Is that a pickle under your dress or are you just happy to see me...? Tucking drag-queens on the next sick sad world

"You know, I bet you somewhere right now there is one very pissed-off RuPaul threatening to sue the pants off the producers of this show-"

"Or in this case, their panties," Daria sleepily joked, before muting the TV screen in front of them and turning back towards her stalling friend, "So, I thought the whole purpose of you dropping by was to see how I was doing with my English assignment, but since you've been here for the last hour and a half and have yet to ask me how it's going, I have to ask...is there something wrong?"

Normally Jane would've feigned innocence at this question and countered Daria's accusation with a rebuttal of her own, but since her friend was right and there was actually something on her mind right now, she decided to skip all pleasantries.

"Okay, you got me. You remember last week when you dropped me off at the mall so I could buy new running shoes...? Well, you'll never guess who I bumped into at Sports Authority..."

Not one for guessing games caused Daria to absentmindedly reply: "Let me guess, the Dalai Lama?"

"You're not even trying, are you, Daria...?" Jane asked, with an accusing glare before continuing with: "No, it was none other than Mack Daddy, himself. Turns out he dropped out of Vance and is now here in Boston studying to become a computer programmer...and get this, he said that him and Jodie called it quits months ago and their both fine with it. Can you believe that, Daria?"

After studying the female in front of her to see if she was serious or not-which she could tell she was-Daria outwardly questioned if she was supposed to be in disbelief that Mack was in Boston studying to become a computer programmer or if she was supposed to be in disbelief that him and Jodie had broken up and were both completely fine with it.

"The latter, of course, Daria! Haven't you been paying attention?" Jane exclaimed, while standing up and dramatically throwing her arms in the air for effect, "I mean, this is not just some run of the mill couple we're talking about here. It's Mack and Jodie. Lawndale High's most popular couple. They've been together longer than any other couple I know..hell, they've been together longer than I've known you...and their just fine with not being together anymore? I don't buy it. Uh-uh. Not for one single minute...and neither should you."

Having never seen her friend this worked up over something so trivial caused Daria to just watch in surprise as Jane began pacing back and fourth in front of her; throwing out idea after idea as to why their friends had broken up in the first place.

"Maybe he cheated on her..or maybe she cheated on him...? No! That can't be it 'cause he said they were still friends and talked almost every other day..maybe they just-"

"Grew apart?"

As if, for the first time, just realizing that Daria was still in the room, Jane stopped and stared at the woman in front of her as if she had suddenly grown two heads, and then after a second of shaking her head at her friend's words, she replied: "No, that can't be it..it has to be something bigger...something huge...I just wonder what it could be."

And something tells me I'm not going to get any work done until she finds out what that something is.

Sorry so short, setting it up for the next chapter..what do you think so far though?