato asked, suddenly smiling at Akihiko.

"Uh, sure."

"I thought we were gonna play that with the ladies!"

"By the way, that blow-up doll looks like Lady Gaga," Akihiko joked, trying to lighten the mood. He and Junpei laugh at the striking resemblance between the pop star and the inflatable doll.

"By the way," Minato mimicked Akihiko's voice and slipped into his normal voice, "Lady Gaga's prettier and she keeps her mouth CLOSED."

"Uh-oh, sorry to offend you, Lady GaGa fan," Junpei said. Akihiko chuckled at Junpei's jesting of Minato.

"Everything looks good in here," Akihiko said, "Good job, you two."

"Thanks," Minato said.

"Yeah, uh, thanks you two. I appreciate it."

"You know what's funny? We're still in our pajamas," Minato said looking at their clothing.

"Yeah, and Junpei when you stormed out of the dorm like that, I thought that you would realize that you went off into the city in your pajamas. Where did you go?"

"Uh, to Paulownia Mall. Then I saw this girl. She was fine, super tanned skin, it looked good on her, long reddish hair, gray cat-like eyes, much to describe. She was one tall glass of water!"

Akihiko sighed, "I'm surprised that she didn't reject you."

"'Cause I didn't ask her out. I didn't even say a word to her. She said 'hello' to me and all of a sudden she was gone. Man, I'd like to see her again. Not to mention, she was TALL."

Minato chuckled, "She sounds tough."

"I'd like to meet her too," Akihiko said.

"We should see her later. Let's go!"

"What if she's on a shift or something?"

Junpei rubbed his hands in anticipation, "Commencing Operation Babe Hunt. Part 2."

Akihiko rolled his eyes, mercilessly at the corny sequel of the failure "Operation Babe Hunt" that happened at Yakushima.

"Uh, No."

"C'mon man, she's the only one we'll aim for! We learned our lesson back in Yakushima."

Dorm lounge...

Minato, Akihiko and Junpei are in the lounge and Akihiko checks the clock. Yukari, reading a magazine, notices the three boys. Ken is also downstairs, petting Koromaru. Fuuka is deeply interested in a book, while Mitsuru is filling in crosswords in a puzzle book.


"Alrighty then, Let's commence!"

"Wow, Stupei. I've never heard you say that word before."

"Shaddup, Yuka-tard!"

Yukari growled, realizing that name was a deja-vu from eighth grade. "That's so eighth-grade, Stupei!"

"Nyaah nyaah nyaa-nyaa-nyah, Stupei!" He retorted, mimicking her shrill voice.

"Where are you guys going?" Yukari asked them with a tinge of suspicion.

"Karaoke. Guys night out, ya know?" Junpei said.

"Karaoke?" Yukari gave a small grin, "Yeah, we'll see you later, Stupei."

Ken asks, "Can I tag along with you guys? I'm just appalled at how they could be so intent on reading for long periods of time."

"I know how you feel. Sure, kid."

So Junpei, Minato, Akihiko and Ken are at Paulownia Mall. They sit on a bench near the center fountain and wait.

"Okay," Junpei whispered, devising a plan. He points at Minato and says, "North." He points to Akihiko and says, "South".

"Ken you'll take East and I'll take West."

"Why did you just assign us locations?" Ken asked, slightly perplexed.

"Sorry, forgot to explain to you. We're looking for a redhead with super-tanned skin and she's really tall."

"Oh. Y'know her?"

"Huh? Whatever, kid. Everyone go to their assigned places."

Junpei is by the entrance of Escapade, looking for the woman. Instead, he sees Ryoji exiting the night club. Ryoji spots him, and he greets, "Hey Junpei-kun. Why are you out here?"

"Oh, I'm looking for someone."

"Looking for who?"

"A woman."

"What's her name?"

"I don't really know her name, but I'll just call her Cutie. Have you seen her?"

"Not that I know of," Ryoji ponders, "Oh, well good luck with that."


Akihiko is standing by Mandragora. He notices a sign by Chagall Cafe that reads: Pie of the Day, Blueberry, 750 yen/whole, 120 yen/slice. He couldn't pass that up. Blueberry pie is his favorite dessert and he'll be damned if they didn't have those pies available for selling. He goes into the cafe, with Junpei's mission being the last thing on his mind.

Minato is alert and pacing on his end. All he sees are older women and guys walking around. There is not a redhead in sight.

Ken is also alert on his side, and he sees a woman coming in. She's tall, tanned, and has shaggy chestnut hair. She wears a white sweater and a green pleated miniskirt

The young kid is thinking if she's trying to be inconspicuous with what she's wearing, she has failed miserably. Well, she IS a redhead so there is a chance that she's the one Junpei was looking for. The conspicuous redhead looks around like a security guard and he notices the helixes of her ears are each pierced with a gold ring and a pearl on each earlobe. Many people are looking at her and she looks alienated, with anguished gray eyes and furrowed thin eyebrows. In her hand, she grips a cone towered with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, covered with chocolate chips and caramel.

He has struck some familiarity with her. Ken wants a closer look at her, but he waits for her to approach him. Suddenly she walks towards him and asks in a concerned, soft voice, "Um, shouldn't you be inside?" She said it with a lack of manners.

"I'm with my friends."

"Well then, where are they?"

"On the four corners of the earth."

She chuckles, slightly amused by the kid's joke, "Ah, you got jokes."

Akihiko comes out of the cafe eating a pan of blueberry pie with a fork and a powder blue napkin tucked in his collar to serve as a bib. He sees Ken with a tall blonde girl. He's back into the mission, find the blonde girl. With his dexterity, he takes his cellphone out and texts Junpei, "Ken's with a girl and she's really pretty. Is that her?"

He waits for Junpei to reply. The phone let out a 'blip' signaling of a text. He takes it out and he replies.

"Yes! :D That's her...but she's not like other girls, let's say. That's sexy. ;D Let's approach her."

"*eyeroll* Ok, let's get this over with." Akihiko replied to Junpei's text.

Junpei and Akihiko run over to Ken, leaving Minato.

"Hey, Ken," Junpei greeted, "Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, a girl? Don't know 'er name."

"Didn't I see you earlier?" The girl said.

"Yup," Junpei replied, "and what is your name?"

She looked at him with an assuming glare. "My name? Why? Do I strike some familiarity with you?"

He cluelessly glared at her, "What?"

"Do I look familiar to you?" She replied with a tone teachers would give to kindergarten students.

"Yessss," he answered.


He gasps. Kaze Ryoka? Hmmph. No. Really? That's the Kaze Ryoka from sixth grade? Damn, she's changed a lot. Last time he's seen her was with long hair and no piercings.

"Do you remember me?"

"Umm, can you refresh my memory?"

"Aheh-heh," he nervously laughed, "Remember in sixth grade when we dressed in costumes because it was Halloween and you were the cat that licked my ear?"

She gasped, "Junpei...Iori?"

He smiled then nodded to her. Suddenly, Kaze embraces Junpei. He didn't expect her to hug him so tight. He embraces her too, around her cinched waist and pulls her in.

"Damn it, five years already? I take it you're still in school?"

"Yup," she said while they were hugging, "Lucky for me, I skipped a couple of grades and graduated high school I'm a sophomore in college now."

"The hell?" Junpei said in shock. Skipped a couple years? College? What a buncha bullshit! Was she that smart? Akihiko also recoiled in disbelief.

"You skipped grades?" Akihiko said.

She nodded, "Sorry leave you in disbelief. I expected that, Junpei. Kaze ran one of her hands down his back, while they were still hugging.

"No. I'm glad to know that you're in college."

"Yeah, it's okay. How's school?"


Minato comes over, realizing they ditched him.

"Excuse me, how did I-"

They broke their ten-minute passionate hug.

"Dude, we're talking," Junpei said to Minato. Akihiko is set on finishing his blueberry pie. While Junpei was talking to Kaze, she began licking at her ice cream cone, which was dripping on her hand that she was gripping the cone with.

Akihiko has finished his entire pie and looks at Kaze, the walking fashion disaster. He dubbed her this as she was talking to Ken.

"Your's so innocent and clean," Akihiko commented on her fashion.

"Why thank you. I try to stray from black and white, you know?"

"Uh huh, well I like red."

"I see that," she said to Akihiko who wore his typical summer outfit consisting of a pair of khaki slacks and a red v-neck shirt. He tosses the empty tin pie pan in the trash can and continues speaking to Junpei's old friend.

"I never thought that I'd see you again. But what brings you here?" Junpei told her this as she was licking at her cone.

"Uh...I just felt like it."

"Felt like it?"

"Uh Junpei," Akihiko interrupted, "Did you know that you're still in your pajamas?"

Junpei looked down at what he was wearing and shrieked in horror. It wasn't that bad; it could've passed for a casual outfit.

"This is embarrassing."

"You're okay," Kaze replied, smiling at him.

"So what are you gonna do, Kaze-san?"

"I always come here when I have nothing to do. Hey, can I come over to your place?"


Minato and Akihiko gag on their drinks in the midst of Junpei's quick acceptance of Kaze's blunt request.

"-Sure. I'm sure my roommates wouldn't mind," he turns to Akihiko, Ken, and Minato, "Do you?"

"Uh...ah," Akihiko hesitated, "Sure. I'm Akihiko by the way. Nice to meet you, Kaze."

"I'm Minato," he waved at her, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"No problem. Shall we go?"

Akihiko receives a text. It's from Ken who told him that he made it safely back to the dorm.

"Yeah," Junpei said, grabbing her hand, "Come with us."

The four walked back to the dorm. Junpei unlocks the door and gallantly he permits Kaze to go in first. Five steps into the dorm, Yukari, Mitsuru, Aigis and Fuuka glare at the suspecting girl.

"Guess what the cat hauled in," Yukari said, eyes peeled on Kaze.

"Um," Junpei makes his way over to Kaze, "Don't gang up on her, ladies, this is Kaze, an old friend of mine."

"Hmm, an old friend, huh?" Yukari said, "I'm Yukari. Nice to meet 'cha."

"I'm Mitsuru. Glad to be in your company."

"I'm Fuuka. I'm delighted to meet you."

"C'mon, let's go upstairs," Junpei said, grabbing her hand to lead her upstairs.

"Junpei, why are you in such a rush?" Yukari asked, slightly suspicious of Junpei. Knowing him, he might be up to something.

"I'm not in a rush!"

"Well why are Akihiko and Arisato following you?" Mitsuru said, looking at the boys.

"I'm sure you two would be fine with each other, riiight?" Yukari said.

"Yeah, we don't wanna spoil the moment, right Minato?" Akihiko told Minato with a concerned air in his voice.

Junpei sighed, "I guess. Let's go and catch up on those old times."

Kaze chuckled nervously, "Sounds fun." Junpei and Kaze go upstairs into his room, arm in arm.

"Poor girl, I bet she doesn't know what she's getting into," Yukari said.

"That Junpei sure knows some weird people. Her sense of fashion is quite remarkable," Akihiko remarked about Kaze, "I mean...oh, never mind..."

"I know. I wonder if she's hot with all that on. And those piercings. Imagine when you're aging and you have all those piercings. In my opinion, they're unattractive. I wonder if she even regrets having them. Same goes for the people who go to such extremes like having tattoos that cover their entire body," Mitsuru said, flipping a page of a book.

"Junpei likes those weird women," Yukari said snacking on her bon-bons.

"She seems like a nice person. A little on the shy side, but nice," Fuuka said, sketching in her sketch pad.

"Fuuka, you're so optimistic! She seems to have a dangerous aura about her, if you ask me," Yukari said.

"I hope Junpei doesn't try anything stupid," Akihiko says, picking up a Fitness and Muscle magazine.

"C'mon Akihiko-senpai, it's Junpei for crying out loud. When was the last time he's done something stupid!"

"So, about that Kaze girl, she's skipped a couple grades," Akihiko attempts to strike up a heated conversation.

Mitsuru looked up, "Really?"

"Yeah. I was surprised too."

"What grade is she in? College?" Mitsuru asked.

"She's in her sophomore year."

"Really? Well she must be really smart. I wonder how Junpei found her." Fuuka said.

"She's Junpei's old friend from sixth grade."

"Holy shit!" Yukari said, laughing at the idea of Junpei dating an extremely smart girl. She wonders how long they were going to last in a relationship.

"Yeah, don't worry, Yukari. I had the same reaction as you when she said she was a sophomore in college."

"And they're the same age? Geez. She's smart. Mitsuru-senpai, you should ask her a super intelligent question since you're learning college-level material."

"Maybe I should," Mitsuru said, with a sly grin on her face.

"And I thought you were the smart one."

"I have the highest GPA among the seniors as of now and I have some of my college credit already."

"Lucky you," Yukari said, now looking at a fashion magazine.

"Junpei's been in his pajamas all day."

"Well it is Sunday."

"I know. I wonder what they're doing right now."