Don't I know you from somewhere?

"Now we just have to add some black...some red...some green..and voila...look at what we have here."

"What...? An exact replica of the piece you made over an hour ago?"

"No..." Jane began, while continuing to study the painting in front of her-inwardly admitting to herself that it did somewhat resemble the last great masterpiece she had put together an hour and a half ago for the art exhibit she was in next week-but she didn't want to admit that fact out-loud. At least not in front of Daria. "What we have here is grounds for a pizza break. What do you say...? My treat."

Even though the idea of free pizza was usually a deal breaker for Daria, the amount of homework she had waiting for her back in her dorm room caused the school-driven girl to refrain. "Sorry. I have to finish this paper for class tomorrow. You know...stupid teachers and their deadlines."

Oh yeah...the one thing Lanes aren't good at, Jane thought to herself, with a lazy smile; while thinking about the multimedia assignment her and Daria had to do in high-school which Jane's brother Trent almost ruined due to his problems with deadlines. I'll have to make sure to go and check on him sometime this month-if just to make sure he hasn't burned the house down in his sleep.

Seeing that Daria was starting to pack up her belongings, Jane quickly said: "Hey, you mind dropping me off at the mall on your way back to school? I can grab a slice and check out that new Sports Authority they just opened up there last week."

Never having seen Jane this excited about anything besides food and a new paint brush caused Daria to raise an eyebrow in confusion while saying, "Come again?"

A fact which amused Jane.

"I know-I know. Usually I could care less about anything that remotely involved sports but hey, we all can't have perfect bodies like yours. Some of us acutally have to work hard to stay this size-and besides, I need new running shoes. Leslie's dog chewed up my old pair."

Remembering now why she had decided to remain on campus during their sophomore year while Jane opted to move off campus caused Daria to smirk a little. The only rabid animal I ever have to deal with is Quinn-and at least, she's semi house trained.

With that thought in mind, Daria agreed that she'd give Jane a lift to the mall, only if the other girl would promise not to turn her radio station as soon as they got in the car.

"Sorry, kiddo. That I cannot promise."

An hour and a half after Daria had dropped Jane off at University Mall, she had finally decided between two pairs of running shoes to get.

"I can either get the all too familiar cushioning New Balances that are on sale for 19.99 or the black and red Nike sneakers with the really cool looking shocks at the bottom for 39.99...decisions-decisions."

Interestingly enough, before Jane could come to one, a familiar voice uttered his opinion.

"I think you should go for the Nikes. They're a little more expensive than the New Balances, but they're great for building your calves during your morning work-outs. And we both know how much you used to like to run, Jane."

Turning around, Jane was semi surprised to see Micheal Jordan Mackenzi standing in front of her. "Well, I'll be damned. Look who turned up in my neck of the woods-wearing a Sports Authority uniform...can I use your discount?"

After chuckling at this comment, Mack jokingly replied: "It's good to see you too, Jane...I forgot you moved to Boston. Daria did too, right?"

"Yeah...I couldn't just leave the old ball and chain back in Lawndale, now could I?" Jane replied, while putting the New Balances back on the display shelf and following Mack to the front of the store where the cash registers were at. "So, what brings you here? Last I heard you were in Connecticut trying to become a doctor or something..."

"I was..." Mack replied, while beginning to ring up Jane's purchases. "But then I found out after my first year at Vance that my heart wasn't really into it so I decided to focus my energy on something I really wanted to do. Computer programming."

Knowing that Raft was known for its computer programming program caused Jane to put two and two together; now realizing why Mack had decided to move to Boston. "That's cool. But it must suck for the two of you are even further away from each other."

After telling Jane her total, accompanied with his store discount, Mack shrugged a little while saying, "Not really. We decided to take a break during Christmas vacation last year, but we still talk every other day. No big deal."

No big deal?

From as far back as she could remember Mack and Jodie had always been an item. All through out high-school, no one knew either one of them as just Mack or just Jodie, they were simply Mack and Jodie. Jane couldn't believe for one second that the two high-school sweethearts breaking up was no big deal to Mack. It was a huge deal.

Unfortunately she didn't have time to ask Mack anymore about it as another customer was waiting in line behind Jane to pay for his item.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around sometime, Jane. Maybe, if you know of any good pizza places around here, me, you and Daria could go hang out or something."

"Yeah," Jane replied, still taken aback a little by Mack's nonchalant tone when discussing his and Jodie's break up. "I'm sure Daria wont mind. I'll see you later, Mack."

"All right, see you later, Jane."