Twenty Eight: A Year Later

Sleeping in bed curled around a pillow Harry woke to a gentle kiss to his bare shoulder, he had taken to sleeping in Tom's bed about seven months into their relationship. "Hey love," Harry said rolling over to get a kiss, "How was work?" Tom had become the Minister three months ago and had all his followers doing jobs around the magical world and most people did not connect Tom Riddle with Voldemort.

"It was interesting, I was asked if I had any idea why Voldemort stopped when I became Minister," Tom said which made Harry giggle, "So I told them that me and him made a deal I would think over some of his ideals and discuss them with the public if he stopped killing senselessly."

"And they bought that rubbish?" Remus asked as he peeked in their room, the family pretty much lived in Surrey now. And still no one knew who owned the beautiful house on Privet Drive, the Dursley's were a bit afraid because who they though were the last owners of the house had cursed them.

"Yes they bought it," Tom said before raising an eyebrow at the werewolf, "Shouldn't you be with Fenrir?" Fenrir was off talking at a rally in Diagon Alley about how werewolves could be a useful part of society, the new Minister had allowed for werewolves to have a lot more rights but people were still wary of them.

Blushing Remus looked away, "Well he decided that I shouldn't go out to a potentially dangerous rally at the moment," then he glanced at Harry, "You about ready to chase Haruki down and make him tell us his secret?"

"Forget his secret," Harry said swinging out of bed, "What are you not telling me?"

"I…" Remus blushed again, "You'll not be the youngest soon," and half a second later he had a squealing Harry hugging him then dropping to the floor to bury his face in his stomach.

"Hello little one, I'm your big brother, oh you'll like it here," Harry said before Tom grabbed him up, "Hey I was talking to the baby."

"Haruki?" Tom reminded him, "You've been dying to find out what he is keeping from you and Hanako won't say anything, Luna's been weirder then normal and Draco keeps going into fits, please solve this mystery before the baby arrives."

"Turmoil is not good for a Pup," Harry said before grabbing Remus's hand, giving Tom a quick kiss and darting away with Remus following along, "Haruki!"

Down in the living room Draco was sitting irked in the corner, he had been told by Luna that Haruki and Hanako had gone for ice cream so he was sitting with Luna who was half laying on him half sitting next to him. Harry walked in at the same time Haruki and Hanako came in the front door, darting up Draco went to say something.

But Harry beat him to it, "Haruki you tell me right now what you are hiding or I swear I will hurt you severely!" and he let go of Remus to cross his arms and glare.

"Well actually we were just discussing finally letting everyone know," Haruki said moving to sit down Hanako following and sitting at his side, "I'm engaged."

"To who?" Draco asked, fearing he had lost Hanako. It had never been truly established as to whether Hanako and Haruki were actually siblings or not.

"To Luna," Haruki said blinking as if that should have been obvious, "Who did you think?"

"I didn't even know you were a couple," Harry said eyes wide, "Why didn't I know that?"

"You spend most your time making sure Tom doesn't forget about you now that he's the Minister," Luna said smiling at Harry as she moved to snuggle into Haruki's side which got a soft kiss pressed to the top of her head, "And besides all our dates have been secret except to Hanako, you remember her dragging most everyone to the mall and such … yeah that was so we had the house to ourselves."

"Oh…" Harry said sitting down.

"So you're not secretly dating Hanako?" Draco asked Haruki still confused.

"She is my twin sister why in the world would I date her?" Haruki asked which made everyone blink at him, "You did know we were twins right?" everyone shook their heads, "Oh…guess we forgot to mention that."

Harry and Draco both sat back and blinked, Remus decided to change the subject since it seemed to stun the teens, "I'm pregnant."

Upstairs Hermione threw a book at Theo who was acting stupid; they loved each other but fought all the time over the stupidest things. When they heard squeals from below they ran down with Blaise to see everyone hugging Remus, "What did we miss?" she asked just as Moody and Severus walked in the door.

"Moony is prego!" Harry said dancing around the room happily, "This calls for a celebration!"

"How far along?" Theo asked Remus which made everyone glance at Remus again.

"About three months, we wanted to wait and see if my body would react well during the moon," Remus said glancing down, when Harry snuggled to his chest he smiled, "Hey Pup time sure flies huh."

"Yeah last year we had no family but each other," Harry whispered as everyone went to setting up a party so when Fenrir and Lucius got here they could celebrate the two big pieces of news, Haruki and Luna's engagement and Remus and Fenrir's baby.

"Now look at the family we have," Remus said as they gazed at everyone. Haruki was making snacks, Hanako was eating half of them, Hermione was hanging streamers, Draco was charming the furniture, Blaise and Theo were working on getting a movie projector set up so they could all watch a movie together while Luna sorted through the Cd's looking for music to play. Severus and Moody sat back and watched the teen's do all the work and Remus let Harry go as Tom came in sight.

"Let's go for a walk," Tom said and lead Harry out the front door, the teen had not stepped out the front door since the first time he entered, he always used the floo. Walking down the walkway to the sidewalk he held Harry's hand and stopped before turning and looking at the house, "A year ago this place was meant to be used to spy on you so I could get rid of you for good."

"Now it's our home," Harry said smiling softly, "Thank you for sending Fenrir and Lucius my way back then, without them I would be dead by now."

"Mum," came a whimper and they both turned to see Dudley who had lost quite a bit of weight hid behind his mother, "Why is he here?"

Harry stepped back into Tom's embrace and lifted his chin as Vernon came out of the house; he had not faced any of them since the night he had been raped, "I almost forgot who our neighbors were," he said glancing back at Tom, "We should really buy out the rest of this neighborhood."

"I'll talk to Lucius about it, since it is his money we keep spending," Tom said with a chuckle, "Which I still don't understand."

"He wanted to spoil me," Harry said grinning before shrugging, "I'm just that cute," getting swatted he laughed and turned to gaze at his relatives, "How have you been? Everyone in good health?"

"Burn in hell Freak," Vernon said, he had not had sex since raping the teen because he no longer could and he was pissed about it, "What are you doing here anyways!"

"Oh I live there," Harry said motioning to the Manor Lucius had built, "With my family and friends – Haruki put Draco down!" he screamed as he saw the two boys getting physical, Haruki actually threw Draco out the front door, "Haruki!"

"He kissed Hanako for longer then five seconds!" Haruki said puffing his chest out when Harry growled he backed down knowing the submissive could kick ass, "Sorry Draco," and helped him up.

"Thanks Harry," Draco said cracking his shoulder and the two went back inside.

"So a bunch of freaks live there," Petunia said curling her lips in disgust.

"No," Tom said easily, "A bunch of wealthy people live here," turning he kissed Harry on the forehead, "Go keep the others in line, I have to get back to the Ministry after all the muggle elections are about to start," he was running for both so he could bring the worlds together and show the muggles that wizards were more than a myth and were not freaks, he had changed a lot in the last year.

"Good luck – oh and pick up some toffee on your way home!" Harry called as Tom started down the road towards the limo that drove him around, turning back he saw the shock on the Dursley's faces and smiled at them, "I have more money than you ever did and ever will, all my friends and family have money, and I am in love seems I have a better life then you freaks," and headed inside laughing happily.

And They Lived … Well Not Happily Ever After, It's Hard To Be Happy All The Time With A Bunch Of Werewolves Attacking Each Other Over Cookies Daily And One Happened To Be Pregnant With A Baby Girl Who Would Later Be Named Rose Lynn, But…