You smiled, taking a deep breath of semi-polluted air. Your train had just arrived. Ah, you were finally back in good old Namimori. Your home…well, technically you were Italian and had spent almost your whole life in Italy but dammit, Namimori was your home if you said it was your home! And technically, the train station was a mile outside of Namimori so you weren't home yet.

You paused in your moment of deep reflection to reach down and grasp the handles of your suitcase, pulling them behind you as you walked out of the train station. Whoever had come up with the idea of attaching wheels to suitcases was your own personal hero. After Chuck Norris that was…and the person who had created popsicles…and Hibari…oh, and the guy who'd first started packaging already sliced bread. But the wheel on suitcases guy was definitely on that list of your personal heroes.

As you exited the train station, you started the mile long walk to Namimori, suitcases trailing behind you like obedient little pets. Now, it probably would have been smarter to hop onto a shuttle bus going into Namimori or to hire a taxi but hell, cool people walked! Especially cool people without cars of their own! And besides, you were doing your part to cut down on pollution and to help the environment! Yeah, that's the reason you hadn't thought of a cab or a shuttle bus. It wasn't that you had a stupid moment or anything, nope, it was because you were environmentally kind!

And since it would be very boring to describe your mile long walk (you know, the whole 'you put one foot in front of the other and then brought the other foot in front of the next foot' would get tedious after twenty or so sentences), we'll just skip to the part where you'd just finished your mile-long hike. And look at you, such a healthy, in shape person! You were only panting and wheezing and sounding worse than a cancer ridden smoker with a hole in their throat…that was a plus to the last time you'd hiked a mile. You'd collapsed half-way through that time. Go you! You did a cheerful victory dance, complete with random air-guitar playing to commemorate this great moment of your life.

And then you stepped foot in Namimori at last, eager to get back to your apartment and store your suitcases before you went and found every last member of your family to glomp. You'd missed your family during your trip to Italy. Especially Tsuna…boy might shit out happy, fluffy bunnies and sparkly unicorns but he was still your boss and you wanted him around! It was boring without him and his harem to amuse you.

You hadn't even taken one full step past Namimori's town limits when the air was split by incredibly loud wailing. A siren? Why the hell were sirens sounding?

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" a random voice called out, seeming to fill up the air around you. Random citizens turned to look at you as you gazed around. Why were there no women? You'd just realized that fact actually. Namimori was filled with just men now. Your eyes widened as you watched the random citizens start to pick up random boards and pitchforks and other various weapons as they slowly closed in on you.

Holy shit! GANG RAPE!

You weren't ashamed to say you fled screaming like a little baby. Your feet ate up ground, zigzagging through streets and down narrow alleys, dodging attacks from random males. What the hell was going on? Your eyes lit up and you almost smiled as you saw what seemed like a beacon of light and hope to you. It was Yamamoto and his father! They'd help you!

It was then that you saw the glint of the cleaver in Yama-papa's hand and saw Takeshi's kendo sword swing around to change into a sword. Ahh…no help there. With an even louder swing, you swerved as they gave chase to you, joining the mob. Ahead of you, your family members were now popping out of the woodwork. There! There was Gokudera! Come on you butt munch stalker, you thought, running towards him.

Only to swerve again when you saw him throw a dozen bombs in your direction. You fled shamelessly, increasing your speed as the sound of explosions closed in on you.

"Kill the intruder! KILL THE WOMAN!"

What the hell had Gokudera just said? And why the hell was the crowd picking up that statement, using it as some kind of battle cry? Tears were falling down in heavy streams as your chest started to fell like a sumo wrestler had decided to sit on it. You were going to die here!

A hand came out to grab your wrist, your feet nearly sliding out from under you as they pulled at you. Oh god, please make this death quick!

"(Y/n), come on! We don't have time to stand here!"

Was that…it was! Bianchi! You'd never been happier to see the face of the coolest pedophile you knew…the only pedophile you knew to be honest.

"Bianchi-chan! What's going on?" you cried out as her hand pulled you in a different direction than you'd been going. The two of you kept running down a series of alleyways, dodging and darting attacks.

"No time to explain! You'll have to wait until we get to headquarters," she cried out to you as the two of you approached an open man-hole cover. "Now get going!"

You stared at her incredulously. Did she really expect you to climb down into the sewers? But the sound of the mob and their chant of 'KILL THE WOMAN!' were getting closer and you were sure as hell going to brave the dark and disgusting sewers before you braved the mob. So you began climbing down as quickly as you could, Bianchi closely following you as she slid the manhole cover closed behind her. As your feet hit the floor and you followed her as she ran through murky water, you could only think one thing. What the hell had happened to Namimori?