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"No no no no" I fumed as I walked around the store. "Why did I let him kiss me?"

"Bella?" A male voice asked pulling me out from my mini hysteria. "Here's your check" My uncle said as he handed me a blue piece a paper with my name on it.

"Thanks" I said and grabbed my bag and quickly left the mall. Walking home would calm my nerves, it usually woked but everytime I felt at ease the image of Edward kissing me flew back in to mind.

His lips pushing againts mine, his arms holding me tight and I felt angry for making me feel like I could love. "There is no such thing" I growled to myself.

Suddenly a beep made me jump and I stared at a black car slow down beside me. As the window rolled down I saw Johan flash his enchanting smile. "Johan" I said surprise.

"Want a ride?" He asked. The strong scent of his car intoxicated me making my heart pound loudly and my knees to tremble.

"Yes" I whispered and got in his car. The car was dark and and clean and then I looked at his eyes as he smirked at me.

"Where to?" He asked.

"Um 73rd street" I said pointing ahead of the road. Before I knew it we were on the run and I watch as the trees flash beside us.

I watched as the meter went up to 100 and then I felt scared. I felt unsafe. Johan notice where I was looking and placed his hand on my leg, right where my skirt ended, sending unpleasent shivers through my whole body. "Trust in me" He said.

I breath in deeply but I didn't feel any better until the car came to a stop in front of my house. "Thank you Johan" I said as I unlocked the car but he locked it again. Once again I felt in danger and I couldn't bring myself to look at him. I felt how his hand slipped between my legs and touched me where I had never been touched. I gasp surprised as he chuckled near my ear, his breath touching my neck. With his other had he moved my face and kissed me roughly, while his hand went down my shirt touching my breast from under my bra.

I couldn't move, my body was frozen and then he stopped and looked at me. "I'll see you tomorrow" He said and unlocked my door, taking away his hands from me. I got out of the car without saying a word and walked to my room, in shocked.


The next day passed quite quickly. The whole day had been weird, I didn't myself, I felt wrong in my own skin. I felt like a zombie, like I was dirty and it was a dirty that was inside me, one I couldn't wash off.

As I leaned againts the counter in my uncles store I relived over and over the night before. I could feel his hand touching vividly making me shiver with displeasure. "Bella" Someone said shaking me gently.

I gaze at Jacob, who looked down at me with worried eyes. "Bella" he repeated but my lips didn't move, I just stared. "What's wrong Bella?" He asked softly as he gently stroke my cheek. It was then I felt tears running down my cheeks.

"Hug me Jacob" I whispered. He didn't have to be told twice. There he was beside me, hugging me tigthly. He sushed as I cried in his arms.

"Don't leave me Jacob... Don't leave me" I chanted.

"I'm here Bella" He said as he kissed the top of my head.

After a couple of minutes he left me alone, but I was better now. I felt half empty, but not completely full. At that moment Edward passed by and our eyes met. He stared and walked away. I yerned him, I needed some of him. I knew where he was. I jumped off the stool and went the backdoor and just like the last time, Edward was there, this time waiting for me. There were no words. As soon as I was at his side he's lips dipped into mine.

The rush of his kisses made me whole again, I felt like Bella again. As we parted away, he looked into my eyes looking for answers I wasn't ready to face. "Thanks" I said and walked away.

When I came back to the store, Johan was stading there, talking to my uncle and I felt unsafe again. "Bella, you're boyfriend came to pick you up" My uncle said happily as Johan smirked.

"Come on Bells" He said as he streched his hand towards me. My bag layed on his other arm, so I gave him my hand and he dragged me away. He opened the door of the car for me, throwing my bag in the back. "Come on" He said.

"I need to be home" I said as I remembered my father telling me that I had to be home early that night.

"It won't take long" He smirked. Afraid I sat in and he got in after me. He position himself ontop of me and began touching me. I closed my eyes, trying to avoide but suddenly I felt his hard grin on my jaw. "Look at me!" He yelled making me whimper softly. "Look at me" He said again and kissed me softly.

His toungue explored my whole body but he stopped just in time. He changed himself to his seat and order me to touch him as he drove me back. This time, the drive seemed to never come to a end. All I wanted was to get home and go to sleep and wake up to another life but I knew it wasn't posible.

When we got home, he kissed me once again and drove away as soon as I closed the door. "Im home" I said.

"Bella come here" My father yelled from the kitchen. I dragged myself towards the kitchen. There my father sat in the kitchen and infront of him sat a girl. Pale with brown long hair but I couldn't see her face.

"Bella this is..."


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