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News to the Newscaster

"Tomorrow it will be partly sunny with a chance of clouds; however, it will not rain. The rest of the week seems like it's going to be sunny so remember to use some suntan lotion."

"Thanks for the weather forecast Ichiro. Next up is our one on one interview with Utau that you can't get anywhere else on her new album," the anchor says.

"Hello I'm Hinamori Amu and I'm here with the famous singer Utau to talk about her new album," I said into the camera with Utau beside me. So Utau can you explain to us how you came up with the title Standing Up," I asked as we took a seat opposite of each other.

"Well you see Amu, my longtime boyfriend and I always argue about this one topic and neither of us have ever budged. I get so frustrated and I know he does as well, but the thing is we both stand up for what we believe in and we both respect that about each other," Utau answered with a pout, "If only he could agree with me though."

I laughed, "I know right?"

"Oh well, how is Kukai I haven't seen him in a while ever since he has joined that famous soccer team in England. He has become quite popular Utau I wouldn't leave him on a lose leash if I were you," I joked.

"I have to agree Amu some girls are getting pretty daring, as if they could take my man away. Kukai is doing fine he always fits in with almost anybody and he has been scoring some important goals for the team," Utau smiled.

"Okay now I have to ask for the fans out there. They have been sending me emails asking me to ask you when you and Kukai plan to get married," I asked watching her reaction closely.

"Well Amu, why would I know when? I am the girl and I'm waiting for him to propose. All I know is that if he cheats on me with some bimbo in England I will kill him," Utau said her eyes lighting on fire.

"Okay so last question what song did you enjoy writing the most on this album?"

"Oh that one is easy. To many it may come as a surprise, but my favorite isn't Standing Up it is Linking Hearts for anyone who is having a hard time of being sure if things are working out right," Utau said, "Okay Amu that may have been your last question, but the producer of this news station gave me some questions to ask you."

"W-What? I'm not famous," I blushed.

"Ugh yes you are. You won the most liked reporter of the year Amu, congratulations," Utau said pulling the trophy out of her bag, "Do you have any idea why you were picked?"

"I don't know maybe people enjoy my jokes," I asked.

"Well that may be a part of it, but it is because of how honest you are with everyone and you seem to really care about every topic you cover," Utau said messing up the top of my hair.

I patted my hair down, "I'm just doing my job, but I appreciate all of you who voted for me and am honored to take the trophy," I said and bowed.

"Wait we have one more question. I had to squeeze it out from him, but I heard my brother proposed to you last night and you said yes! A lot of the famous people you have interviewed have been calling me to see if they can get invited to your wedding and some fans want to see some of your wedding on the news," Utau squealed.

"I can't do that it's too embarrassing," I blushed.

"Amu how can you let your fans down they voted for you not only do you win a trophy, but a raise as well," Utau whined, "Besides I can't wait to be sister in-laws."

"Ok, but only if we do a poll and it reaches 80% or higher for wanting to see part of the wedding," Amu pouted.

"You heard her folks so get prepared for voting. We will have the poll set up tomorrow morning so vote to your heart's content," Utau grinned, "See you next time."

"And we are off air," my camera man said and the light on the camera went off.

"Utau I know when Kukai and your wedding takes place it will be on the news, but that doesn't mean mine needs to be on the news," I sighed. My job was to make the viewer's happy even if it went into my personal life a little.

"Well at least you are getting married. Kukai still hasn't proposed," Utau pouted.

"That may be true, but I know he will," I said grabbing my bag and coat.

"You're right Amu I should wait a little longer," Utau sighed, "See you later."

I got into my car and drove to my apartment where Ikuto had broken into through an unlocked window. "Hey Ikuto, how did the movie sound track recording go," I asked as I set my things in their proper places.

"Good. Hey I watched the news," Ikuto said nonchalantly.

"Yeah you did huh? Well just thinking about it tires me out," I sighed dropping lazily onto the couch.

"Awe you're not looking forward to marrying me," he pouted.

"Stop teasing me Ikuto; of course I'm glad to be marrying you. I just don't want a big or public wedding," I said kissing his cheek.

"I know sorry I spilled some information to Utau. You know you didn't have to agree with putting it on the news," he said nuzzling his face into my neck.

"No I couldn't. Entertaining and making the viewer's happy is what I am paid to do. As Utau says it I'm popular, though how popular can a news reporter be," I asked leaning against Ikuto. My cell phone started ringing.

"Aren't you going to pick it up," Ikuto asked eyeing me suspiciously.

"I already know who it is," I groaned, "She records the news and watches it at the same time every day and is bound to get angry at me for not telling her before the Utau spread the news."

"I'll handle this," Ikuto smirked and answered my phone, "Hey Rima what's going on?"

"How could everyone else know about Amu being engaged, but me? Where is Amu I need to talk with her," Rima growled angrily. Clearly Ikuto had pressed the speaker button.

"Look Rima if you want to blame anyone you should blame me for telling Utau before Amu had the chance to tell everyone," Ikuto sighed.

"Rima I have a more important matter to discuss with you," I said as I stood beside Ikuto, "My wedding isn't until spring when the cherry blossoms bloom and fall, but will you be my maid of honor?" That stopped her dead cold in her tracks.

"Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes I would love to! I can't believe it! Nagi Amu chose me to be her maid of honor," Rima squealed exited and surprised.

"Are we even then," I asked smiling at her response.

"I still demand another interview on your news station by you of course about my new comedy movie I am staring in, but otherwise yes we are even," Rima said acting entitled.

"Well Amu you sure made Rima's day thanks for the surprise," Nagihiko laughed as he took the phone from Rima.

"No problem. I'm glad that Rima's happy," I offered.

"Well then talk to you later," Nagihiko said and then hanged up.

"You do not know what you're getting yourself into do you? Utau is going to be pouting for months when she hears she's not the maid of honor," Ikuto chuckled.

"It was a tough call, but I was friends with Rima first and I knew how much she wanted the spot so I kind of gave in," I said grinning.

"I wish I could stay longer, but tonight I have a family dinner my parents are throwing. Besides I want to tell them the good news before Utau does," Ikuto grinned and pecked me on the lips.

"That's fine with me. Yaya said she wanted to go shopping at the mall with me anyway," I said kissing him on his cheek again.

"Well I'm off," Ikuto said giving me his casual wave before shutting the door and getting in his car to leave. I picked up my cell phone and called Yaya.

"Hello Yaya, I was wondering if you are still up to going to the mall with me," I asked.

"Yeah, I'm pretty bored right now since Kairi got called into work the late shift for the police tonight," Yaya sighed, "Oh congratulations I heard about your engagement!"

"Thanks Yaya. You will be a bridesmaid right," I asked.

"Of course, besides who else is going to put up with Rima's bragging about being the maid of honor," Yaya giggled.

"Good question, because I sure as hell know it isn't going to be Utau," I sighed.

"True," Yaya said in a light tone.

"So should I pick you up or should we meet each other at the mall," I asked.

"I'll meet you there. See you at the usual spot," Yaya asked.

"Of course, see you soon," I said before hanging up and getting my purse. I unlocked the car and hopped in not sure what I planned on looking at when I get to the mall. I backed out of my driveway and headed toward the mall humming tunes on the radio until I came to a halt. I turned off the car and made sure it locked before entering into the mall.

"Hey Amu," Yaya waved, " So I was thinking that once Ikuto and you have children you should leave them at my daycare when they are old enough and I can give you two a discount."

"I'll keep that in mind," I answered, "So are you looking for something in particular today?"

"Well I wanted to get a new pair of boots that match that black dress Kairi got me for my birthday," Yaya said, "What about you? Anything you have in mind?"

"Actually I just thought of something," I grinned, "Let's go find you some boots first though!" It took us five stores to find a pair of boots that Yaya fell in love with and it took me one store to find what I was looking for.

"Saaya you still can't park the car properly," a light brown haired girl eyed a red haired girl with disappointment.

I can't be good at everything, Yume," the red haired Saaya pouted.

"Figures that the one thing you lack any decent qualities in is driving," the light brown haired Yume sighed. They walked away from us and into the mall bickering.

"An odd group those two are huh," Yaya asked with a smile.

"Yeah, but they seem nice enough," I said shrugging my shoulders and placing my bag from the mall into the trunk.

"Well I have to get going otherwise Kairi might worry if I don't answer the home phone," Yaya sighed, "He believes that one of those guy's he is always looking for is going to come after me."

"Awe that just means he loves you," I smiled softly, "See you later Yaya, have fun with the kids!"

"So how is the poll going," I asked as I walked into the studio the next morning.

"As of now 83% want to see the wedding mostly because of your fiancé being famous and partially because of your personality," my boss said giving me a professional business smile.

"Ugh if only my fiancé wasn't so famous," I sighed.

"Hey I'll marry your fiancé if you don't want to," a co-worker said, "He's hot and rich!"

"Haha, you better keep your hands off my husband," I said playfully with a brisk undertone.

"Fiancé," she chuckled. Oh she was pushing the boundary I thought sinisterly. I went into my office and answered emails from fellow co-workers about where they could find the directions to the sites we were visiting today and the location of the equipment. Just as it was time to head out to my first location I heard a knock on my door. I got up and opened the door to find Azami and Tobikuma with a small bouquet of white and yellow flowers.

"Oh hey, what are the newlyweds doing here," I asked with a smile.

"Well even though Azami's little brother is in middle school she still refuses to leave to go on our honeymoon unless you can babysit him for a week," Tobikuma sighed, "What can I do? I love Azami."

"I don't mind babysitting your little brother, besides he is so well mannered like his older sister," I teased, but we all knew it is true.

"Thank you and since I know you will refuse to be paid for your work consider your wedding flowers free of cost," Azami grinned.

"I can't do that those flowers cost a lot of money and—," I started.

"Amu its fine Azami's flower shop has been booming lately so she has loads to spare. The only bad part is that I'm the manual labor and I'm about dead tired," Tobikuma smiled.

"I see well then maybe you should expand and hire more workers," I advised.

"Yeah were thinking about that," Azami smiled, "Oh Tobikuma we will be late for the plane if we don't leave now!"

"Bye Amu and thanks," Tobikuma said as they left the room. I hope I'm not always this busy. I left my office and walked out to the news car where my team was waiting for me.

"Hey Amu just in time," Kiro the designated driver—although none of us were ever drunk on the job—said and drove out of the parking lot.

"So today there has been a little change to the plan," Rin said looking at me. She was our editor of our tapes and sometimes had to work with them live.

"What changed," I asked.

"The boss wants us to start out with good news as well as end with good news," Kiro answered.

"That's fine with me, but we only had one take to work on for today. Did she find something else to start the news off with," I asked.

"Yeah she found a good story first and then changed the plan," Rin nodded.

"So what is this story on and where are we going," I asked not understanding how I could report on anything I didn't know about a head of time so that I could have my facts straight.

"We are going to talk to the people at their house," Kiro said.

"Oh yah, looks like we are here," Rin said hopping out of the car to stretch her legs.

"Okay let's test the camera out," my camera man said as he turned it on and pointed it at me.

"Whose house is this anyways? Who are we interviewing," I asked as I looked up in awe at the house in front of me. The house was a one story building with a cream color and river rocks decorating the bottom of the house. I felt a hand squeeze my shoulder and before I could turn around I received an answer.

"It's our house if you like it," Ikuto said loosening his grip so I could turn around to face him.

"Oh God Ikuto, it's beautiful of course I like it," I said as tears fell to my cheeks, "This is the third best thing that has ever happened to me as of yet."

"Oh yeah what are the first and second best things," Ikuto asked curious and brushed aways my tears with his finger.

"Second best is the day we met and first is the proposal," I smiled. Ikuto smiled back just as warmly if not more. Then he kissed me.

"Hey did you get all of that," Rin asked my camera man.


"Let's get out of here before Amu kills us," Kiro said as the others scrambled to the car, while I was frozen in shock.

"Wait this isn't the happy story they were talking about is it," I asked Ikuto with a look of horror.

"I think it is," he smirked. My cheeks went red with anger and embarrassment.

"Get back here you traitors," I shouted and raced after the car until I lost sight of it.

"Amu lets go and check the inside of the house out," Ikuto said hugging me from behind.

"Sure, but I would rather spend that time checking you out," I grinned and looked up at him. His chin was on top my head.

"Oh is that so," Ikuto purred.

"Yeah in this outfit," I said laughing as I placed on blue cat ears and a tail on him. I had bought this at the mall with Yaya and she had hard time breathing from all of her laughing.

"This isn't what I had in mind," Ikuto whined and I pecked him on the lips.

"I know," I smiled and grabbed his hand leading him to the house.

The End

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