Beauty is the beast

Ichi/Sawaguchi chapter :

Kurogawa Ichi was already in her third year of college, it was by coincidence that she passed in this street and it was definitely by coincidence that she had come face to face with this person.

But in shojo manga the heroine often came across her first love by a hazardous fate and the love story soon follow, maybe that was it througt Ichi, fate had brought together again the relationship who was once forbidden and could never even see the light.

Indeed before her stood Sawaguchi Natsuki, same as always smoking and no doubt on his way to a gambling spot, Ichi lost in her througts in front of him, Sawaguchi stared at her seemingly wondering why she was blocking his path.

'Does she want to pick me up ? She doesn't seem very old, is she even legal ? Well if she give me money and take me to the field...'

Ichi interrupted his throught then « Do you reconize me Sawaguchi-san ? »

Seeing his blank face she adeed « I am Kurogawa Ichi »

He scratch his head and frowned, Ichi deadpan talked again « I was a border at (x) high school. » A look of understanding cross his face.

« Oh, yeah I never remember the name of evryone, there's too much people and it's troublesome. » Sawaguchi said true to himself.

Ichi remembering all the conversation she had with him, know well how Sawaguchi worked, he probably didn't know who she was and if she didn't do something he would soon go away. So she said the thing who had the more chance to make him remember her : « My sister was a border too, Kurosawa Misao. »

When she said that Sawaguchi had already a vague souvenir of this girl, but it then became clear in his mind. Well, of course he remembered Misao because of her friendship with the easily unforgetable Eimi, and he didn't only remember her because she had married his cousin Takami, and even without Eimi, Misao weird decoration was hard to forget, yes the borders this year were tame in comparison to them. And of course Ichi Kurogawa was as weird as his sister in his opinion, she had confess to him then hid from him and then try to convince him to go out with her. Yeah, he remembered her.

« Right, Kurosawa Ichi, I remember. »

« Are you going to the pachinko ? » She asked, he looked at her and said : « Want to come ? »

Ichi nodded and smiled, thinking of all the possibilities that a proposition like that entrail in a shoujo manga, would they have a streamy relationship at the beginning and he would fall for her progressively like every cool guy, or would they take the romantic road with date and all...

It's like that, her thinking of love manga and him thinking of gambling that they made their way to the pachinko parlor two street below, together united by fate once again (maybe)...