Bios, Notes, and Opinions

I'm posting this to give people some more info on the various new characters introduced within this story and throw around some ideas. Enjoy.

Matthew Aaron Carson

Age: 23

Height: 6'

Weight: 160

Eyes: Blue with a starburst of green surrounded by a ring of purple

Hair: Brown unless in direct sunlight when it is blonde

Known Powers: Mind reading through eye contact, able to use inert energy within object he come in contact with, Healing of injury through empathetic contact, can sense those he is familiar with by their essence.

Matt is the sole remaining Guardian although he has only recently come to know this. Most of his life has been spent in searching for his origins while dealing with his strange abilities. A master swordsman trained in the most deadly style to ever come out of Japan Matt is extremely dangerous to his enemies and at times even to his friends. Matt has deep feelings for Ryoko and hopes that someday she might feel the same way as well.


Age: unknown

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 126

Eyes: Green with a starburst of purple surrounded by a ring of blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Known Powers: Ability to steal the essence of others and use it as her own, form energy shields and bolts, mind reading, teleportation.

Sor-ra-eyu is a ghost created by Matt's needs to have someone who understands him. She is in all effects his ideal woman, tall, beautiful, and powerful. Sor-ra-eyu can only normally manifest herself when Matt sleeps and she has access to his powers however Matt can grant her temporary form in time of great need. This regal woman also knows all the answers to Matt's questions about his past and his powers. Sor-ra-eyu has complete mastery over her essence and as such requires none of the strict discipline Matt does to control her powers. Her personality however is unstable as she fixated on Matt and being with him which can cause serious trouble for the swordsman.

Sosselleselarian Etchican Torivarian Thinderal Monicar

Age: 7000

Length: 10"

Eyes: Prismatic

Fur: Gold

Known Powers: Psychic link with his host, flight

Ses (his nick name) is a small winged cat, the last surviving member of his species who was put into cryo sleep after his planet was destroyed. Ses requires specific mental energies in order to survive which on his world were provided by large slow thinking creatures, now however her draws theses energies from Matt and indeed the two seem to get along.


Age: Unknown

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 165

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Black

Known Powers: able to manipulate both Ryo-Ohki's crystals and the Gems themselves

Serendus is an Emissary of Tokimi planted as a spy on Jurai in order to capture Tsunami, Washu and Ryoko. While his past remains a mystery it is clear he is trained in combat along with abilities granted to him by his goddess. He is fixated with Ryoko, whom he call Gem Bearer, although why remains a mystery.


This story is based off the OVA series although most of what I wrote about Jurai is gleened from my imperfect understanding of the planet because I have yet to read the Mangas that offer more detail so please excuse any inconsistencies. Also this story is the first in what I am now going to call the Dreams Continuum. Two others will follow this covering Tenchi's life after returning to Earth and Ryoko's experiences on Jurai with Matt. Also to be posted when I finish it is another side story covering the forging of Matt's sword and the events that lead him to Misaki shrine. The Guardians story is being placed on hold until I have more time to dedicate to working on it as my ideas are pretty vague at the moment.


Ok I was putting this off but after having read Space Pirate Minagi's review I just have to defend my view of the subject of the "romance" between Tenchi and Ryoko. I'm thrilled to have gotten a negative review, however I just wish she had read more carefully and thought a bit more before calling my works lame. First off Matt is not better looking than Tenchi just different and a bit exotic that's all. Second he is not more powerful than Tenchi, in fact he's not even as powerful as Ryoko he just applies his power differently. If you remember the two of them took Matt down in chapter five. While he went on a rampage on Jurai remember even Ayeka could block his essence. I have no doubt that Tenchi with the Light Hawk Wings could thrash Matt rather quickly. What Matt has over Tenchi is sheer skill in terms of knowing how to kill nothing more.

Now as to Ryoko not falling for someone else besides Tenchi is just unrealistic and pathetic. Ryoko loves Tenchi I agree but people grow and change, that's life. Ryoko is child like in her feelings towards Tenchi and this story is in part about her maturing. Now I thought about this long and hard while I was writing this story and about Tenchi as a character and why he never chose any of the girls. The answer I came up with is he's just not ready too yet. Tenchi is a young man trying to find his place in life and isn't ready to commit to anyone yet. I don't think he really loves Ryoko where as Ryoko needs to be loved to grow. Tenchi doesn't need her, Matt on the other hand does. Here is a man who's been through a lot in his life wrestling with his own soul while looking for something that might not exist. Their coming together in mutual need is perfectly understandable.

To conclude it is not only possible for Tenchi to lose Ryoko but extremely likely under the right circumstances. It's cruel to think Ryoko (and Ayeka for that matter) would spend all her time pining over Tenchi just because he's a nice guy. He does nothing in any of the series to make any of the girls want to stay with him romantically. I love Tenchi as a show and all the characters thus my writing in the genre but to be perfectly honest I never saw Tenchi with either Ryoko or Ayeka. Want find out who I think it is? Well you'll just have to wait for me to finish my two epilogue stories titled 'A Dream Lost' and 'A Dream No More' respectively to find my take on everything. Thanks everyone for reading and reviewing it really keeps me going good or bad.