Watching his arms around her, embracing what I was meant to embrace, lightly kissing her forehead. It made me sick.

"Kajika." Kajika's father's solemn voice reiterated. Her silver eyes stared blankly out the window of her dad's office. Oddly, she felt like she couldn't seem to enjoy the sun tinted skyscrapers like she used to. "Kajika!" Kajika looked over at her father, "Dad.." Her father walked over and placed his arms around his daughter's waist. "Are you sure you're making the right decision?" Kajika smiled yet inside something was pulling at her heart. Her wedding day was a week away.

"Lee-Leng!" Kajika ran towards him, his Kajika, now being taken away from him. "Can you take me shopping? Everyone else seems to be busy." Lee-leng shifted his eyes away but glanced down at her pouting face. He sighed, "Ok." They drove in silence, Lee-leng too concerned with the fact these were probably the last moments alone together before… he didn't want to remember. Kajika fiercely scribbled items onto a piece of paper, mumbling to herself all the way. They reached a small shopping mall, entering first into a maternity store. Lee-leng's eyes widened, What was this? Was his Kajika.. Pregnant? Kajika then burst out laughing, "Lee-leng you're so easy to fool!" He smiled weakly. Her laughter was gentle, oh how he wished she could understand how he felt. She was so close and yet he couldn't pull her into his arms, couldn't whisper in her ear how much he loved her, couldn't hold her face in his hands and kiss her. His heart ached watching her walk ahead of him, completely unaware.