I was going to write a story about the pair in Amsterdam because I was recently there and all I could think was 'This is Grimmjow's city.' Not for the Red Light District and the "Coffee" houses but it just felt all...Grimmjow-y. Maybe next time?
Anyway. I was asked to write a GrimmjowxKira short on my tumblr (peterpauper . tumblr . com) so here it is. It was fun to write an I hope you enjoyed it.
Let me know if you want more. Hopefully it will lead into the future story (if there is one) when Grimmjow comes back (if he comes back).



Sand. Espada seemed to deal well with it. Beaches and sand – it worked okay. It was better than the endless night and the over-eager Arrancar that were coming through all the time. They all wanted a space as an Espada, to fill all the empty seats, and they tended to attack each other or the last two existing members for it.
Grimmjow liked to play with them a bit while Kira delivered a swift death. They were like revved up teenagers, like little pests swarming around. Most treated the Sexta and Novena with the respect that came with their status while the others ended up mangled and broken under the constant moon of Huedo Mundo.

Kira had been venturing to the real world often to get away from the mundane listlessness of it all. She had been exploring and seeking out missions to complete personally since there was no Aizen to give orders and no Shinigami to argue with. Sometimes Soul Society called on them for some information, some research, sometimes Kira watched Kurosaki for any changes in his non-existent reiatsu.

Grimmjow stalked the boy too. Just cruised along with his apathetic face. Sometimes it was like Ichigo knew that the Espada was there, most of the time it was because his friends could see the blue-haired man over his shoulder.

Kira decided to drag Grimmjow away from his stalking. Away from training in Las Noches and ordering the Arrancar around like the King he knew he was. He sent them away on missions to different cities to dispose of Hollow. Not souls, Hollow. He never said why he made them do it but Kira suspected it was so that the Shinigami were led into a state of security. She hoped he didn't do anything stupid to jeopardise their fragile relationship with Soul Society.

The Novena flinched at a sudden stinging on her arm.

Grimmjow was pinching the skin above her elbow and staring at her flatly. "Stop it."

She pried his fingers apart and rubbed the red mark. "Ow. And no." The Novena pulled her ponytail over her shoulder. "Stop paying so much attention."

"To you being an annoying brat?"

"Yes." She half smiled at him. "Its flattering that you notice me so often but seriously, if it pisses you off then get your own space. I brought you here but no one says you have to laze around. Go…get sunburnt."

He snorted and laid back against the sand, nearly tipping the umbrella as he rolled onto his stomach.

They had gone to one of the Islands off Japan. There was a nice breeze, a steady stream of sunlight and the constant sound of the ocean.

"I never really liked the ocean that much. Especially after that experience with the Shinigami gigai." Kira ran a hand up to her shoulder and back down to her elbow. "But its okay."

"Then why the fuck did you decide to come to the beach?"

"Because I didn't think you would adapt to grass that easily."

He roared with laugher. "Like hell you did."

"Well it wasn't because I wanted to wear a bikini."

The man raised an eyebrow at her. "You haven't taken your tent off once."

"It's not a tent. It's a beach shirt."

"It's a tent." He grunted.

Kira twisted and lay her chin on his shoulder and watched the ocean spinning back and forth. She kissed him there quietly. "We're cats, we don't like the water anyway."

He grinned mischievously. The Novena felt his mood change from lazy in an instant and sprang back. A gigai slows reaction times. By the time she had pulled herself away he had caught her ankle. Kira kicked sand in his face and scrambled to her feet to take off.

He was right on her heels, laughing that maniacal laugh of his. People looked at the pair shooting off down the sand. Mostly because Grimmjow had blue hair and a scar right down his chest. After a minute Kira felt him gaining. Her sprint had ended and his uncanny endurance caught up.

The girl stopped dead in her tracks and ducked as quickly as possible as she could. Grimmjow overshot her by an inch but caught her hair in the process, pulling it free and planting her on her back.

"OW!" Kira yelled as she lay staring up at his head as he hovered above her. "Stop smiling its not funny." She touched the top of her head to judge the damage. "Is it bleeding? If you gave me a bald patch I will destroy you."

He laughed and grabbed her by the waist. In a moment she was hauled over his shoulder and on the way to the ocean.

"No." She smacked his back. "No. I swear…Grimmjow." Kira touched her head again. It stung. "You're wearing white pants. White goes see-through in water."

"They're swimming pants that you picked. Whatever the world sees is your fault."

"I have no good comeback for that." She sighed and knew the water was coming closer. "Can I take my top off, please?"

"Its white." He said mockingly. "It will go see through."

"It will! Its cotton! Its not swimming material – whatever it is."

"Ha." He snorted and began wading into the water.

"Okay." Kira said flatly. She looked up whistled loudly. It caught the attention of a little boy. "Kid!" She wriggled her shirt up and over her head, hopefully giving Grimmjow a bit of fabric burn in the process. "Here! Throw this up there."

The boy caught the shirt with a blank expression. He stared at the black hair, black bikini and green eyes and then at the blue hair, tattoo and biceps before shooting off with a dumb expression. He went straight to his mother who was sitting under a red umbrella and started pointing and waving the shirt.

Kira twisted as best she could. "I hate you."

Grimmjow was too busy grinning to pay attention. He was enjoying her discomfort way to much for her liking. He knew she hated cold water and he knew she thought it was cold when her feet touched it and she bent her knees up to get them out.

"Last warning." She said flatly.

"Fuck that." Was the reply. Grimmjow dumped her off his shoulder and right into a wave.

Kira came up with a gasp and her hair plastered over her face. He stood there with his hands on his hips looking very pleased with himself.

The Novena splashed water at him before beginning to trudge back to the beach. Grimmjow grabbed her waist and pulled her back. Kira smiled at this and dug her foot into the sand behind his before twisting her body backwards. She felt her spine on his shoulder and took a breath as the water went over her head again.

When they came up Grimmjow gripped her wrist and growled deeply, his hair dripping with salty water.

"You deserved it, you brute."

He stared her down.

"We can both play the same games. You keep forgetting this." The girl draped her free arm around his shoulder and let a wave wrap around them. "You may be better but I can still make it a bit difficult."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and pressed a hand to her hip.

"Can I have my hand back, please?"

After a sigh he lifted it up over his shoulder and dropped it there to match her other arm.

"Wishful thinking?" She smiled at him. "I don't think you deserve it."

"To hell with deserving it." He pulled her right to him.

Kira ran her fingers through the back of his wet hair. "You're so full of yourself. You're not that great you know."

"Oh, I'm better." He rumbled.


"All the time."

"Lets agree to disagree on this one."

Grimmjow laughed and kissed her. He tasted of salt and water. And then he picked her up by the hips and tossed her backwards into the sea.