SSB: Civil War

Summary: One day in Smash City, President Marvin Bowman announces that Congress has proposed a brand new registration law in which all Smash Bros, both past and present, are required to sign with the government or risk being put in prison. When the new law goes into passage, the Smash Bros are thus divided into two separate groups, one which chooses to comply with the law, and another who opposes it. This chain of events causes the beginning of an epic Civil War. Which side will win this dramatic conflict? See and find out.

Disclaimer: All rights to Super Smash Brothers belong exclusively to Nintendo.

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Note: Features special guest appearances by characters not included in the SSB franchise, both heroes and villains alike.

Chapter 1

The New Law

"Attention all Smashers, report to the conference room immediately." said Master Hand over the intercom.

Pretty soon, all the Smashers in Smash Mansion gathered in the conference room.

"Well, we're here, so what's the occasion?" Sonic asked.

"Listen up everyone, the President of Smash City has requested our presence at the White House for a very important speech regarding a new law being suggested by the Congress. I'm not quite sure what this law is, but I do know that if there's a possible chance that it might go active, it will bring with it unknown consequences that we could never see coming." Master Hand said.

"Interesting, so when do we leave for the White House?" asked Charizard (Quick note: all the pokemon smashers in this story can talk in english dialogue).

"We leave in about two hours, that is all I can say at this moment, dismissed." Master Hand said as he left the room.

"What do you guys think this law might be?" Link asked.

"I don't know, but to be honest, I don't really like the sound of it being mentioned." Lucario answered.

"Neither do I." Ness agreed.

"Either way, we should wait until we get to the White House so we can hear what the President has to say about it, whatever it is, we need to be prepared for it." Mario said.

"Mario's right, we have to make sure that this speech won't be some sort of set up" Sonic said.

"A set up, what are you talking about Sonic?" Yoshi asked.

"Trust me on this Yoshi, just think, this whole speech that the President is giving out, like what if this so-called law Master Hand told us about, turned out to be a law which would label us all as fugitives or criminals, we'd be on the run from the police, with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. We'd get arrested and put in the big house or worse, we would be sentenced to life in prison, or possibly execution. As far as I'm concerned, I don't believe any of us would be able to endure that kind of punishment whatsoever." Sonic explained.

"I hate to say it, but I think Sonic's got a point to all this." Ness said.

"Maybe so, but still, we just have to wait for a while until then." Mario said.

"I have a very bad feeling about this." Mewtwo said quietly.

2 hours later at the White House...

"Citizens of Smash City, I, President Bowman, have called this very important gathering in order to discuss certain matters that need to be dealed with, starting with showing how much we all respect the Super Smash Bros. for their hard work in protecting our beloved city from harm everyday of each week." He said.

Everyone in the crowd began cheering for the Smashers, who were also among the crowd.

"I just love being appreciated by the public." Sonic said.

"If I may continue, so far, everything in this city has been at full potential, without any problem. All of our laws are as simple as they were when Congress first put them into effect, however, I have some very urgent news for all of you." said the President.

"Uh oh, here it comes everybody, the big one." Mario said.

"From what I've recently heard, Congress is discussing the possibility of starting a new registration policy, which would require the Smash Bros. to register with the government, working as legal agents. Those who do not comply with the law will be arrested for rebellion." He explained.

There were gasps of shock that came from among the crowd, including the Smashers.

"Registration policy, that's what this law is?" Yoshi asked.

"Yes, and I know it came as a bit of a shock to you all, to be specific, I myself was also shocked at hearing about such a law like this one, it just sounded so inferior, just thinking about it made me feel appalled." Marvin admitted.

"So let me get this straight, what you're saying is that the Congress believes that this city needs our protection more than ever because of the Subspace Emissary incident, that they're willing to pass a registration policy as a law just to force us into working with the government, I find that to be very disapproving." Charizard said.

"Yes Charizard, I know you're a little upset about this, but I'm only saying what has to be said." Marvin replied.

"But you do realize that this whole registration gig just doesn't seem to suit us very well. To state my opinion, I don't believe registration is the key to keeping the citizens safer, for all I know, it could tear us completely down the middle, and it may have consequences that we couldn't anticipate." Sonic said.

"Sonic's got a point, this policy that Congress is trying to put into law is just completely unethical." Samus admitted.

"Which is why you need to talk Congress into canceling the process of making this registration act legal, you are the president after all." Mario stated.

"I know that Mario, but I'm afraid that the Congress is very serious about the decisions they make, and this act is one of them." the President said.

"I don't know if this so-called registration you speak of is of my interests, it sounds like a violation of our civil rights, and therefore I will not stoop down to that level of stupidity and inferiority." Mewtwo stated crossing his arms.

"I understand your resentment of this Mewtwo, but the law is the law, even as a president, I can't assure you that it will be easy to end it." He stated.

Later on back at the mansion...

Yoshi was currently walking down the hallway of the mansion, pondering about what happened earlier.

"Boy, the president sure wasn't lying when he said it would come as a shock to us, I got a feeling that things might turn worse if this registration bill becomes official, it just might tear us all down the middle just like Sonic said, it just wouldn't be the same anymore." Yoshi said to himself.

As he walked on, he saw Charizard standing out on the balcony of his room. Wondering what was up, Yoshi walked onto the balcony and stood next to him.

"Hey Charizard, what are you thinking about?" Yoshi asked.

"Nothing much, I just got a lot things on my mind, most of them have to do with the registration thing." Charizard said.

"You're really thinking hard about this aren't you?" Yoshi asked again.

"Of course, isn't everyone?" Charizard asked.

"Actually, I've been thinking about it too, and I can honestly say that sometimes things just aren't all they're cracked up to be." Yoshi admitted.

"Thanks, at least someone agrees with me on this." Charizard said.

"I'm glad I do agree with you." Yoshi said.

"By the way, have you noticed how Sonic's been acting since we got back to the mansion, he's not acting like he normally does." Charizard said.

"You've got a point, he was behaving really weird and whatnot, it was like he was planning something, but what?" Yoshi wondered.

"I'm not sure, but if it's got anything to do with registration, I don't like it." Charizard assured him.

"Neither do I, to tell the truth, I never did trust Sonic when he first came here." Yoshi said.

Meanwhile in the living room of the mansion...

"So you think they might go forward with this registration bill?" Sonic asked.

"I hope not, the last thing I want to do is spend my time being ordered around by the government because of some registration stuff." Mario replied.

"I agree, this whole thing was bad from the very moment we found out about it." Sonic said.

"My thoughts exactly Sonic." Mario agreed.

But if I may add in, it may sound like it's bad to you, but me on the other hand, I have my reasons." Sonic said.

"Your reasons, what are you talking about?" Mario asked in confusion.

"Gimme some credit Mario, being the way we you are now doesn't really become you for nothing, if you know what I mean." Sonic stated.

"Wait a minute, you almost sound like you agree with this, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you actually want this to happen." Mario pointed out.

"I'm trying to be civil about this, just try to understand what I'm saying. Don't you see what's going on here. If this bill goes into passage, then all it would take is just one screw up from any of us, and we could be lucky if they don't try to arrest us or something. I can just imagine it now, the police would hunt down, capture us, or even worse that I can't even say it." Sonic said.

"That's not gonna happen, not on my watch." Mario said as he got up from the couch and walked away.

"You know, initially I thought that this registration thing would be a bad idea, but I got a feeling that maybe it might not be so bad." Sonic thought.

"If those Congressman think this registration bill is a good idea, then they're way in over their heads, it's nothing but an inferior law, and I won't stand for it." Mario thought as he continued walking.

However, little did the two Smashers know that things were about to change sooner or later.

3 days later...

" And so after some further discussion and certain objections against this, Congress has now passed the Registration Bill as an official law, which may have came as a shock to the public, but more importantly, now the time has come for the Smash Brothers to come forth and register to keep our city more safer, the government really looks forward to working with our heroes." said the news reporter on television.

I can't believe it, I can't believe they actually went through with it, I thought the President was gonna convince the Congress to put off this registration." Fox said.

"Apparently he went back on his promise." Lucario said.

"This is ridiculous, I hate it when things don't go our way." Luigi agreed.

"Actually, registering doesn't sound bad at all." Falco said.

Falco's statement earned him surprised stares from some of the others.

"What?" Falco asked.

"Did you hear yourself speak, you actually like this law?" Fox asked.

"Yeah, I don't see what's so bad about it, it looks like a good idea to me." Falco said.

"You must have been dropped on your head when you were little, this registration bill is a threat to our community." Fox said crossing his arms.

"Well you listen here smart guy, I don't give a care whether you like it or not, registering with the government is what I wanna do, and if you can't respect that, then that's your opinion, not mine." Falco retorted walking off.

"Hmph, selfish bird." Fox said walking in the opposite direction.

"This really bites, why should we have to work with the government if we don't want to, that's just forceful." Kirby said.

"Well we better get ready, I just heard from Master Hand that the President is waiting for us at the fifth floor of this newly built 50 story tower." said Roy who just walked in.

"And I sense that there are some guards with him as well." Mewtwo said.

"I don't know about this, what if things don't go well?" Young Link asked.

"I'm not so sure about that, but I got a feeling that we'll find out soon enough." Bowser said.

Later on...

The Smashers were all gathered at the 5th floor of the tower, which was named Smash Tower in their honor by the President. They were all standing in a group directly at the sign-up desk.

"I am so glad that you all made the decision to come and register." President Bowman said happily.

"Of course, so anyway, since you named this whole tower in our honor, what exactly does that mean?" Sonic asked curiously.

"It means that once you register, you're officially allowed to live here and use this place as your main headquarters." the President informed him.

"Wow, let me at those papers, this is a place I wanna live in." Sonic said excitedly as he walked up and signed the paper.

"Count me in!" Link said signing as well.

Pretty soon, Toon Link signed up next.

Then Samus signed up.

Afterwards Ike signed up, along with Roy.

"I'd like a chance at this." Pikachu said as he signed.

"Heck, I'll give it a shot myself." Bowser said signing his name.

"I'm right behind you." Ganondorf agreed signing his own name.

"I think I'm gonna like this place." Pichu said wasting no time in signing.

"Here goes nothing." King Dedede said as he signed the paper.

Pretty soon, Pit, Jigglypuff, the Ice Climbers, Zelda, Ness, Lucas,Mr Game & Watch, Falco, Captain Falcon,Wolf, Wario,Pokemon Trainer, Ivysaur, and Olimar all signed the paper. Mario and the rest of the Smashers simply stood there, not saying one word.

"Well what are you all standing around for, aren't you going to register?" asked the President.

"No." Mario refused.

"What did you just say?" asked the President.

"You heard me, no." Mario said.

"And why is that?" Falco asked crossing his arms.

"You're asking me to do something that I have no interest in, I prefer to work on my own rights, not being told what to do by the government because of some stupid law. I specifically asked you to talk to the Congress about canceling this registration, but did you, no, you chose to comply with it, and therefore I refuse to register with what I believe is an unnecessary law." Mario said.

"Look Mario, I originally felt opposed to this registration myself, but then I got to thinking, and I decided that this is the right thing to do, and I was hoping you'd feel the same way, but I guess I was wrong to think that." Sonic said.

"Save it, this is completely insane, I won't do it." Mario said.

"Now Mario, think about what you're doing, this is not called for." the President said.

"Don't you dare play games with me Marvin, this law does nothing more than violate our civil rights, and I'm not gonna take it anymore." Mario said.

It was at this moment the President decided that he had enough of this.

"Men, take him down." He commanded.

All the guards in the room began firing at Mario, who jumped out of the way, grabbing a large metal plate and using it to shield himself from the gunshots. Afterwards, in a surprising manner, Mario tossed the plate at them like a boomerang, knocking the weapons out of their hands. One guard grabbed Mario from behind, but the plumber threw him over his head, sending him crashing into the other guards. Mario then jumped in the air, kicking a guard in the face, knocking him out.

"MARIO STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY." the President yelled.

But Mario refused to listen as he continued beating up the guards that surrounded him, punching out two of them while kicking another in the stomach. He then rammed his way through several more guards, heading towards the windows.

"Stop him, don't let him escape." the President commanded.

But they were too late as Mario jumped out one of the glass windows of the 5th floor, breaking the glass as he free fell from five stories, landing safely on the ground. He then took off running.

"Curse you Mario, we just wanted to make the city safer." Sonic muttered to himself.

The president then turned his attention towards the other unregistered Smashers.

"What's it gonna be, registration or prison?" the President asked them angrily.

"I choose to follow Mario's example so I refuse to be apart of this law." Yoshi said.

"I knew all along Sonic was planning to register, and I'm not going to stoop to his level of treachery." Charizard said.

"Who are you to call me a traitor, you're the ones who didn't register." Sonic accused him.



"Enough, let's get outta here, this is just humiliating." Luigi said.

The unregistered Smashers then made a run for the hallway.

"Attention to all guards, rogue smashers are on the loose, they must be stopped at once, repeat, they must be stopped at once, sound the alarms, this is not a drill" said the president over the intercom.

As the unregistered Smashers ran down the hallway, the guards were in hot pursuit of them.

"They're gaining on us, we gotta stop them, but how?" Peach wondered.

"Wait a minute, I've got an idea, Mewtwo, Lucario, you think you can slow them down?" Yoshi asked them.

"No problem." Mewtwo said.

While still running, Mewtwo quickly turned around and fired a Shadow Ball while Lucario fired an Aura Sphere. The two balls suddenly merged together into one large ball of energy which struck the guards, knocking them out cold.

Uh oh, looks like we got more company." Charizard said as he noticed a large group of guards blocking their path.

" I've got this, I know how to deal with these guys." Yoshi said as he jumped up, incasing himself inside an egg. He then rolled down the hallway, knocking over the guards like bowling pins.

Squirtle tucked himself inside his shell and slid on the floor, tripping the next group of guards in their way. Charizard used his large size and great strength to bash his way through more guards with no trouble at all.

Luigi beat up the last remaining guards that tried to apprehend him, throwing several of them into each other while punching three other guards.

Young Link threw his boomerang with great force, knocking several guards off their feet while Kirby used his hammer to bat away the guards that had him surrounded.

After beating down more guards on the lower floors, Yoshi and the others eventually made it to the main exit and rushed out the doors.

Later back at the mansion...

"Whoo, that was a close one, we were lucky to make it out of there alive." Yoshi said.

"At least we finally got away, no doubt about it." Young Link said.

" I can't believe the others actually chose to register, especially Falco, and to think after all these years, I was friends with him." Fox said.

"Uh, did anyone happen to notice that Snake didn't come with us to the tower earlier?" Peach asked.

"Come to think of it, I didn't even see him anywhere around the mansion when we got back here." Luigi said.

"You think he might have bailed out?" Kirby asked.

"I don't know, but wherever he went, he's probably gone into hiding." Young Link said.

"Maybe so, but that doesn't matter now, what matters is that we managed to avoid getting arrested, even though half the city has now turned against us because we rebelled against registration, but I do know that there are some citizens who feel the same way we do about this registration law." Yoshi explained.

"I hate to say this, but I do believe that we've been thrusted into some sort of war, I can't put my finger on it, but I am sure about it." Fox said.

"It's not just some war we're in, I think we've been forced into a "Civil War" of some kind." Squirtle mentioned.

"Well then, if it's a "Civil War" they want, then it's a war they'll get." Mario informed them.

"Yes, Sonic and his crew will never know what hit them." Lucario said.

"If they try to pull any fast ones, we'll be ready for them." Kirby said.

Well everyone, here's the first chapter of my eleventh story.

For those of you wondering how I came up with this story, I was actually inspired by the "Civil War" story from the Marvel comics, just like Super Shadowsonic was.

Speaking of which, I'd like to thank Super Shadowsonic for encouraging me to write this, if it weren't for his "Civil Dispute" story, I never would have made this story.

Thank you Super Shadowsonic for your encouragement, I never would have done this without your help. I really appreciate it.

Later everybody.