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Warnings – Character death, bad language vague illusions to boys loving other boys.

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This was written for the amazing Trulywicked, no matter how hard you look you can't find a more wonderful person.

Not even the sky.

The sky was clear and crystal blue, not a single cloud in sight. Sasuke looked up at the wide blue expanse, funny not even the sky could compare with the color of those eyes. The sun was shining, he could feel the warmth of it on his pale skin and he would have laughed if he remembered how to. Not even the sun could warm him now. Sasuke was frozen through and through and nothing would ever thaw him out again. He would have thought even his blood was frozen solid if not the flowing from his many gashes proved him differently.

Sasuke looked at the ground next to him, noticing the tan hand that looked like it was still stretched out towards him. Sasuke sat down on the red-stained grass and stroked his fingertips over the open palm. It didn't feel right; the skin was too cold, the hand too still. The moron wasn't supposed to be quiet and still…he was supposed to be loud, cocky, annoying and…alive.

"See, no one mourns you, not even the sky." Sasuke looked up at the pretty blue sky again before looking back at that hand. "You did it all in vain." Sasuke felt wetness on his cheeks and moved a hand to wipe away the blood; he was surprised when the liquid came back clear. "Huh, look at that…" He said in a soft voice. "It doesn't count; these eyes aren't mine, which means the tears are not mine either."

He moved his hand from the tan hand that suddenly looked very small and fragile to bury it in wild blond hair, streaked with sticky blood. "Why did you do it? Why did you leave me alone?" Sasuke's voice rose and he gripped the blond hair tighter, shaking the still body on the ground with his intensity.

Konoha was gone; the rubble left of the once proud village wasn't enough to even rebuild the Hokage tower. The people Sasuke had known were long gone too, their bones buried and molten beneath the ground he sat on. He'd been the one to take them away from this world. They had meant nothing to him; he'd killed them just as easy as he'd killed Madara and the freak that Kabuto had become. No one was left to contest him or challenge him…no one was left to love him.

"I believed you, you know…I counted on it." Sasuke had to wipe away more moisture from his eyes…he should never have taken Itachi's eyes…they were flawed and faulty…they kept leaking when there was nothing to cry about. "You broke your word moron…you dropped your weapon, smiled and let me kill you. Why? It wasn't supposed to be that way…you were my ticket out."

Sasuke found himself shaking the body on the ground and he dropped it with a heavy thump. "You're a cruel man…did you know this was what would hurt the most? Is that why you did it?" The tears were coming faster now. "Well fuck you! I win…you're dead and I'm here."

"I'm here and you're not." Sasuke crawled back to the body and curled up next to it wrapping his arms around the cold skin. "I hate you moron…I hate you so much!"

"You left me all alone; you broke your word…"

The sun was still shining on them, bringing with it the promise of spring, freshly sprung leaves and the birds singing in the air, chirping their song about warmth, eggs and new life. The sky was impossibly blue and not a cloud was in sight. It was a beautiful day filled with new beginnings but for Sasuke everything had come to an end, everything was cold, dark and frozen as he lay next to a corpse, crying with eyes that were not his own.

"You're gone Naruto and nobody mourns you…not even the sky."

The End.