Dinner with the Ricechex (er, Rizczechs)

From Mr. Baker's perspective.

The moment I've been dreading all day, dinner with the soon-to-be in-laws. I guess I should get their name right, because tomorrow they'll be family. Like I said this morning, "What a lovely thought". Hardly.

Who the heck are these people? Mr. Rizczech looks like a minor member of the mob, and Mrs. Rizczech probably used a trowel to apply her makeup. And their son Rudy is a real prize, too. Where did Ginny find this guy, anyway? Of all the men she could have picked, she'd have to go with a bohunk. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's the worst kind of bohunk—the oily variety (so I've heard). If my house has to be turned upside-down for this blessed event, why couldn't the guy have been more worth it?

We are finding out about the Rizczech family—probably more than we want to know. Mr. Rizczech "dabbles in personal loans and politics". What? Is he really a mobster? Or at best, a loan shark? And Mrs. Rizczech feels she needs to remind Rudy that he can't be in the "Girl of the Month" club. He laughs, and says "I can look, but I just can't touch, huh?" And he looks at Ginny as if to see what she's thinking. She looks uncomfortable. I think, I beg of you Ginny, please reconsider. I don't even mind absorbing the cost of calling off the wedding. I don't want to be connected to these people legally, or in any other way.

I can't think of a better way of spending an evening, unless it's getting a root canal. Here I am sitting at a table in this schmaltzy restaurant. Rota's "Godfather" theme is playing. Perfect. I would have enjoyed far more the dinner Brenda prepared, than this stuff. Is this restaurant getting kickbacks from garlic growers? My thoughts are interrupted by Rudy asking Brenda if she "does shots". I've never seen Brenda "do shots" in my life. She prefers fine wine—very classy lady. Brenda looks uncomfortable, too, but gamely accepts Rudy's challenge.

I can't believe she is doing this! Rudy says, "Come on, wolf it". Brenda downs the liquor in one shot then lifts the tiny glass as if to toast Rudy. Oh, please, I think, rolling my eyes. Don't bring my wife down to your level. I can see this is just the beginning. What a farce. Who knows, I think hopefully, maybe it won't work out. The only thing that redeems the whole situation is that Rudy really seems to love Ginny.

After suffering through the meal, we escape into the late summer night. But this is only a reprieve. Tomorrow still has to be faced. I sure hope Sarah and Sam see their sister's example, and choose better.