A short one-shot about when Elektra began to turn away from her life as an assassin. Very loosely based on Lacuna Coil's song "Cold". R&R.

Disclaimer: I don't own Elektra or Lacuna Coil.


~Don't try to breathe
Don't try to run away~

Elektra slipped quietly into the warehouse, making her way to the far back corner where a small fired glowed. A lone figure warmed themselves by it as the assassin drew near. The figure was her target. Elektra dreaded killing the young girl but it was best that she did it, for she would make it quick and as painless as possible. The assassin stood opposite of the girl now, the fire lighting up her face.

"So they finally sent a professional," the girl spoke calmly and with understanding but Elektra could hear the fear hiding underneath. The girl had been on the run from Elektra's current employers for a year now. The only thing that her employers wanted from the teen was a jump-drive, a simple little device with some files on it. The girl probably didn't even know what the files were about. "Why don't you just give them the information they want?" the assassin offered. "Give it to me now and I'll make sure that they get it." She tired to reason with the teen hoping that, in the face of death, she might be more cooperative. The girl shook her head sadly, "My parents died to keep this from them; I'm not just going to hand it over." The teen closed her eyes as a sob caught in her throat, "But I'm just so tired of running." Elektra lowered her eyes. She had killed plenty of people but never a child.

When the girl opened her eyes the assassin stood next to her, "Please make it fast." Elektra nodded, taking the girl into her arms. The child stiffened at the assassin's touch but returned the hug. The sad fact was that the girl hadn't be been held in nearly a year and was glad for the contact even it came from her soon-to-be killer. Elektra removed the sai from its hiding place and thrust it into the girl's abdomen in one fluid motion. The girl let out a gasp and tightened her hold on Elektra. The cold steel had taken her by surprise. A lump formed in the assassin's throat and tears stung the corners of her eyes. She had never felt this way about a hit before; it felt wrong. She shouldn't have done this. The assassin removed her weapon and gently lowered the dying girl to the floor. Elektra usually stabbed and fled but she refused to make this girl die alone. The teen stared at Elektra with a far away look in her eyes; her chest moving with slow, shallow breaths. Elektra fought the urge to use Kimagure to revive her. The assassin's mind became filled with different ways to help the girl. All she had to do was revive the teen, force her to hand over the information that her employers sought, then...Elektra's train of thought was derailed when someone grabbed her hand. She looked down to see the girl's hand in her own and returned the hold. Her gazed shifted to the girl's face in time to see her eyes close for the last time. Her hand went limp but Elektra couldn't let go.

The once cold hearted assassin felt a piece of herself die with the girl.

~No more fear
They said you were so weak
And now I put you down to lay
Nothing to feel for you
This was our last dance~