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A royal descenders

Chapter one:

"the birth"

By the pitch-black lady

The kingdom of Teressia had a duty to do, and that is to protect the Teressia world tree. King William XIII is a wise king and now probably is the happy man in the world, his queen is about to give him a child.

The queen give birth to a baby boy, the king sister was the one that help the baby clean and when she clean up the baby, she realize that the baby doesn't breathing. The baby was death. The princess know how much her brother and sister-in-law felling if they find out that their child is death.

So she order the other maiden to keep silent about the truth, she had a little time to do the cover. She head toward the secret tree and pray to the tree. The world tree heard the princess wish and shine brightly.

From the tree flower come out a baby boy and the princess take the baby inside with her. The queen was terribly exhausted from the birth but smile warm when she saw her baby cry laud but as she hold the baby the pain come back to her and another baby was born.

It was baby girl, the baby boy twin. However due to the hard birth the queen has meet her end. The king grim her death and swear to never marry again and love their children twice in her place.

the little prince was named Frant Xien En Teressia, and the princess name was Sarah Ozt Dia En Terresia. they live happily with their aunt and father. The unique things about the twins are their link and not any link.

Whatever the prince fell, the princess felt it too and whatever the princess know, the prince know too. To put it simple, when the prince got hurt, so does the princess. If the princess good at cooking then so does the prince.

Princess Elvira (the king little sister) was surprise of their link, is as if they really are twins. she pray to the world tree everyday so that the king family will live happily forever, but she know it won't last long. If the tree give birth to a descenders (a protector of a planet or a world, born from the world tree in a human form) means that the planet is in danger.

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