"And you guys think my games are stupid!" Sweets mocked, a priceless smile stretching across his face.

They ignored him, staring into each other's eyes, smiling, instead of giving him credit.

"And the whole pie thing? Yeah! Dead on! I am so right!"

Ignored again.

"So when are you going to tell Angela?" Sweets asked, and finally got their attention.

They looked at him, then back at each other. An understanding came to them, without words.

Booth turned towards Sweets, "We aren't telling Angela."

"W-what?" Sweets jaw dropped, but then he got an idea- standing up, with a purpose, feeling it was his authority, "Then I'll tell her. In fact, I'm telling everyone."

"And what are you going to tell them, Sweets?" Brennan asked, seemingly innocently.

"That you guys love each other. That I was right, that you admitted it, in my office." Sweets explained, getting excited just thinking about the way Angela would screech, and then the whole Lab and all of D.C would know.

"Whoa, Sweets," Booth got up, and pushed me back down into my shrink sheet, "Simmer down, there boy."

"What Booth means," Brennan cut in, "Is you are not permitted to tell anyone out side of this room. You are sealed by confidentiality." She reminded him, a little too happily.

Sweets looked to Booth for support, but he just shrugged, "That is one screech D.C doesn't need to hear, man. Too many people would have to die. Trust me, Doctor Sweets, this is for the greater good."

"Thai Food?" Brennan asked, looking at her watch, and then back to Booth, who winked.

"Of course."

"Hey, wait, this session isn't over!" Sweets called as Booth's hand rested on Brennan's lower back, guiding her toward door.

There were no complaints from the doctor about Booth's Alpha Male Tendencies.

They ignored him.

"We aren't finished!" Sweets insisted, and they turned back toward him.

"But we're together- wasn't that the point of these sessions, anyway?"

With that they were gone.