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The following days went by in a sort of blur. I would wake up to her alarm every. Single. Morning. At 6 o'clock, and then just sit around in her tub until she got home. There wasn't anything for me to really do except to stress out about what the fuck I was going to say to her when she got home. The funny part was that I never really had to say anything. Every day she came home she would prattle on about the gossip around the Island. Things like how Jin had finally proposed to Anissa, Luke and Selena were back on, and all of the Garmon Mine District was complaining about Kathy and Owen being too loud after their drinking contests at the bar.

Some things never change, I suppose.

But sometimes we had the most amazing conversations. She would tell me stories about her time in college, and how she loved the cities that she's lived in even though she thinks she's more of a small-town-girl. She talked about her family, and how much she missed her little brothers. Even about how terrified she had been to travel to this remote island and start a farm, but that she was so glad that she did. And sometimes we would get each other laughing to hard we'd cry...

Her laugh could melt my heart

And we did this almost everyday. Obviously there were days that she couldn't spend all of her time with me, and it was fine.

Regardless, it gave me a long time to come up with a cover for my...current state.

I had a lot of different ideas.

The first story I'd come up with was that I was a former prince of the illustrious underwater kingdom known as Atlantis. All my life things had been handed to me, and I had never wanted anything that I couldn't have. And if that wasn't enough, I was also the favorite among the kingdom to assume the crown after my father. I was also well known around the kingdom for being the top student among my siblings through our private tutoring sessions. Ya...and then when all was about to be mine..I was overpowered, by of my brother's secret service members, knocked unconscious, and taken to this remote island..

But why would she love the loser brother? The egotistical maniac that got too power hungry for his own siblings to tolerate. The spoiled brat. It scared me, because I realized how embarrassed I was of my own past.

So that one was out.

My second idea was to tell her how I had been a thrill seeking explorer. Girls love explorers, don't they? I would tell her about how I had been on my riskiest expedition yet. I was going to explore the surrounding islands, and try to discover why the elements had been diminishing. On a stormy night, I was trying to find a place to land, but could only find rocky waters, and we were eventually taken out by the waves. Before dying, a mermaid found me and gave me the ability to breath underwater so she could save my life. Unfortunately it went horribly wrong, and I became something too hideous for even her to look at, so she abandoned me.

I couldn't do this one either. Maybe because it hit too close to home. Even though I would look like a heroic victim, it was way too real when I thought of telling her about how abandoned I felt. I didn't want her pity, no matter how much I craved her attention.

No. I wanted her to love me because of who she saw. There's no way I could tell her some made up story, but I also couldn't tell her what life I had lead. If I did that, how would she ever love me? I wouldn't even love someone as self-centered as myself.


It wasn't out of the ordinary for me to doze off during the day. It wasn't like I really had anything to do. A lot of the time I would wake up when I heard the ground crunch under someone's feet outside. I had grown accustomed to the silence of the ocean that any little sound woke me up instantly. It was sort of lucky in a way, because then no one could sneak up when I was there alone, and if they knocked on the door or peaked in the window I could hide first... Molly and I figured that the best way to do this was to throw a tarp over the tub since the story was that it was broken anyway.

Anyway, it was just another day when I awoke to the sound of someone running outside. It wasn't a panicked run, but an excited run...almost a skip.

Molly flung the door open and looked at me with a big smile. "Hey!" she beamed. There was a brown bag in her hands.

Seeing her was always a little scary. It was scary because, well, I never really knew what she was going to do. Even when she was asleep, she could freak me out by talking. But she also scared me in a good way...I think.

I smiled. I couldn't help it, "Hey," I couldn't get her smile out of my mind.

"Guess what I got today?!" She teased, holding her bag up.

"I don't know, you tell me." I replied, sticking my tongue out at her.

She gasped, "That is no way to treat someone who just went to the bar and got their famous tomato risotto!" She set the bag down on her counter and pulled out a huge styrofoam to-go box. She opened it and the house immediately smelled of tomato sauce and pasta. It was incredible.

I took a deep breath and sighed. "I really do miss the smell of Chase's cooking." Molly froze as he scooped the pasta onto a plate.

"...How do you know that Chase is the cook?" Molly asked, still facing away from me, suddenly frozen.

How the hell do I explain that?! I thought she'd mentioned him! Crap!

I tried to play it cool, "I've heard people talking when they walk by, Molly. I have a pretty good idea who's who now. And you've told me plenty ab-"

"But I've never mentioned Chase before. Someone really walked by saying, 'Oh hey, that Chase is a pretty good cook that works at the bar!' That doesn't make any sense!" She sort of yelled. I couldn't blame her. The story was total bullshit.

"How else would I know that, Molly? It's not like I can go anywhere." I tried to look defenseless. I tried to rely on the fact that there really was no other way that could even be possible. Except for what the actual reason was, which she had no idea about.

I saw her shoulders rise and fall as she took a deep breath and continued to scoop the risotto onto the two plates, "I guess you're right. I'm sorry, that wasn't fair of me." She turned to me with an apologetic smile on her face, "I mean, I'm the only person you see all day. It's gotta get lonely, and it's not cool of me to freak like that." She handed me my plate and I smiled back at her.

You're the only person I'll ever need.

I sensed that this topic was far from over. I knew that if I ever slipped up like that again...I don't know, something bad would happen. It really didn't even make sense for her to be so suddenly okay with it, but I couldn't think of anything that she could do to figure it out.

Man, was I wrong.

"Don't worry about it. I'd be freaked out if I were in your shoes too." I shrugged my shoulders and started eating. Molly smiled, shook her head, and sat down to eat.

I really did miss Chase's cooking. I missed his perfection and attention to detail.

This made me wonder. What was going to happen if I got this curse broken? Would I be able to go about my life? Would I be able to go and see my friends? My father? What about my job? Would I be able to be Mayor?

What about Molly?

What if this whole situation impacted her? Would they think she had something to to do with it? Would they call her a witch?

I couldn't think of it. I couldn't imagine the idea of her not being here. She had become so important in such a short amount time, but I couldn't picture a world without Molly.

My risotto suddenly tasted sour.


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