Chapter Thirty-Three: Ten Years Later (Sex & Epilogue)

A loud moan came from the bedroom of the Lord's bedroom. Harry was panting as his husband took him against the desk. They had just received word of which houses their twins had gone into, and Tom had won the bet. Alora was a Slytherin, and Michy, as he liked to be called, was a Ravenclaw. So Tom was taking his prize; over the years it had escalated from money to sex.

"Please," Harry gasped out in Parsletongue as his husband kept pulling out of him, "Tom, please, more!" Only getting a chuckle he wrapped his legs around his husband's waist and impaled himself on his cock. Throwing his head back in a pleasured cry he started to ride the other's cock moaning.

Watching as Harry rode him made Tom go cross eyed for a moment before he gripped his husband's hips and pushed him back to lie on the desk. "You are so good," Tom practically purred as he thrust deep into his mewing lover. They had been fooling around for almost three hours and he knew he was about to come. Gripping his husband's neglected prick as he thrust crazily into him, he listened to the words of sin fly from those red lips. "Love you," he panted about ten minutes later as Harry came hard.

The clenching around his cock sent him over the edge and he slowly moved within Harry, coating his lover's insides and moving to kiss him hard. When Harry kissed down his throat to bite him he groaned as he had an instant orgasm again within Harry. The biting addiction was one of the kinks Harry knew would make Tom horny no matter what.

Pulling out, Tom flopped to the floor and panted. "You are pure evil," he accused the smaller man of twenty-six. When Harry moved to snuggle up to his side he suddenly caught on, "You're pregnant again?" They had four children already, the almost eleven year old twins, a nine year old boy named Ashen Thomas Riddle, and a six year old girl named Grace Lynn Riddle.

"Two months," Harry chucked as he kissed his husband softly. He should have known Tom would catch on to the fact he was hornier than usual and make the connection, "Wanted to surprise you for our anniversary."

"Which was two months ago!" Tom said playfully, "Try again love. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Well Draco and Remus are both also pregnant, and we wanted to surprise everyone tonight at dinner," kissing him quickly he said, "You can't tell anyone you know!"

"Speaking of Draco how is Scorpio after his fall?" Tom asked. Scorpio was their godson and Draco's oldest that just turned ten. He would be joining Hogwarts next year, and he was also the favorite nephew Tom had as the boy was protective of his Princess.

"He's fine, bruises that's all, Cara is also good," he teased lightly knowing that Tom had not actually forgotten Draco's five year old daughter, "As are Tessa, Mary, Sarah, and Jasmine," Tessa was his father's fist daughter carried by Sirius, at ten, Mary was the second daughter carried by Sirius at nine, Sara was the third daughter carried by Sirius at seven. And Jasmine was the first daughter carried by Remus at four.

"And of course Luna and Blaise send their love, with Thomas in tow," Tom said softly as sleep began to claim them after their insane love making session. Thomas was Luna's and Blaise's only child at six. He was a seer like his mommy and had made his first reading while with his Uncle Tom, 'The skies are clear for seven times to come, before the clouds will begin to stir again,' Thomas had said to him, they found out the seven times meant seven generations to come. Nothing Tom and Harry had to worry about as they let sleep claim them on their bedroom floor. That was a breath of relief for the couple, they could watch their family grow until they died of old age and not have to worry about being part of the next war.

The End!