Silent love

Author's note: I do not own Prince of Tennis. This is a tragedy between Ryoma and Sakuno. It's my first time writing a fanfiction so please be easy on me ^_^.

I apologize for my grammatical errors and also, I'm not exactly the best writer so I tried the best I could to make it a great story. Enjoy!


"Have you heard of a story, about lucky star? It is a place, a place call lucky star!"

It has a code, a unique special hand gesture that form a star that no one knew except for one person.

It was said that those who have loved us, the ones that have left us, will learn of how much we misses them and then...they will bless us. It was what he once told her.

At the age of 25 years old, her slender body made her way to the tennis court as she pass her old middle school ground. It was still the same, nothing was changed. It was still the same old tennis court that she had once again long to see the young boy who wield the tennis racket so beautifully with gracefulness.

Her rusty eyes linger at the tennis count a little longer before she made her way to the rooftop. She once shared a special hideout with a young boy there. At the rooftop, there was a specific red brick on the wall of the building by the door that no one knew about. She pull that brick out and inside laid many letters that was exchanged between them. She smiled. It wasn't just a simple sad smile but a happy one. She look at the sky. Today was a nice day, no cloud or gloomy was so clear and blue.

Every time I look at the sky, I remember the young boy whom I can never seem to forget. She put her hand together toward the sky and made a star that was taught by that boy she once knew.

It was he, who had gave me the best memories of my life...