Author's comments – Hey! My cousin has been bugging me to write a fanfic on Butt Ugly Martians for a loooooooong time now, so here you are Izzie! A Butt Ugly Martians fanfic :3 Ember is my character :)

An ice-cold wind blew harshly, causing Ember to pull her thick, light-blue coat even further around her slim body. It was a stunning November night – the skies were clear so all the stars were visible. But still, Ember felt something just wasn't right.

"Why did I have to arrive at night?" she anxiously thought to herself, walking faster. She needed to find a hotel or something to spend the night. She stopped abruptly when she heard footsteps behind her. She spun around. Nothing. Ember carried on walking even faster. Footsteps again. Span around again. Nothing. She was really beginning to panic now. Ember looked around for someone, for anyone, but the streets were deserted.

"What's wrong, Taylor? Somethin' botherin' you?" Ember's stomach churned unpleasantly. She knew that voice. The very voice she wished she would never hear again. Ember turned around slowly and gasped as her fears were confirmed.

Author's summary – I know what you're probably thinking – that wasn't Butt Ugly Martians! Then don't worry – you'll be happy with the next chapter! Who was the mysterious person stalking Ember Taylor? Ooohh spooky 0.0 P.S, this was a very short chappie, but don't worry! They all won't be like this :3 Love ya B.U.M fans ;) xx