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Holiday Series: Valentines Day.

Viktor could not understand Hermione's distaste for Valentines day. He remembered her saying something about Hallmark conspiracy. Whatever that ment. Even though Hermione had said not to do anything for the holiday, Viktor was going to plan a surprise for her.

While Hermione was in class, Viktor set off for the castles kitchen.

"Yes sir, what can Winky get for you?" asked a small house elf.

"I am needing sveets and dinner for picnic." He spoke softly to the elf.

With that the house elf snapped her fingers and the food appeared in a picnic basket. Viktor nodded his head in thanks as he made his exit. As he was walking back to the ship, the bells chimed signaling the end of the class's. He hurried to his bunk on the ship, in order to shower and change before needing to meet with Hermione.


Hermione rushed to the Gryffindor tower, to change her clothing. She had told Viktor not to plan anything for this ridiculous holiday, but secretly she hoped he had. She didn't want Viktor feeling like he had to do things for her, especially since it's a holiday. But, who was she to stop him, if he wanted to plan something wonderful. Adding some finishing touches to her outfit, she left to meet Viktor, by the Durmstrang ship.


Finally reaching the ship, Hermione ran to jump on Viktor, as she spotted him. Viktor, with his reflexes' from Quiditch, caught her around the waist. Hermione wrapped her arms around him, engulfing him in a hug. Pulling back some she gave him a kiss.

"Alright mister, so why did you want to meet before dinner?

"Come, ve take a valk around lake." was all Viktor said to her question.

About ten minutes into the walk, Viktor stopped and turned to face Hermione.

"Close eyes, and no peaking. Da?"

Hermione nodded her head, then proceeded to close her eyes, also placing one hand over them. Viktor took a hold of her hand again, then continued to walk a few move steps.

"Vait here.

Viktor moved away from her then walked around the small picnic area, to make sure everything was set right. Finding everything to his liking, he went and stood behind Hermione. Placing his hands on her hips, he leaned down and whispered into her ear, "open eyes now."

Slowly removing her hand, then opening here eyes, Hermione was left breathless. The sight in front of her was so beautiful. In the middle was a dark maroon blanket with soft sitting pillows, and a picnic basket. Surround the area were lush willow trees, and flower petals adorning the forest floor, from yellow's, orange's, and reds.

Turning around, Hermione smiled at Viktor. "You did this?"

Viktor nodded his head shyly, " I vant you to have wonderful Valentine Day. Though I know you say not to do anything." he admitted.

Hermione gave him a kiss on the cheek, "I love it."

Viktor grabbed her around the waist, and spun her around in the air. Slowly he lowered her, and leaned down, to reach her lips.

"Честит Свети Валентин, любов." he whispered, giving her one of those soul searing kisses, filled with passion.

"I'll take that as a Happy Valentines day. So, back at you." Hermione laughed, placing her arms around Viktor's, neck. Leaning in for one more small kiss.

Честит Свети Валентин, любов. = happy valentines day, love.

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