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Sirius, James, Remus, and Peter headed to the Great Hall for a late breakfast/early lunch. They would head off to Hogsmeade with the other third, fourth, fifth, six, and seventh years around one in the afternoon. The four friends stumbled into the Great Hall is Muggle clothes and severe cases of bed head. They sat down at the Gryffindor table on the far side of the room and began pulling various plates of food towards themselves. Sirius had kippers and eggs, James indulged in some ham and egg quiche, Peter shoveled down three heavily jellied pieces of toast, and Remus managed some bland porridge; his appetite had yet to return.

After clearing their plates, the third years headed (with considerably more energy) out of the Great Hall and to the outer courtyard where Filtch was reading off (for the billionth time) the names of those with permission to visit the village. He went through the "A's" and arrived at the "B's." "Badman, Lucy, Bams, Marcie, Baxter, Adam, Beckerman, Alice, Binly, Franklin, Black, Regulas, Black, Sirius,…"

Sirius smiled. "That's me, then. See you guys in a bit!" He jogged through the gate that led the way into Hogsmeade, taking special care to shove his younger brother, Regulas.

Flitch continued until he reached the "L's." "Laxly, Davidson, Landon, Samuel, LeFron, Gabi, Leif, Annabel, Lorrey, Mitchell, Lon, Ryan, Lupin, Remus,…"

"I'll see you two soon, then." Remus walked, slightly slower than usual, towards the gate and disappeared down the pathway.

The caretaker rattled out the names and reached "P." "Pan, Aberforth, Pansey, Mara, Parkinson, Ralph, Patil, Marcus, Penns, Jonah, Pepper, Alexandra, Pettigrew, Peter…"

I'll meet you there, James, okay?"

"Yea, all right. In a bit, then."

Filtch continued "Planter, Daniel, Plotts, Maisy, Pinto, Alan, Pirtchmen, Amanda, Podmore, Sturgis, Potter, James…" James shot off towards the dirt road, eager to rejoin his mates. He ran at top speed until he reached the welcoming sight of Hogsmeade village. He slowed to a brisk walk and headed up the main road to the Tree Broomsticks pub, where the friends always met. They ordered their usual Butterbeers to go and waited by the bar for their order. James, being well off, always paid. He handed the server eight silver sickles and the four boys were on their way.

They just walked for a while. They didn't say much; they just enjoyed their weekend off. James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius wandered down the side streets, popped into a few shops and eventually wound up back in the main lane. They meandered over to a bench and squeezed into it. For a while, they just watched the other students go about their business. Remus was sure that James and Sirius were plotting some evil prank to play on the group of Slytherins that had just passed them. But what they did surprised him.

The group included Evan Rosier, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange, and Severus Snape. While James and Sirius normally would have taken any opportunity they got to get Snape and his friends, they merely nodded at each other, as though understanding that they both wanted one weekend without ending up facing the business end of a wand. Remus was impressed. His friends rarely showed this much restraint. Peter, however, didn't even seem to notice. He seemed completely out of it. Sirius noticed this as well.

"Hello? Earth to Pete! Anyone home?" he asked knocking on Peter's skull. Peter started and yelped.

"Ow! Sirius I'm here! Stop bashing my skull already!" Sirius smirked and mockingly scolded the boy for daydreaming. It was nearly three and they would have to be getting back to the castle soon. The quad decided to split up and meet later. James and Peter went to check out Zonko's Joke Shop while Sirius and Remus went to the Shrieking Shack.

The two boys reached the fence surrounding the house, nursing the remainder of their Butterbeers. They stopped and gazed at the now silent building. Sirius remember the book's passage on werewolf transformations and then thought of Remus in all that pain, screaming so loudly that the entire village could hear him. "I'll never look at it the same," said Sirius with a tinge of sadness in his voice. Remus glanced at his friend and sighed. "Neither will I, Sirius. Neither will I."