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St Hummel Smut Part Ten

"Thanks for coming Christmas shopping with me, Blaine," I said.

"No problem," he said with a smile. "You said 'Christmas' and I was intrigued. You said 'shopping' and I got excited. And then 'with you' just sealed the deal."

We both laughed. "You can be so lame sometimes."

"You know you love it."

We walked into what felt like the hundredth clothes store, as I was desperate to find Carole the perfect blouse now that she was officially my step-mom, and so far nothing had been good enough. Amazingly Blaine didn't seem to be getting bored at all, although that may have been because he kept on trying to get me into a changing room. He had a thing about doing it in a public place and I had yet to fulfil that little fantasy of his.

"Blaine!" I said as he stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. "Blaine, stop it, we're in public!"

"So?" he said. "You know, you could just pick up something to try on and we can go into a changing room and..."

"For the millionth time, no," I said, trying to shrug him away. He didn't budge.

I noticed an old couple giving us a dirty look as they walked past. A part of me wanted to push Blaine away out of embarrassment, but another part of me wanted to turn around and start making out with him just to piss that old couple off even more. Instead I settled for the healthy compromise – continuing to search through the clothes rail while Blaine continued to kiss my neck, acting as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on at all.

I finally managed to find a blouse that was perfect for Carole, so we went to a record store to see if I could find a nice Classic Rock compilation album for Finn. Blaine wasn't too pleased as there was no chance of him trying to drag me off into a changing room any more, but he soon amused himself looking through the 'Films and Musicals' section.

I was completely lost in trying to find the right CD. I was known for my excellent skill at gift buying, but Finn was just so awkward to shop for. I reached over for a CD, but my hand bumped into the hand of the costumer next to me.

"Oh, sorry," we both said in unison.

And then something in my head clicked. I knew that voice. We both looked at each other at the same time, realisation dawning on both out faces. It was Jesse, and he hadn't changed at all.

"Jesse," said Kurt in surprise. "Erm... hi."

"Hey," I said, unable to believe my eyes.

We both smiled at each other in an awkward kind of way. It had been a year since we'd seen or spoken to each other. After... everything, it seemed right to just stop contact completely and get on with our lives separately. But he was always in the back of my head. No matter how much I tried to drown it all out with work and singing and rehearsals, he was always just... there. And now here he was, standing right in front of me and looking even more beautiful than I remembered.

"What, erm... what are you doing here?" he asked. "I thought you were at college?"

"Oh, I'm home for Christmas," I said. "Just getting a gift for my Dad."

There was a surprisingly comfortable silence, where we just looked at each other. He had gotten taller and slimmer in the year that we were apart, but he still had that gorgeous baby face. I was still yet to find anyone as perfect as him. Not the guy I hooked up with at that Halloween party, not that girl in my Acting class. No one.

"So... how are you?" he said, blushing a little at the lame question. "How's Los Angeles?"

I shrugged. "Not bad. I've been working hard, auditioning for a lot of shows and stuff. How about you?"

"I'm okay," he said. "Still at McKinley. Still with New Directions."

"So nothing's changed?" I said.

"Well..." He blushed a little harder. I'd forgotten just how adorable he looked when he blushed.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything..."

A guy with short dark hair and really pretty greenish brown eyes had walked up to us, his gaze flicking between me and Kurt with a clear look of confusion and suspicion.

"Blaine," said Kurt, his voice sounding higher and his face getting redder. "This is... er, this is Jesse. Jesse, this is Blaine, he's my..."

"I'm his boyfriend," said Blaine, extending hand to me with a smile that didn't quite reach his pretty eyes. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure's all mine," I said, shaking his hand with an equally fake smile. "I'm his ex-boyfriend."

"Really?" he said, his fake smile getting wider. "Kurt's never mentioned anything about you."

"That doesn't surprise me," I said. "Things between us didn't end so well."

"What a shame," he said, his words dripping in sarcasm.

Kurt was blushing harder then I'd ever seen, looking nervously between us as if Blaine and I were about to start throwing punches any second.

"Well, this has been... uncomfortable," I said. "I'll just leave you guys to it. It was really nice seeing you again, Kurt."

"Yeah," he said with a self-conscious smile. "It was nice and... not at all weird or awkward seeing you too, Jesse."

We smiled at each other one last time before I walked away. Why was I so surprised that he had a boyfriend, especially such a gorgeous and obviously rather protective one? It wasn't like I expected him to stay miserable forever after all I did to him, but... I don't know. I hadn't ever really moved on, I guess. Sure, I'd been with other people but I hadn't found anybody wonderful enough to truly replace Kurt, meaning no relationship lasted more than a few days. But Kurt had found someone new, someone that made him happy, and it was exactly what he deserved after all the shit that I put him through last year. Maybe it would happen for me too eventually. But still, it was hard seeing him with someone else.

But life goes on, I suppose. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.

"He seemed nice," said Blaine, glaring at the back of Jesse's head as he walked away. "How come you never mentioned him before?"

"It's complicated," I said, my stomach twisting uncomfortably at the memories.

"But what did he mean about you guys ending badly?" he asked. "What happened?"

"It's a really, really long and depressing story that I'd rather not go into right now," I said. "It's all in the past, let's just forget about it."

"Consider it forgotten," he said with a smile, wrapping his arms around me. "Now hurry up and find a CD for Finn so I can finally get you alone. I don't think these small-minded costumers would appreciate me ravishing you in the middle of the store."

I laughed, kissing him quickly before pushing him away so I could carry on looking for Finn's Christmas present. Blaine had a wonderful way of helping me forget unpleasantness. I hadn't given my failed relationship with Jesse a second thought since I'd met Blaine. Not until I'd bumped into Jesse himself just then. But I was happy now with Blaine, happier than I had ever felt in my entire life. It was passionate, but not in the intense kind of way that it was with Jesse. It was more about love, real love, than lust. Yes, the sex was amazing, but we didn't jump right into it. It took us forever just to admit our feelings for each other, even if you could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife from the moment we saw each other. Everything was just right with Blaine, it was real and managed to be flawed and complete perfection all at the same time. The past was, well... the past.

Life goes on, I guess.

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