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Amy Pond wandered the TARDIS, she decided not to change out of her clothes just yet, simply because she just couldn't be bothered. She felt that something, no, someone was missing. But who could possibly be missing? She shrugged off the strange feeling, making her way down the stairs into the main console room. "Right. So where are we going next?" she asked, smiling at the Doctor when she saw him.

The man in question looked up from the console at his companion, a stronger pang of guilt hit him full force like a smack in the face. It only reinforced the fact that he knew she needed someone in her life and he'd taken that from her. He should have made sure that she and Rory were safely in the TARDIS before he looked at the crack in time that seemed to follow them everywhere.

Amy stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at him. To her, for once, he looked ancient. He looked like he had the burden of the weight of the universe, not just the earth on his shoulders. Why did he look at her with such sadness and guilt? What was hurting her Raggedy Doctor so much?

Sighing softly, she silently walked to him and squeezed herself between him and the console and she wound her arms around his middle, resting her head on his shoulder.

The Doctor watched her every move, watched her talk toward him with a look of confusion and pity across her flawless face and he'd taken a slight unconscious step backward to give her enough room and he enveloped her in a hug, his arms tightly around her back. He only barely heard her quiet question of "What's got you so sad?"

"It's nothing…" he whispered. "You should think about getting some rest, Pond. It's been a long day."

"I don't need to. I'm fine." Amy said, a small pout on her face.

"So why is your body language saying the opposite." he raised an eyebrow.

She pouted again into his shoulder. "I hate you sometimes…"

"I know." he grinned.

"Fine I'll go." she said and reluctantly dropped her arms and pulled herself from the comfort of his embrace. She slowly walked around the console and back up the stairs. The TARDIS seemed to read her mind, and the first room Amy came to looked almost the double of her own bedroom. She shut the door and fell on the bed, curling under the covers, falling asleep. Her dreams were of a boy she should have known, but unfortunately would never remember. The boy she should have been destined to marry.

The Doctor was left to his own devices and his own thoughts.

He couldn't sit there watching Rory die in his arms. That memory alone was enough to trigger those feelings he had when Jenny, his own daughter had done exactly the same thing.

What was it with people jumping in harm's way to save him? What was it with people never listening to a word he said?

If the TARDIS had been a person, she would have been crying for the two lonely souls inside her walls. A lonely Time Lord beating himself up over the day's events and a simple act of human nature. A lonely Scottish girl from an English village who would never remember her lover, and would cry, even when she hadn't realised it.