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"Youichi, don't go too far. And I don't want you going to the dark part of the park, OK?"

He ignores me. Instead, he turns to Natsume.

"Dad, can I have money for ice cream?"

Natsume digs into his pocket and hands him whatever he can find.

Youichi's face lights up as he runs the sandbox to where his friends are.

"You know he's going to buy ice cream for his friends too, you know."

"What harm will that be, Mikan?"

I shrug. Smart ass.

"Polka, look." He says, as he points. I follow the direction, and I smile brightly.

I run towards the swings and sit down on one excitedly, kicking my legs.

Natsume coolly walked towards me. "Mikan, you're almost 29. Will you stop acting like a kid?"

"Never. Push me, Natsume! I can't do it by myself!" He rolled his eyes and went behind me. I was waiting for the push, but the push I got wasn't the one I was expecting. I landed on my butt and glared at Natsume.

"What? You said push you. So I did." He said, mockingly. I saw a smirk on his face, too. Oh, how much I wanted to wipe that off his face.

"You're gonna pay for that, Mister!" I charged towards him, but he was just too fast. I chased him all around the park.

And I felt happy, like when we were kids.


"Youichi, aren't those your parents?"

"What are you talking about? I don't know them."

"Sure? Because I'm pretty sure you were with the—"

"Who wants ice cream?"

"We do! We do!"

(End of Teeny Tiny Epilogue)

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