Same Old Classic Plot

Chapter I


You should have seen it all, the grand ball that took place in the Imperial Palace of the great Britannia, where all the important people gathered. The theme of gold and white—with the rich red that accompanied it—presented well the costly glamor that was meant to awe those who would step foot in the royal structure.

Golden chandeliers hang above the high white ceiling, which itself was granted carvings that decorated it, eloquently gracing the people of its artificial light which rivaled the darkness that was just outside. The windows were of clear glass with frames designed meticulously; each with silky red curtains tied aside it, right and left. The glazed red marble floors added to the affluent theme with musicians, mostly composed of skilled violinists, entertaining with class.

The people who had set foot inside the grandeur-filled structure were of the richest and most important in the land. From royalties to nobles; king and queen to viceroys and to the bottom chain of the aristocratic government. Those with the so-called status breathed the air of the wealthiest and the most powerful, the ones who had ownership of the territory they had currently stood upon, the ones who bore the name of their land, Britannia.

The royalties were definitely there, the princes and the princesses that made a total number of eleven, together with the emperor and empress themselves, making all thirteen royal bloods.

Children of the reigning emperor and empress—two of the eleven were hers as the rest had different mothers—were scattered around the ball, each entertained by the guests who came and went, but they were only ten as one of them was at hold of the empress herself, who stood along side the emperor by the front center where their golden and purple cushioned thrones were put on slightly elevated ground.

This child had in possession of silky seemingly tousled raven black hair and a perfect pair of amethyst-like eyes. He was slim and bony that was likely to be enough of an explanation of his physical incompetence but this never flawed his charm that was adequate to attract a horde of girls since his facial features provided it. Not only that, but his mental prowess wass to be admired, even by the aged and wise. To put it off simply, he was a typical handsome and charming prince. What's more?

He was nothing ordinary.

He was chosen among eleven to be heir to the throne of the almighty Britannia. The child referred to was currently of an age of seven, Prince Lelouch vi Britannia was his birth name and bestowed upon him was ultimate power. Britannia was founded as the strongest nation the world has seen.

He wore clothes of fine embroidery sewn by hands that wounded themselves for the perfection that was meant for him. He wore an outfit made of the finest white fabric that could be found for his full-sleeved top along with a diamond-shape-patterned golden vest and with the matching red cravat tied elegantly around his neck. And to go with it, a pair of deep black slacks. He wore a purple cape with the emblem of Britannia on it that represented royalty, trimmed with fine silver. His only accessory was a pocket watch which was chained gold to his vest. To take the simplicity of his guise for granted would definitely be a mistake.

Yet even so, all that was spoken of was still about a child, who had presently worn a childish scowl as he felt unbearably bored.

"Mommy..." the boy whined.

"Dear, can't you be more like little Nuna? She may be the youngest but she handles herself better than you do." His mother referref to the younger girl of light brown locks and the same purple eyes who was at hold of a certain pink-haired girl. The empress had ebony mane, from which Lelouch had inherited his, and deep lilac orbs that represented well her kind soul. Her outfit comprised of a Victorian dress mostly of the different shades of blue, then the rest was of white and gold.

"Well, I wouldn't mind if I could hang out with Nuna and the others. Why did he tell you to bring me with you anyway? He could have just asked for big brother Oddyseus or even big brother Scnheizel! They would've been more than happier to stay here and do nothing!" He whined.

"You know exactly why."

"I know, I know. Heir to the throne. I get it." Lelouch pouted as his mother simply laughed at him being ridiculous and adorable.

"You'll understand some time," was all she said. For the time being, his mother was simply entertained by those who came by to converse while Lelouch wanted to get away to where Nunally was, although he appreciated the compliments he received time after time, they're main objective was his mother, Empress of Britannia.

All the while when he thought that all he had hoped for the evening was lost, he felt a light pat on his shoulder and turned to see a familiar face of a blond and a ginger-haired girl who looked at him with a warm smile.

"Hey~a Lelouch!" The blond exclaimed but not too loud as to gain the attention of the surrounding crowd but loud enough to emphasize her joy of seeing a dreaded prince at place.

"Milly," Lelouch could do nothing else but to glare at the older girl. Milly was a year older than the glaring prince. She wore a simple yet stylish ocean-green dress with white trims and cute white sandals. She was of the Ashford family, allies to the Empress Marianne and was Lelouch's first childhood friend since they've met at earlier years.

"Now, now princey, don't look so terrifying," Milly could only smirk while Lelouch continued to glare. Milly then looked away from him then replaced her smirk with a kind smile looking at her companion who was beside her, "C'mon Shirley, this is whom I wanted you to meet, say hello," Milly encouraged the shy girl.

"Uhh... Hello." She mused, still smiling shyly. Half of the girl's orange hair was tied in a black bow with her bangs on one side revealing warm innocent green eyes. She wore a blue dress with black trims on the lower part of her frilly skirt and on the edges of her puffy sleeves and a larger black bow behind her waist with white knee-length socks and matching black doll shoes.

"Hi…" The young prince replied uncertainly as he locked eyes with her.

"And who do we have here?" The empress took notice after Lelouch's hand stopped fidgeting against hers.

"Hi there, your Majesty!" Milly greeted quickly and rather so informally.

"Hello Milly," the empress returned a smile.

"Your Majesty," the younger girl curtsied, "my name is Shirley of the Fenette household. It's nice to meet you." She greeted as practiced then returned her gaze towards Lelouch.

"Nice to meet you too, Shirley." The empress simply smiled then looked at the two as they continued to stare at each other. "Would you like to spend some time with him?" The empress offered kindly while Lelouch snapped his way to look at his mother with all hope and glee for the freedom he would soon be granted with.

"Well… If you wouldn't mind at all," Shirley paused, "and if his highness would want to." She added quickly and shyly while looking at the ground. Her cheeks a little tinted with bright red. Milly stifled a laugh at this.

"I wouldn't mind at all, dear, and anyway," the Empress continued to smile as she turned towards her son, "I'm sure Lelouch would love to make friends." She finished with a lighthearted chuckle which had caused Lelouch to blush.


"Well?" Milly said, breaking it.

"I'll go then." Lelouch finally said. With this, Shirley was delighted. Lelouch grabbed hold onto Shirley's hand then ran away as fast as his legs could go leaving Milly behind.

"Have fun!" The empress bid then looked towards Milly who excused herself. The empress then returned her attention to the nobles who came to converse with whatever they brought up.

"Finally." Lelouch exhaled as he panted hard.

"Umm," Shirley stared at a stricken Lelouch, "are you alright?" She asked out of pure concern, innocently.

"I'm...fine." He panted, after minutes of deep breathing exercises the young prince collected himself.

"You aren't really used to running, aren't you, your highness?" Shirley said as she laughed a bit.

"Well apparently I'm more of brains than brawn." He defended childishly which caused the two to laugh. "Call me Lelouch, okay?" He said as he smiled charmingly at Shirley.

"I can?" She asked, hesitant.

"Of course." He smiled. "You can even give me a nickname!" Lelouch added in cheerfully but knowingly. Shirley thought well about it, why not?

"Lulu." She concluded about it quickly.

"Lulu?" He asked, taken aback just a bit while Shirley had noticed this.

"Uhh... Never mind, I'll just call you Lelou—"

"It's fine! I like it!" Lelouch claimed before she could finish causing Shirley to blush. "Well? Lulu it is!" Lelouch waited for a response. "I know, wanna go to where my little sister is? You're definitely gonna like her. She's an angel!" He grabbed her hand and this time they just walked off.

But before they could arrive anywhere near Nunally, a young man of ocean-green hair and sharp orange eyes who appeared with the uniform of the royal guards approached Lelouch.

"Your highness, where have you been?" The young man asked. After a short moment, he took notice of Shirley. "Oh," He paused, "You must be the young lady of the Fenette household. A pleasure to meet you, Miss. I am Jeremiah Gotwald, personal guard of his young highness here." He smiled at Shirley. "If you would excuse me milady," he excused himself giving Lelouch his attention, "Your highness, your parents are currently in need of your presence at the platform."

"But Mommy just sent me off-"

"In a rather bad time, your highness. The Stadtfelds have just arrived." Jeremiah said.

"The Stadtfelds?"

"Yes your highness." Jeremiah confirmed as he looked at Shirley. "We should head over there right now your highness. I'll ask one of the guards to escort Lady Fenette back to where her parents are." He concluded as he called one of the royal guards to his request.

"Alright..." Jeremiah readied themselves to part while Lelouch took a glance at Shirley, "We'll head off now, Shirley."

"Milady?" The guard offered a hand to Shirley while Shirley accepted. Lelouch looked at her again before leaving not wanting to leave his newly-made friend.

"You should really go now, y'know Lulu." Shirley smiled.

"Yeah, it was nice meeting you Shirley! See ya' next time, 'kay?" Lelouch waved as he walked off quickly together with Jeremiah smiling.

"Buh-bye Lulu! See you again!" She waved back with a smile on her face. As Lelouch disappeared in the crowd she looked at the guard with a nod and was then escorted.

On the stage where the crowd surrounded it, Lelouch was safely escorted by Jeremiah.

"Excuse me." Lelouch announced coolly. Seeing his mother and father he then apologized for the wait.

"Lelouch, come here. We've someone we want you to meet." His father called as Lelouch unquestionably obeyed. "Lord Stadtfeld, this is my son, Lelouch. He will ascend to the throne after my time." As the emperor introduced him, the nobleman bowed.

"Your highness, Prince Lelouch," The man started with a voice so deep, well suited for a man like him, with his head low, "It is a great pleasure to have finally met you." Lord Stadtfeld greeted with utmost respect.

"The Stadtfelds barely make it to social balls like these since they're usually busy with the affairs of the government." The empress said. "They are of great help to us." The empress added.

"Ohh." Was all Lelouch could give.

"Please, anything for the Imperial family. We're glad to be of any help." Lord Stadtfeld added. "Anyway, I brought someone with me today. If I may?"

"Of course." Lelouch's father approved.

"Let me introduce to you my one and only daughter,"

Lord Stadtfeld moved a bit to the side as if to give way. As he motioned to the side, a young girl with red hair was revealed, who wore an elegant white dress with fine pink trims of Japanese flowers then walked up front then curtsied gracefully. Lord Stadtfeld then lays his hands on the younger girl's shoulders lovingly and proudly.

"Kallen Stadtfeld."

So... How was it?

I'm a beginner!

Same Old Classic Plot is my second FF. It was inspired by Aisaka Sumi's Black Wings, an FF in CardCaptor Sakura.