Written for the OC name Challenge

Special thanks to my beta, Corinne Marie


Astrid Finnigan was a very timid girl. At times James Potter wondered how she had been sorted into Gryffindor. There was no brave nerve in the girl. And sometimes he had to wonder how they had become best friends. It had been all due to the talent competition. In his second year, Professor Longbottom started a talent competition, believing that everyone had a hidden talent, and Jamesknew that Astrid had a very nice voice, as he often heard her humming to herself. He had also discovered, by accident, that she liked to sing, and sang very nicely. He told this to his best friend and partner in crime, Fred Weasley, who refused to believe him and said even if it was true, Astrid would never sing in front of thousands of people. She was too shy. James Potter vowed to himself that if nothing else, this would definitely happen. After all, this talent competition was to bring out hidden talents right?

So he relentlessly attempted to persuade Astrid Finnigan to sing. She came to the auditions—only because he made her do it—but fled when she saw the crowd. He, however, did not give up. After all he had vowed to himself right? So he recorded her voice (Muggle technology did have its uses) and presented the recording to Professor Longbottom as the audition test. As James had predicted, Astrid's voice immediately won Professor Longbottom's heart and he said she could perform at the Talent Competition, but she would have to sing herself. No more recorded voices.

He had to tail after Astrid for a whole week before she finally agreed to "try" to sing at the Talent competition to get rid of him.

On the day of Talent Competition, she had been petrified. He tried his best to calm her nerves, cracking his wittiest jokes, and somehow managed to get her on stage. As she stepped on the center stage, the Slytherins, who knew how timid and shy she was, started booing her. That had been enough to terrify the already scared girl once more and she attempted to run off-stage. But he had grabbed her before she got away. He took her hand and brought her in the center of the stage again and summoned his guitar which flew down from his dorm. His mum had been right. The guitar lessons did come helpful that day and as he played the guitar, Astrid Finnigan sang her self-written song, and was later declared the third-runner up of the talent competition.

Since that day, there had been no looking back.

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