A tree branch whacked me in the face as I failed to duck. This forest was dense with plant life and wasn't the best place to fo for a morning jog. Or in my case, running for your life.

An Eraser jumped down in front of me, claws readt to slit my throat. Just the usual. No surprise there. Unfortunately for him, I just didn't have the time nor was I in the mood to engage in combat so I just ran him over. With how angry I was, that wasn't a problem. The only problem was when he grabbed my ankle after I was a few feet past himn, causing me to fall. I felt a seering pain in my ribs from a stick on the ground.

The Eraser began to pull me forward, the back of my head hittting rocks and twigs. He had a malicious grin on his face, an evil glint in his eye. Same old, same old.

I grabbed the stick that had stabbed me and hit him on the head with it. The stick was very large, so all it did was stun him. That was all I needed.

Gripping the stick firmly, I stabbed his eye. He immediately let go of my ankle and covered his eye, screaming in pain. It was loud and I had no doubt that his buddies woluld hear and track us down.

Reacting quickly, I stood up and punched him in the stomach. He doubled over, one hand clutching his stomach, theother still covering his injured eye. I kicked him in his ear and he fell over, unconscious.

I turned and ran, through the bushes and over fallen, decaying trees. Gazzy, Angel, Nudge, Iggy, and Dylan were waiting for me at the edge of this forest and I had to get there before the Erasers did.

Yes, you read right, Erasers. Not the ones you would find on the end of the pencil, though. Although, I have to admit, that would be funny. Erasers were these human-wolf DNA recombants that were meant to capture and kill us. By us, I mean my flock.

You see, some mad scientists - crazy, not angry - decided to have some fun and mixed avian DNA with our own before we were bor. Now my flock and I had wings. Yep, wings. We were one of their greatest successes since, you know, we lived. The others, well let's leave it at they didn't.

Well, for some stupid reason, the scientists figured we were failures as well and decided to "retire" us. That's the nice way of putting it.

So, here I was, running through a forest, trying to avoid being retired. No biggy.

I tripped over a log and fell on my stomach, wincing as a couple more sticks decided to stab me. Running wasn't all that smooth compared to flying.

I scrambled up and continued running. I could hear faint footsteps behind me, and I knew I had to get out of there, like, now.

A light appeared in front of me, and I knew I was near the clearing. I unfolded my wings, ready to fly as soon as the trees disappeared from overhead. The footsteps were closer now, and a sudden burst of energy coursed through my legs and I began to run faster.

I could see Angel and Gazzy now, and maybe Iggy in the distance. Nudge and Dylan were probably off to the side, out of my line of sight. They all looked bored and way too relaxed. Hadn't I taught them better?

"Flock! Up and away!" I shouted, knowing they would here me this close.

Without hesitation nor question, they all snapped out their wings and flew straight up into the open blue sky. They kept flying away, even though I knew they wanted to wait to make sure I was okay. At least they learned something.

I reached the clearing just as a few Erasers came into sight. Without giving them a second glance, I unfurled my wings all the way and leapt from the ground, taking flight. I rose into the sky to catch up with my flock as the Erasers remained earthbound, glaring no doubt.


Nudge turned and flew over to me, smiling. I smiled back. She was safe and I was thankful for that.

"Max! What happened? Did you get hurt? Did the Erasers have guns? How come you wouldn't let us help? We're pretty strong and we can kick Eraser butt just as easily as you can. We could've beat them up and gotten away a lot faster," she rambled.

I sighed. As much as I loved her, he constant jabbering gave me a headache. I really needed to her her own talk show. Or duct tape.

"I'm fine, Nudge. We still got away smoothly and we're all safe. The Erasers can't follow us." We had caught up with the others by then, all of them unharmed. At least they didn't run into any trouble.

"Remember when they had wings?" asked Iggy.

I shuddered. Unfortunately, I did. All too clearly. The second generation of Erasers were designed with wings, enabling them to chase after us in the sky. Not the best weeks in my life.

"Sadly, yes," I said.

"Well, they're gone now. It's just the really old ones," Gazzy said. I saw a look of relief on everyone's face except Dylan, who just looked sorta left out.

The fact that the Erasers were chasing after us now was strange because all of the Erasers were supposedly "retired." Obviously not unless those were some holograms persuing me.

"Yeah. That's good," said Dylan. He had no idea.

Dylan was our lastest addition to the flock. He had the gift of seeing things really far away, something none of the rest of us had. I guess that's useful. Okay, it's really useful. Especially if Erasers are about to attack. He's also supposed to be my "perfect other half." But I'm not buying it. I already have a perfect other half.

Just where he was was the problem.

"So what now?" asked Gazzy. They all turned towards me, waiting for my answer. The perks to being leader.

"We stick to the original plan. We have to find Fang."

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