"Fuck you." Tsuna breathed, his golden eyes bright as the dying will flame glowed.

"My pleasure." Giotto murmured, his lean body against Tsuna's, pinning him to the wall as he landed his lips on Tsuna's.

Tsuna's eyes widened, as Vongola Primo's hand which had a steely grip on his hands, released him as Giotto went down, and seized something that made Tsuna's breathing shallow and uneven.

"How is it?" Giotto asked softly, forcefully stripping down Tsuna's pants and gripped Tsuna's.

"S- stop." Tsuna breathed, feeling the will of him dying, nearly going into the normal Tsuna mode, "Go away!"

Giotto responded with a deep look as he kissed him again.

"What the."



Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera's respective voices rang out. Reborn, as usual, gave a small curl of smile and jumped off the bed.

"Dame-Tsuna, listen." he chortled, "Calm down."

"How can I?" Tsuna's voice was filled with such agony that even Reborn looked slightly guilty, "No way. NO WAY."

"Blood ties, to kill for better.

Lose ties, to win the greater.

Severe ties, to gain the precious,

Betray ties, to earn the yearn." Gokudera repeated the prophecy, "FUCK this. What the hell is this."

"Actually, the Dreamelcles is famous for one aim prophecy." Reborn said.

"What do you mean?" Tsuna asked, his heart heavy as lead.

"That means, all four lines, have the equal meaning."

"So that is... Kill and lose family to gain the better?" Gokudera said in horrified voice.

"Blood ties. That must be someone related by blood."

"That could be Ninth! Jyuudaime's father-sama! Or even worse -"

"Nana." Reborn continued with an emotionless note.

"No. No way this is happening!" Tsuna exploded forcefully. Everyone cast their faces down, looking guilty. Afterall, it's all their fault.

Tsuna remembered. How everyone pushed him into the tent, wanting to get Dreamelcles to give him a prophecy. How he had refused but Dreamelcles cackled evilly, his rotten face upon Tsuna, and the prophecy boomed.

To everyone's ears, like a bom, exploded with full force.

"The prophecy, is unavoidable." Dreamelcles breathed into Tsuna's ears, "You can choose to accept it earlier, or else." He cackled so evilly, "You, finding me, unfolds another path for your destiny. If you're not to hear about the prophecy, maybe you can avoid the fate. You get the prophecy because you came."

And that's the final straw for the hyper-tension Tsuna.

He shifted into Hyper Dying Will mode so easily that everyone, who had ran into the tent, dumbfounded as Tsuna's merciless golden eyes shone brightly.

"You will pay for the terrible fate you cast upon me." Tsuna promised commandingly, eyes flashing so brightly that the 100 year old Dreamelcles screamed, slammed a hundred bucks on the table and ran away screaming.

Reborn took the money, "He paid. Stop it, Tsuna."

Everyone sweatdropped at the comedy-like ending, yet in deepest of hearts, they know that the prophecy is true. Tsuna had indeed bound to a terrible fate.

"Jyuudaime." Gokudera's voice snapped Tsuna out of his trance, "So… What are you going to do?"

Tsuna sighed, rubbing his temple, and his brown eyes cast upon Reborn seriously.

"I am going to accept this fate."

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