Climax French

France is about to declare "war" on Italy…which would affect the course of history as well as it "introduces" the historical characters of that country…and at the same time…a previous, "favorite" character makes a return to join the "villains" who was last seen in Russia and intends to get even at Robin for the humiliation he gets…


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About two weeks later, peace is reigning in France with no incident of any kind, and things appeared to all as well…until one day when "King Kong" is making his daily rounds at the farm areas where agricultural business is thriving with banana plantation is booming, and this give this country an economical booming success. Of course the once-peasant farmers are now slowly reaching the level of the middle-class yet they remained as humble as before.

"Ahh…bananas…my favorite food…so, is business doing any good to you…?"

"Yes…yes…thanks to you…my family won't starve again! I am in your debt!"

"A-ha-ha-ha…! No need…just keep producing bananas and this world will me…and you…filthy rich! Keep up the good work! I must be going…I got other things to check on!"

After passing by several other plantations, King Kong (aka Entemon) is leaving with several bananas in his palms, eating them away as he is having a feast. The farmers, who were once peasants, are now thriving financially and bowed to the new king of France in respect, and he assured to them to keep up the good work. As he passed by the pier, mixed reaction greeted him. While several fishermen greeted him with respect, others did not, despising his appearance and seem to remain loyal to Louis XV.

"You…you have no business with France! We rather have Louis Xv as our king than an ape like you!"

"Watch your tongue, you fool! He may be a talking ape but thanks to him we farmers are improving our lives here! And France is slowly getting back on its feet!"

"Shut up, you lowly peasant! You're better off eating pig feces!"

Hearing this made Entemon (now King Kong) feel he has to act as the "champion of the masses" so he stepped in and teach the rude fishermen a lesson. He threw a banana peel on the rude fisherman's face and go his attention.

"Augh! Banana peel!"

"So…you say that these lowly farmers are better off living in pigsties?"

"You bet they are! They have no place for the rich! And thanks to you…I'm now living as a fisherman instead of living as an aristocrat after you forced me to pay my debts to these lowly farm scumbags! They're better off as beggars licking my aristocratic feet!"

"Really…? You ought to be taught a lesson…B1, B2…teach him a lesson in manner so he will remember to respect his fellow countrymen…"

B1and B2 (from Bananas In Pajamas) came, still wearing their pajama pants, but they are not wearing upper clothing, except for red chest armors with spikes, and wearing face paints which looked intimidating.

"What the…? A talking ape and now a pair of moving bananas?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, B1?"

"I think I am, B2!"

The arrogant fisherman, who was once an aristocrat, is shaken as B1 and B2 removed thjeir armors, then B2 hoisted the arrogant man on top of his shoulders as B1 climbed on top of the crate near a ship, ready to fly on top of the arrogant man.



B1 jumped from the top crate and performed a flying clothesline on the hapless arrogant man and the man fell down, knocked down and in pain. The fishermen who are grateful to King Kong roared in jubilation at seeing the ex-aristocrat beaten up as B1 and B2 did a "thumbs up" sign while King Kong is clapping, until a boat came and went to the pier where a familiar face made its appearance known. It was Prince John, and with him is the Sheriff of Nottingham. Intrigued, he ordered the soldiers to take them in and they all went back to the palace while the fishermen continued with their usual work.


At the palace, King Kong and Prince John got acquainted and is interested to see how he came to life and learned that he was created by the Book of Psalms and asked him who "ousted" him from England, which the now ex-prince waved his arms in frustration and told him who did this to him.

"A French boy and a red-skinned monster! Yes…that's right…it was them…and thanks to them, I'm homeless…and they even sold mew to some pirates and look at me…my mane is shaved…I'm bald for the last four weeks…! The humiliation…!"

Prince John ended his tirade with sucking his thumb and King Kong got an idea on how to "expand" his "conquest" and seeing that Prince John can help him achieve those goals. He asked him if he would be willing to rule another country, which Prince John is all ears.

"Really…? Will that make me richer? I can have all the tings I want…?"

"Yes…of course…and since you're here…why don't we join forces…? I can help you get your life back…and um…are these the ones who made your life miserable…?"

King Kong showed to him his "I-Pad" and showed the pictures of the musketeers, where Prince John recognized Robin, and he made a tantrum-like mentality and told him that he must be punished for the humiliation he got.

"Yes, yes…that's him! That's the brat who caused a revolt in England! And now…and now…wwwwwaaaaahhh!"

Prince John went into a fit of rage and ended it with a crying and sucking his thumb. Smirking at how things are going his way, King Kong now has everything planned and intends to have his "conquest" commenced and used his newly-found comrade to achieve his goal.

"Okay…I'll launch a manhunt to find that boy and his cohorts…and I'll give you a throne to sit…at another country…but…I'll be needing your cooperation…"

"Yes, yes…I'll cooperate…can I bring the Sheriff of Nottingham with me…?"

"Yes…as you wish…come with me…we'll be doing a "number"…to send a message to someone at a European country…"


Inside the Den-Liner, a few days later, the four musketeers temporarily accepted to stay here after Dodoro came and showed to them the wanted posers of D'Eon, Robin, Teillagory and Durand, each accused of crimes which the foursome find it "outrageous". As Fuyuki read the posters, he stared wide-eyed at the crimes the musketeers committed.

- D'Eon is wanted for stealing women's dresses;

- Teillagory is wanted for being a pedophile;

- Durand for poking his sword on people's butts;

- And Robin for streaking in public.

Teillagory: "This is outrageous! Why would I be committing acts of pedophilia? I'm not seeing any women younger at this time!"

Robin: "Me…? Streaking in public? That damn ape is framing us!"

Durand: "And why would I poke my sword on anyone's arse?"

D'Eon: "Hmm…This Entemon…it's his doing…"

Fuyuki glanced at the four musketeers, wondering if the Den-Liner crew being here has caused a stir in this era, and even wondered if the events happening right now is affecting the present-day era and he became worried at what the outcome would be like. Naomi came and offered the four knights coffee…and this time she got it right, and the four of them managed to calm down.


Meanwhile, Robin decided to go to the dressing room to change, and as he is naked, he is about to get his breeches when he found another porn magazine, and out of curiosity, he read it, not noticing that a pair of Cookie Monsters sneaked inside. By then, chaos erupted.


"What the…?"

"That's Robin! He's in trouble!"

"Come on, everyone!"

Everyone came inside the dressing room to see what just occurred. The two Cookie Monsters are grappling his legs as one of them reach for his privates, and Kohana blushed to see the teen page's "member" standing up to attention as she saw the porn mag on the floor.


"Bread stick…"

"Two meatballs…"

D'Eon and Durand came to Robin's aid and fought the two Cookie Monsters and chased them away, while Kohana whacked Fuyuki on the head for brining the magazines here and that someone else read it, while Robin is emotionally shaken by the incident, and vowed to be "pure" until he is of legal age and ready to get married.

"Wwwwwaaaahhhh! I swear…I'll never read that filthy book again!"

"At least you became a man, lad…"

"Durand! Stop teasing him!"

As everyone composed themselves, the four alien frogs huddled as Keroro got the porn magazine.

"Kero-kero-kero…we can use this to sell in this era…and make lots of French currencies…and when we get back to our current time..we can sell the old currencies to the pawnshop so we can make Japanese Yen…and will be millionaires…and then we can conquer Pekopon…kero-kero-kero…what a good plan we make…kero-kero-kero…"

"Ku-ku-ku…I like the sound of that…ku-ku-ku-ku…"

Giroro sighed at his two comrades' foolishness as he stared at the window, wondering how long can they stay in 17th century France as he wanted to head back to 21st century Japan.


The next three days, at Rome, Italy, the scene shifts inside a royal palace where many Italian people are living peacefully yet the current governance is similar to the Roman Empire. Although the year now is 1776, and even though the Italians clothing are now quite "modern", its Roman Empire culture remained the same, and even though chariots and horses are still the main mode of transportation, carriages are now introduced.

The scene shifts inside the palace where several Roman soldiers are stationed, guarding the king and queen, and their attires are still Roman Empire-ish, such as the armors and clothing. The scene shifts further inside the throne room where its rulers are shown and they appeared to be in their early 30's, and they are Julius Caesar MDCCLXXVI, and his wife, Cleopatra MDCCLXXVI. While they are descendants of the late, great Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, they no longer share their descendants' thirst for conquest, and instead led Italy to a peaceful life and worked with nearby countries for import and export on agriculture and businesses.

"Julius, dear…we've been busy all day long for the past decade…why don't we take and break and do the "you-know-what"…I want to have a child…so we can have a successor to your throne…I wish to be a mother…so I won't be a bother…"

"Patience, dear…we will have our private moment…"

By then, the door swings open and someone entered the throne room in such surprise, which even the royal guards are taken by surprise as everything happened…so FAST.


Caesar MDCCLXXVI blinked his eyes in surprise, as so does Cleopatra MDCCLXXVI, as standing before them is a human-sized, anthropomorphic Road Runner, and it is holding a tablet computer, ready to be activated and the rulers of Italy wondered what is going on and what is about to happen.

To Be Continued…

First was France…and now it's Italy. Entemon is going to cause trouble to nearby countries as he has some mischievous plans in store for the nearby European countries and this is his first step to "conquest", and of all the countries, he has chosen to provoke the "pasta capital".

Prince John is back…and this time he has a reason to celebrate. He not only regained his freedom, he also gets to rule a foreign country with no Robin Hood to cause trouble. And now an 18th century version of Caesar and Cleopatra are about to feel the "wrath" of the ape-Digimon.

Poor Robin…now he is the next victim to read a porn magazine…and almost lost his "birdie" to two stray Cookie Monsters…but he, along with D'Eon, Durand and Teillagory, are now "wanted", as Entemon did this to keep them off the streets.

The Bananas in Pajamas made another cameo, this time cosplaying the 1980's and 90's wrestling team, The Legion of Doom. They're my favorite wrestlers and I thought I would have them shown here as a homage.

As such…I don't own them the other characters listed above…


Entemon made the first move by insulting Caesar and now a war between France and Italy is about to commence…with hilarious results while D'Eon pondered on what to do next in order to confront Entemon and ask him why they are being "wanted"…