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This story takes place after episode 1x7, Greeks Bearing Gifts. Wherein Tosh gets a device that allows her to read thoughts.

Psychic Training

Tosh looked sadly at Ianto, she didn't know how much pain he was still in having lost Lisa. All those painful thoughts reminded Tosh of why she never wanted to be psychic again. Ianto glanced over at Tosh as if he felt her own glances at him as he carried coffee to his co-workers. He stopped at her desk and gently laid down the tray next to her keyboard.

"I think we need to talk," Ianto said softly to her. Tosh nodded and rose to join Ianto as they wandered off to the vacant conference room, away from any curious glances the other might have had.

"I am so sorry, Ianto," Tosh burst out after they had both sat down. "I thought you were better, I really thought so, especially after you saved me from the cannibals. And then-"

"Tosh. Stop," Ianto gently placed his hand over her mouth for a moment to stop her babbling. "I think I need to explain something. There's a lot about Torchwood 1 you don't know. Torchwood 3 doesn't follow the same policies and procedures as 1 did. And after what happened there I agree with a lot of those changes, but not all. I think the psychic training was something that was helpful."


"All Torchwood 1 employees undergo psychic training, it's to help prevent aliens from messing with us or accessing information we might have. With mandatory refresher courses every 3 months. I was actually about a month away from taking a refresher when the Battle of Canary Wharf happened. I stopped practicing and maintaining my shields since I was so busy trying to help Lisa. My shields were there, but weakened day by day."

"So that's why I could read your mind?"

"No. … When Lisa… When she died, my shields shattered, my thoughts at those moments sort of echoed around whenever I wasn't focusing on something. I hadn't realized until I knew you'd read my thoughts, after Mary was gone. I checked my shields and saw how much damage I'd done in my own mind," Ianto sighed softly. "I still hurt in missing Lisa, but I am getting better. My thoughts might not be the best but they aren't that depressing. I'm going to make time everyday to work on repairing my shields. If I'd maintained my training you would have had trouble reading my mind and I probably would have known you were there."

"Oh. … Like Jack."

"Maybe. So, I'm sorry too."


A silence fell between them and Ianto eventually rose to return to work, right before he opened the door Tosh spoke again.


Ianto turned back, his hand resting on the doorknob, "Yeah?"

"Will you teach me how to make shields of my own?"

Ianto smiled at Tosh, "It would be my pleasure."

He turned back, opened the door and left a smiling Tosh behind him.



My first non crossover Torchwood Fic! It always bugged me that Torchwood (the show) didn't take advantage of the history Ianto must have had being at Torchwood 1 and a couple of story points bug me since it seems to contradict what we know of 1. This is the first story I've written trying to explain those contradictions.