Outtake: Drea/Jacob, Melded

Summary: This is an outtake of my story 'Herstory' to follow Ch 11. Total fluff. I'm not sure it really needs a 'M' rating, but it probably does, therefore it's an outtake. OC/Jacob

Legal: It's fan fiction, therefore not mine! =) Thanks to SM for creating a beautiful world that creates such a desire to play.


It was a quiet meadow, filled with soft grass and silver moonlight. He cradled her in his arms like the precious treasure she was and kissed her reverently. A goddess to be worshiped, his princess, no, his queen.

He sat her gently on the grass and she removed the symbol of their union from their wrists to aid their movements. The magic had solidified their bond, the physical symbol was no longer needed.

Sitting beside her reclined form, he could not help but touch her, kiss her, pull her into his arms as close and tight as he could hold her without harming her. Her startling green eyes searched his when he pulled back from the passionate kiss to catch his breath.

The love between them was tangible, like a living fog swirling around them, binding their souls as one. The time for words was past as hands fumbled to explore and embrace the one of the other. To show and explore their love physically was all that mattered in that moment.

Clothes fell away as hands and fingers and lips explored. His warmth made her body tingle in the most tantalizing ways. She was beyond coherent thought as her body burned for his.

His inexperience hindered little as nature and instinct compelled him to bring her pleasure as she moaned and pressed herself into each touch and every caress. He began memorizing her, his new favorite subject to study. He knew he'd never tire of learning her curves and how to elicit the melodious moans she made as he touched her.

He was so very warm, truly her Lugh, her sun god. His heat increased hers as she began to feel a delicious coil building tension deep in her core. Her hands explored his muscled body, hard and soft in all the right places. He was truly a god among men. Gorgeous, kind, sexy, sweet, talented of mind, heart, and body. He was a treasure.

As he manipulated her body she prayed to the goddess that she could return such pleasure as he gave her. Her hands frantically touching and teasing, she forced the magnificent sounds from him, learning to play him like an instrument that made the most beautiful music she'd ever heard. Finding the buttons that made the most amazing sounds and continuing to explore for more.

After scant few moments they were both worked into a frenzy and needed to posses each other in the most primal and original of ways. To occupy and be occupied. They joined their bodies as one. They surged like the tides until the sweet pressure exploded and they felt as if they truly melded. Where once there were two, now only one remained.