Hey, guys, I'm just gonna say that this author's note is just closure for me. I was really popular on this site and I feel horrible every time I think back to the unfinished stories I put up here. I loved writing these play-offs, and-who knows-maybe in the future I can finish them.

It's just that now, three years later, I have moved on to bigger and better things. I'm still writing, but it's on a site called . I'm trying to publish my own story called "Teach Me to Love Again" about a girl named Anabelle Worth who is broken and hurt to the extent where she doesn't believe in love anymore. A boy named Will Connors tries to win over her affection because of a dare, but instead does something far more for her by forcing her out of her comfort zone. In the meantime, he also has a secret he keeps from everyone. It's a story between two heartbroken teenagers who find healing in each other.

If you're interested in something like that, or want to keep reading more of my works, feel free to look for it under the author, "tellx3jenz."

Again, I'm really sorry. I loved writing for you guys, and I can continue to do so on Wattpad.