Peter Parker watched the experiment in wonder. Norman Osborn was a genius, there were no two ways about it. Despite the level of genius going into the experiment and the fact that Peter was a 15 year old high school student, he understood everything that was going on; the neutronic converter, powered by the large reactor behind Osborn, was being used to power up the device, designed apparently to cure cancer and other such terminal diseases, through applied radiation.

"Your dad's a genius." Peter said quietly to his friend, Harry, as he pushed his glasses up his nose and took a snapshot using the camera hanging from his neck "Seriously, using the cure for a disease to kill it, like drowning it, it's brilliant."

"No, he just wanted a better weapons contract. This is the base line for some fancy-ass gun." Harry said frowning as he ran his hand through his dark brown hair "Or some other spiel like that, I try to make it sound like I have an interest in the family business, but I couldn't care less."

"Hey, at least your family has a business, and some decent money. My aunt and uncle struggle to scrape together enough to pay the rent and feed us each month." Peter said.

"Yeah, that they earn a humane way." Harry said "Most of my dad's money comes from weapons stuff. It comes from killing people, which sucks, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." Peter replied, going to take another photo before being pushed by another guy about twice his size, causing his glasses to fall off.

"Aww, look, puny Parker's friend is his hero's kid." The boy said, smirking as he looked at Peter looking around for his glasses "Aww, has Parker lost something?"

"Hey, Flash, knock it off." Harry said, making Flash laugh "Seriously, quit it."

"Or what?" Flash said "Is daddy's little hippy going to cry?"

"I'm not a hippy…" Harry replied quietly "I just don't like getting stuff paid for by murder is all…"

"Aww, that's-" Flash began before having a blonde girl push past him.

"-Sweet." The girl said, smiling at Harry before bending down and picking up Peter's glasses and handing them to him "Are you okay?"

Peter went red slightly. The girl's name was Gwen Stacey. She'd been in the class since the start of the semester. She was the daughter of he police captain, or so he'd heard from Harry. Aside from being the most popular girl in the school, she was also one of the better looking; the kind of girl that never spoke to guys like him, much less helped them out with bullies. He was so engrossed in her that he failed to notice that spider that had just come out of the beam from the device come down on a web line and land on his hand.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." Peter said, before wincing in pain as the arachnid bit him "Oww."

"Something the matter?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah, just some spider just me…" Peter said before collapsing to the floor.

"Oh my god, I knew he was a wuss, but Parker just proved it. I mean, feinting after a bug bite." Flash said, laughing and high fiving one of his friends, earning a look that could kill from Gwen.

"Hey, how do you know he's not allergic?" She said aggressively "Geez Flash, you are so stupid."

"Hey, dad." Harry yelled, waving his arms, trying to get his attention before wolf whistling and yelling "Dad! Someone's hurt!"

He turned to Gwen, kneeling by Peter with him propped up against her shoulder, his breathing shallow. Norman deactivated the experiment and began walking over.

"See, can't afford to be seen in a bad light." Harry said, turning to Norman as he got there "Dad, my friend's hurt because of the experiment."

"And what am I expected to do about it?" Norman replied coldly.

"You're meant to get him out of here, along with me and Gwen, and send us to NY general." Harry said, obviously having tried going toe to toe with his father before and being determined not to get the same outcome this time.

"Fine." Norman said, pressing the button on his earpiece "Jones, prep the chopper. My son and two of his friends are on their way up for a trip to NY general."

"Understood sir." The voice of a man said over the earpiece.

"Go on then." Norman said to Harry "Before I change my mind."

"Thanks…" Harry said as he helped Gwen pick Peter up and they carried him through into the lift, pressing the button to get up to the heliport on the top floor, which itself had another lift onto the roof.

As soon as they got onto the roof, the pair put Peter into the chopper before getting in themselves. As the chopper took off, Harry looked out the window. He couldn't believe how his father had been willing to let Peter stay there after what could, for all they knew, be a fatal allergic reaction. Still, the man was his father, and he had to love him, no matter what…