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Chapter One: Marriage!

The Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, sat in his office with Professor McGonagall and Remus Lupin reading over a contract that the Dark Lord had sent over. Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, and Fenir Greyback were the Deatheaters present, while the Minister of Magic, Fudge, stood off to the side with four Aurors for protection. The Deatheaters however, were watching Harry Potter who was handcuffed to a rather angry Draco Malfoy, both teens were desperately trying to get free.

"Malfoy I'm going to murder Zambini!" Harry warned the other teen, it was Blaise Zambini, Draco's best friend, who had handcuffed them together as a joke, "Stupid magic proof handcuffs..."

"We need a lock pick," Draco said dropping into a seat and causing Harry to stumble slightly.

"Lock pick hmm..." gazing at the handcuffs Harry got an idea, "Moony do you still have Siri's pocket knife?" when Remus handed over the knife he flipped open the blade and saw Draco flinch, "Not gonna cut your hand off geez," inserting the blade tip into the lock he fiddled with it for a moment and the handcuff slipped off his wrist, "Much better!"

"Potter!" Draco held up his own wrist where the handcuffs still dangled.

"Hold your horses I'm getting to it," Harry said before picking the lock on the blond's wrist, "So want to help me skin Blaise?"

"As long as we handcuff him to Pansy," Draco growled, so the two fell into a whispered conversation based solely on revenge, after about ten minutes Draco looked around the room, "Oy, Potter why we in a room with all sides of the war anyways?"

"I have no clue," Harry said shrugging, "I've given up trying to figure out what their doing and just try to stay alive, been working for two years, you might want to try it."

"Nah, Father's already decided my future so I don't truly have to think any thing through," Draco said with a shrug, "Damn I'm hungry."

"Dobby!" Harry called suddenly, when the house elf popped in he smiled, "Hello Dobby."

"Master Harry Potter sir!" Dobby squealed hugging the teens legs, "Harry Potter need something of Dobby?"

"Well Dobby, as you can see there seems to be a meeting going on and I'm rather hungry, could you possibly-" before Harry could even ask the house elf had snapped his fingers and summoned a feast, "Thank you Dobby."

"Anytime Master Harry Potter sir!" Dobby squealed before vanishing once again.

"Wasn't he my house elf?" Draco asked as he gathered up some food.

"Yep, he likes me," Harry chuckled also getting some food, "I tend to collect odd friends, like the Sorting Hat – Hey where is he anyways?" Harry asked the Headmaster.

"I've hidden him because every time you're here he tries to resort you," Dumbledore said, yet the hat appeared on the desk in front of Harry.

"Harry Potter," the Sorting Hat said kindly.

"Hello do you know what's going on in this office? Because I'm rather lost and confused," Harry asked the hat.

"Yes, a contract has been made that involves the war...and you," the Hat said easily, getting blinked at by those green eyes he sighed, "When you blow the office up this time please don't hit my self."

"Certainly," Harry said then the Hat disappeared to land on his shelf again, "What ever that paper says my answer is No."

"Told ya," Remus said before helping himself to the food.

"Mr. Potter-" the Minister tried to start as if his opinion counted.

"No, nope, never, nada, null, nine!" Harry said crossing his arms stubbornly, "I don't want to know what it says so bite me jackass."

"Potter!" Minerva said in a shocked voice, "Behave your self young man!"

"Eep!" hiding behind the blond teen Harry peeked out to look at Moony, "Forgot she was here."

"Fear of mother figures...odd," Lucius said shaking his head, until the older woman looked at him then he flinched, "Never mind."

"Harry, I've decided as your magical guardian, that you will do as this contract says," Dumbledore said stubbornly, which made the teen glare at him, "You will save countless lives."

"Let me see that," Draco said taking the contract he began to read and his eyes got wide, "... Fuck," that word got a glare from the woman and startled looks from the Deatheaters.

"I'm a bad influence on you," Harry chuckled, "Funny you'd think it'd be the other way around."

"Their forcing you to marry the Dark Lord!" Draco practically shouted, seeing Harry's face go blank he backed towards an empty wall and dropped to the floor covering his head, good thing he did that because every item on the desk blew up.

"No Bloody Way!" Harry growled out before moving to look at the contract himself, reading it once, twice, three times he narrowed his eyes at Dumbledore, "You're agreeing with this! How the Hell do You Plan on Making Me do This!"

"By talking sense and reason," Dumbledore said kindly a twinkle in his eyes.

"Don't Twinkle at Me You Goat!" Harry snapped out angrily, yet he broke out laughing when Dumbledore was forced to turn into a goat, "Oh -ow!...Laughing to hard," clutching his sides he slowly calmed own and looked at the Transfiguration Professor who had her wand out, "Good luck with that -Bye!" and he made a break for the door, yet Remus tackled into him.

The Deatheaters and Ministry officials watched as Harry fought tooth and nail with the werewolf for about ten minutes, "Need help?" Fenir finally asked Remus who gave a growling nod, five minutes later the two werewolves had subdued the teen.

"God Damn – Not Fair – Bloody Wolves!" Harry snapped out as Fenir tightened the ropes that had him bound to a chair, "Fine if I can't run away then I'll just blow more things up," with that he looked at items and watched them shatter, breaking any and every item he could see he caught Dumbledore's beard on fire, "Ha, burn stupid goat burn!"

"Harry here," Draco crammed a cookie in the other teen's mouth, "Calm down or you'll hurt me or Lupin."

Eating the cookie Harry sighed, "Then you my brilliant friend must change that contract, I refuse to do half of what that damn paper says," when Remus and Draco began to read the contract again he blew his bangs from his face.

"Well some of these are rather...nuts," Remus said reading over it again, looking at the Deatheaters he asked, "How about negotiations?"

"Change what you will, we'll show our Lord and if he agrees then alright," Lucius said rather amuse, "Though he was rather adamant that Potter marry him."

"Harry if we untie you will you not run away?" Remus asked, getting a nod he unties the teen who sucker punched him, "Harry!"

"You tied me to a chair, you deserved it!" Harry said before grabbing the contract and Draco's arm, "Moony grab a Deatheater and meet us in the library!" he called out as he left the room with Draco, yet when the Minister went to protest he popped his head back in the room and shook his head, "Not your future so don't even try to act important," and he left yet again.

"He's rather spirited," Fenir chuckled.

"He's down right scary!" Fudge exclaimed.

"He's Harry," Remus said with a sigh, "So which one of you lot want to be involved in negotiations?" he asked, he ended up grabbing Fenir's arm, "You're the best choice, in case he makes a break for it," and he dragged the other wolf away.