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A New Era

"Amu wake up you're going to be late for school," her mom shouted from down stairs. Amu sat up and started rubbing her eyes. She glanced at the clock beside her bed to see that the time was 7:35 A.M. Quickly she got up to wash her face and do her hair. She grabbed her favorite hair tie (a red X) and tied part of it to the right side of her head so that it cascaded down. Five minutes later she ran down the stairs fully dressed and grabbed a piece of toast that her mom made for her.

"I can't believe our daughter is going to be in middle school today," her dad said while crying. He always had his camera with him and today was no exception he took some pictures of her in her new uniform. The skirt was plain lavender; on top she had a white collared shirt with a black jacket on top of it.

"Sorry honey I tried to wake you up earlier, but you didn't respond," her mother said giving Amu a hug. Amu gave her a hug back and also gave on to her worried dad.

"Sorry mom and dad, but I got to leave or I really will be late!" Amu ran out the house waving good-bye to her family. Her sister Ami was going to be in first grade this year and she was happy for her.

Amu made it inside the gates just before the bell started to ring. "Yes I made it on time," Amu thought to herself. She took a bite of her toast and walked up to the front were the classes were listed. She saw Tadase, Rima, and Nagihiko looking for their class and decided to join them. "Hey guys what's up," Amu said giving Rima a hug.

"Amu you're here," Rima replied.

"Hinamori-san how are you," Tadase asked a bit shyly.

Amu started pouting and replied, "Why are you being so formal Tadase? We are friends aren't we?" Nagihiko was chuckling and Rima was grinning at the scene before them.

"Aw give Tadase a break he is getting embarrassed," Kukai said putting his arm around Amu.

"Well isn't it the old jack chair? How are you," Nagihiko asked.

"I am fine just wondering how Yaya is taking to being the only guardian from our old group," Kukai answered pulling back his hair.

"She seemed a bit sad when I talked to her yesterday, but then she remembered she is going to be queen then told me not to worry," Amu said smiling sadly.

"I know lets go visit her after school is over," Rima responded. The bell started to ring and students dashed off looking for their classes.

"Well seems like we will have to finish talking at lunch," Kukai said walking off.

Nagihiko and Amu were in class C-2 while Rima and Tadase were in class C-3 it was a weird combination Amu thought to herself. Her teacher looked rather young and new to the field. He had silver hair that touched his ears and covered bits of his eyes plus he wore his shirt with the top button open. If you asked her she would've said he was the handsome type, but too promiscuous for her.

"Hello class! My name is Kane and I am 25 years old. Yes this is my first year teaching so be kind to me," he said with a smile. He glanced at the whole class before saying, "I know we are going to have a fun year together plus I want to hold several class field trips," he said winking at the class. The students' expressions changed from dull to excitement.

"Can you believe he wants to go to the water park with us this Saturday," Nagihiko asked Amu on the way to lunch.

"No not really. Are teachers even aloud to do this kind of stuff with their students though," Amu asked concerned. They found Kukai sitting at a table with some sporty kids most were guys, but there was two girls at the table. "Hey Kukai," Amu waved. He turned around and waved back with a smile on his face then turned back to the conversation he was having with one of the guys.

"Hey Amu do you see Tadase and Rima yet," Nagihiko asked calmly.

"No. Why," Amu asked surprised at his calmness.

"Because I have," he said pointing over to what seemed like the popular table.

Hesitating only for a moment Amu ran up over to them and called out, "Hi Tadase! Hi Rima! How was class?" The two stopped laughing and talking with the others to look over at Amu.

"Hey class was fun. We met a lot of nice people," Tadase replied.

"Oh Haya this is the guy I was talking about! He is a really amazing dancer. You should ask Nagihiko to help you out with a routine," Rima said.

Nagihiko joined into the conversation with Rima and Haya about dancing while Tadase was talking about how to save the Earth with a few guys. "Everyone seems to have an interest that binds them together," Amu thought, " and now that Easter is gone it seems like I have lost the thing in common with them that kept us together." Amu sat with Rima and Nagihiko listening to the bickering about the dance outfit while eating her lunch in silence. "I can't stay this way – silent and not talking much – that would be going backwards! I have to improve and I can't give up so easily," Amu thought to herself. Tomorrow she was going back to normal she promised.

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