So here we go! I read the book Beastly recently and LOVED it. It was reading that, that I got the idea for this fanfic, since I kept picturing the guy looking like Gill :P I hope you like it!

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It was to be the party of the century. Anyone who was anyone would be there.

All of the shops were closed down at the mayor's demand, and no one dared to object, out of fear of having their shops closed down for good.

The church grounds were adorned with twinkly lights of every color, and the edges laced with velvet trim.

The young women of the island had flowing gowns made in attempts to be noticed, and the men had suits and tuxedos of the finest materials. The island community was pulling out all the stops for Gill's 19th birthday party.

It was expected after all, for he was the mayor's son, the richest, and one of the best looking guys on the island. His outlook on life consisted of him receiving anything and everything his heart desired.

The ladies of the island were constantly fighting for his attention and wealth. There always seemed to be a girl on his arm.

As the date of the celebration grew closer, the town got more and more panicked. The last thing you wanted to do was piss off Gill.

Everyone on the island had a job for the event, from preparing the food and decorating the church grounds, to creating a humongous statue of Gill himself! Luna's job for the evening was, as quoted, "Look as hot as you can manage. I don't want an unattractive date." When she first found out she was thrilled, but after the countless early morning jogs, diet shakes, and eyebrow pluckings, she was just as fed up as everyone else.

Ever since Gill turned 16 his father had basically given him control over whatever he wanted, so every year he got the whole island to throw him a huge party.

His 19th birthday party; however, would be the most memorable yet.

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