Author's note: sorry it took so long! I was just being a bitch and not writing! Now, what you've all been for… CHAPTER TWO! (Don't own DN) P.S. this chapter has some crack in it!


Me: I told you! I'm a bitch!

Matt: my bitch.

Me: growl…

BB: oh God, I'm leaving before this gets worse! (Tries to ignore Matt and Goggles while running from the room)

Ch. 2


Rebecca Jackson lay broken and bleeding on that hardwood floor, air coming laboriously to her lungs. A steel-toe boot in your abdomen does that. With the minimal injuries of two cracked ribs, a bloody nose, and a wide variance of fresh bruises, things could have been a lot worse. "Ready to talk yet love?" BB asked, bending over to examine his handiwork. The young detective lethargically shook her head, waiting for the next onslaught of abuse. "Well I guess thing are about to get interesting," the serial killer said nonchalantly. Rebecca still had her eyes shut tight and her turned towards the floor, so she didn't see when Beyond silently walked up beside her and unbuttoned his jeans.

She gasped as BB pretty much sat on top of her and began taking her clothes off, starting with her shirt. "Are you really willing to go that far? To rape me? You're already facing about ten years for kidnapping and assault." Rebecca whispered naively. BB stopped his current task of jean-removing and stared the younger adult in the eye, "Sweetheart, I'm willing to go as far as it takes. Also it seems that you are t the disadvantage of lacking in the knowledge department as to who I am!" With that happy note, the criminal, yanked off Rebecca's panties and silenced her cry of protest with a passionless kiss.

The young detective was forced to endure the violent, loveless rape, unable to cry out for help or barely even breathe. Two reasons, one, the cracked ribs made respiration difficult and two, beyond Birthdays tongue was halfway down her throat. Tears streamed down the cheeks of the young woman. Losing your virginity unwillingly takes quite a toll on your mental mindset. The unmerciful thrusts of the serial killer were hard enough to leave bruises, not just on Rebecca, but himself as well. (Ask BB if he cares).

This ungodly torture continued for the next ten minutes when BB finally subsided to give his victim time to breathe and answer the question. "Talk." He demanded, unfazed by the gasping, whimpering, helpless woman in front of him. "N-no…" she gasped, her motivation not to let Near down was still strong. Beyond growled, seeing he wasn't getting anywhere with physical tactics. Time to play mind games. He softened his voice and let all the negativity leave the visible emotions that played across his face.

"Rebecca listen," he murmured. Said person begrudgingly looked at her assailant. "This Kira is a murderer. He is killing people for no good reason. You have to tell me what you know so I can help," it all sounded very convincing the way Beyond said it. Like he was genuinely concerned. Rebecca wasn't fooled, "No. Yes, Kira is a murderer and all that, but no you don't want to help. I'm not stupid, so don't treat me like it." Rebecca hissed painfully, completing the restoration of her dignity.

Inside BB fumed, but he wasn't out of ideas yet. "Come on Becca, who are you kidding? What are you gonna do when this case solved, huh? It's not like they're gonna keep you around. They just needed you for this one thing. And what are you, like the coffee girl?" he crooned. Rebecca opened and closed her mouth several times then glanced at Beyond then the ground before saying, "I'm not the coffee girl." BB tried not to smile at her answer. "I mean, that's the whole reason the SPK was created wasn't it? To catch Kira? And only that reason?" Rebecca bit her lower lip, refusing to answer.

This time BB allowed himself a smirk of triumph. The young detective still wouldn't talk, but that was fine. He had planted the seed of doubt I her mind and all he had to do was let it thrive for a few days. And have to be nice. Shit. B left Rebecca to wallow in her misery, he had the munchies.

That can't be true! Rebecca thought fervently. Near promised he would keep the SPK together! But if it wasn't true, then why was she trying so hard to keep the secret? Why was she sacrificing her well-being for the HQ? For Near? She sighed, because she loved the sheep-like albino. Wonderful time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself, Rebecca! She thought acidly. But it was the truth. The first thing she promised herself and Near she would do when she got out of this mess was a confession the younger colleague.

If I even get out of this alive…

Near couldn't sleep that night. He kept tossing and turning, searching the comfort of his stuffed tiger, Muffin. A get-better-present from his favorite strawberry blond when he was in the hospital with every kind of shit that ended in "is". No matter what the albino couldn't fall asleep. He didn't know why but he had a feeling something was wrong. He got out of bed and went to his laptop and turned it on. Going to the "Documents" he opened his files on everyone working at the SPK. He clicked on his favorite nerd (besides L).

He searched her personal history and every other guy she shared a "close relationship" with. Not a long list. Her last boyfriend had been in her junior year of college, and not a long relationship the record showed. Hmm… Near thought. He couldn't help but smile at her picture of her personal file. Big, blue eyes, glasses her Harvard t-shirt, ponytail. He turned off the computer and got back in bed, sighing. He snuggled up with Muffin and a comical thought occurred to him as he played out the scenario of asking Rebecca to go to the movies with him the next day after work, At least I don't have to ask for her number.