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I move my hand around in the daylight streaming through the window, admiring the sight of the beautiful ring on my finger. I was still finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that I was eighteen and engaged to be married to the most beautiful man I had ever seen, but I was getting used to the sight of my hands now adorned with Edwards mother's ring. He smiled as he watched me and look of pure love and I think almost contentment came over his face. We were sitting in his bedroom while I rested up in preparation for the onslaught of Alice and the wedding plans we were to be going over.

Suddenly Edward turned his head to the door, "Alice - what was that?" He frowned as he concentrated on the vision Alice obviously had just had as the door flew open and Alice rushed in "Hurry, Edward! It's Charlie! Carlisle is on his way - I called him."


"It is about to happen now - 6 minutes 30 seconds from now to be exact!"

"Urgghhh! It all just went blank - the wolves must be involved!"

"What the hell is happening Alice? Edward! Tell me what is going on!" I screamed at them. Rose Jasper, Esme and Emmett were all at the door now obviously wanting the same information as me. We all looked at Edward and Alice who were staring at each other with horror etched on their faces.

"What has happened to Charlie!" I was becoming hysterical and Edward turned to me and the look on his face floored me - it was twisted in pain and horror.

"It's Charlie, Bella. I'm sorry - there's going to be an accident, we have to go - now!"

"What accident, what happened!" My hysteria was taking over, my body was shaking and the hole in my chest I had hoped was gone forever was opening up again.

He grabbed me by the arms and looked me straight in the eye "Bella, calm down, wait here, we'll be back as soon as we can. It will be ok. I don't have time to explain. Jasper and Esme will stay here with you, I need everyone else with me."

Jasper nodded and Alice was already backing the Jeep out of the garage. Emmett and Rose were gone in a flash right behind Edward. The car was already speeding out the drive when I saw Edward and Emmett disappear into the forest in the direction of the river. Esme held me as my body was wracked with sobs, it felt like the floor was falling from beneath my feet. I was suddenly aware of a wave of calm washing over me and I allowed it to, using all my strength to gather myself and my thoughts.

Before I was even aware we were moving I found myself on the living room couch, and I looked at Jasper gratefully and found the words I had been needing to say.

"Do you have any idea what has happened Jasper?" He shook his head sadly as Esme came into the room with a mug of steaming coffee.

"Here Bella, drink this sweetie. Neither of us has any more idea of what has happened than you. All we can do is wait and have faith that between Edward and Carlisle they can help him."

She didn't say the words that we were all thinking. If Edward wanted Jasper to stay with me, that meant the Charlie's blood had been spilt. He wouldn't have wanted to put Jasper in temptations way.

I didn't know what to do. I got up and paced back and forth across the room, watching Esme and Jasper's faces to see if there was any sign they knew what was going on. There wasn't. They obviously were as much in the dark as I was. Jasper was doing his best to keep a lid on the fear that was pervading the room, but he was fighting a losing battle. I was beside myself, nothing could happen to Charlie, it just couldn't. We had only recently got to know each other again. It would kill me to lose him now. A thought flickered through my mind that that was exactly how Charlie would feel when we had to fake my death after I was changed. I pushed the thought aside as I realised that was something that I had also to come to terms with - putting my father and mother through that.

It felt like forever had passed when Jasper's cell rang and he answered it quickly with a look at me as he did so. He spoke too quickly and quietly for me to understand but as he closed the phone and looked at Esme, then at me, I knew it was bad news.

"They are on their way back here. They have Charlie with them." My legs buckled underneath me as the relief flowed through me. Esme had me in her arms before I hit the floor and she laid me back down on the couch. Charlie is going to be ok. They are bringing him back here, not the hospital so he must be okay, I thought. I looked at Jasper's face then and the fear came back. Something was wrong, horribly wrong.

He looked at the ground and I screamed at him "What Jasper! What's happened? If they are bringing him here and not the hospital, he must be ok! I pleaded with him.

"I'm sorry Bella, he is not ok. He has been bitten."