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My happiness

I have never had anyone close to me.


Not even my twin brother, Kouichi or my own mother.

No one.

No one wants to.

No one wants a cold-hearted, self centered, stubborn little boy like me.

But I never cared at all.

I never cared for any of them to become something precious to me in life.


But luckily, I haved changed for the better.

Now I'm not the self centered boy every knew and despised.

I'm not the one who everyone thought I was gonna die miserable and alone.

I am no longer a hater nor hated.

I am now loved beyond belief and now a lover.

I am now happy with my life with my husband and unborned twins.

It may have not been easy for him but he never gave up and now I will happily spend my life with him.

And as long as I'm with Takuya, I know for sure nothing will ruin or stop my happiness.

~The end~

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