Based on some of the events of Sengoku Basara 3 - Slight ~Spoilers~ if you haven't checked on Basara 3 yet - MasamunexYukimura if you squint really, really hard. Or maybe a little

Masamune Date, from the second he heard of Mitsunari Ishida, he hated him.

He hated him as he stared him down in their first duel, single sword unsheathed, single gray eye narrowed.

He hated him as he lay defeated at the precocious bastard's hands.

He hated him as the Eastern general defeated Kojyuro. His Kojyuro, his right eye, who never wavered, never lost.

He hated him because Mitsunari himself was fueled by hatred, and hatred was not supposed to be what a warrior was composed of, what he was supposed to fight for.

But, most of all., the young lord of Oshuu hated Mitsunari Ishida because the leader of the Easter Army stole Yukimura Sanada from him.

Yukimura Sanada, his rival. His irreplaceable rival.

And the silver haired bastard stole him away.

While he and Yukimura had innumerable duels, fierce battles between the two, they had barely had murderous intent towards one another- Kojyuro or Sasuke always stopped them before it got that far. Killing Takeda's greatest general was an after thought. Perhaps it was selfish, self-gratification, the excitement of facing Yukimura that blinded Masamune even more so.

The reality was harsh.

He was allied with the West, and Yukimura with the East. One day, they would fight each other, and this time, one of them would die. One of them would have to carry on without the other. Being rivals had been one thing, but this was an entirely different situation entirely.

"No one is your enemy until you make them," is what he was told after a brief encounter by Musashi Miyamoto. He disregarded the ronin's words entirely. Would he, the great One-Eyed Dragon, really give heed to a masterless samurai's statement?

It was only after a messenger appeared, breathless, announcing the Takeda's alliance with the Eastern Army, that Masamune would fully comprehend what Musashi had meant.

He and Yukimura were no longer rivals, but opposing generals fighting under opposing warlords. For real, this time. There would be no mercy between Ishida and the Tokugawa. Their rivalry had been replaced, and this time, they were enemies.

And Masamune hated Mitsunari because he made it that way.

He was too stubborn to realize that Yukimura was under the pressure of an ailing lord, a struggling army, and the ultimatum of being destroyed or making an alliance. Masamune refused to consider that he was inflaming the situation by allying with the Tokugawa. He just wanted things to be the way they had been.

He would not allow Mitsunari to take Yukimura from him.

He hated him because he already had.

He hated him because he made them enemies.

He hated him because he stole Yukimura Sanada away from him, and pit them against each other.

But most of all, he hated Mitsunari Ishida because he, Masamune Date, had not been strong enough to prevent the alliance, to preserve the bond he had obtained with his greatest and only rival.

And he was only going to lose more than his rivalry in the future.


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I think Masamune would initially be pretty pissed about his rival being taken away. But maybe I'm over analyzing the situation.

Oh, for the record, Musashi's quote came from Takehiko Inue's Vagabond, which is about... Musashi Miyamoto! I thought it fit the situation.

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